June 18, 2018

What We Are Watching This Summer

I know. I know. Summer means more time spent outside. And we do spend evenings outside after dinner. Of course we do. But we also spend time together doing one of our favorite things...snuggling on the couch watching our favorite shows. Our time spent together at the end of the day is a special part of our family routine. We come in from outside, get washed up, put on fresh jammies, and take our places on the couch. Here is what we are watching this summer. Maybe you are watching some of the same?

This is one we watch every year.
It is on Sunday nights on Food Network.

You know my love of all things Bachelor and Chris Harrison, right?
This is on Mondays on ABC.
We wait until Flynn is fast asleep for this one. : )

Oh my goodness!
This is the first summer we have watched this show, and we are hooked!
It is such a good show to watch together as a family.
This is on Tuesday on NBC.

We love this show!
It is a bit different than the other music shows, but it is so fun!
And the talent is amazing!!!
Watch it Thursdays on Fox.

Ok. This is for the adults.
It is sooo good.
And unbelievable!
How are there so many awful people in the world who happen to terrorize their neighbors?
Watch it Saturdays on ID.

It isn't summer without Big Brother!
I have watched every single season.
It is for older kids.
It is addicting and funny and strange.
Just take it for what it is...
Mindless entertainment. 
It is on CBS Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

And if you are looking for something to binge-watch on a rainy weekend, you MUST watch these two shows! They both have two complete seasons. The Man in the High Castle is on Amazon Prime, and The Crown is on Netflix.

So there you go.
What are your favorite summer shows?
I'd love to hear!

And remember, any family time spent together is time spent making memories.
Thanks for visiting!


  1. We are 'evening' tv watchers here too. Jim still clings to his Gunsmoke and I either watch something on Netflix or HGTV. Good way to wind down for the night. Have a good Monday and new week.

  2. We are also evening snugglers but we don't really have shows going right now! I will have to fix that!!

  3. I am watching The Crown (Which I have thoroughly enjoyed), but I haven't heard about The Man on the High Castle. It sounds right up my ally! Josh and I have been binge watching Hawaii Five O (the new version) it is SO good.

  4. I'll have to watch Fear Thy Neighbor, my daughter loves the ID channel but we've not seen that one yet.
    Our current thing to watch is Bob Ross on Roku.

  5. I love The Bachelorette and AGT. They are must see shows for me.

  6. We spend way too much time in front of the TV but we love it. Our weakness is Acorn TV and BritBox TV... all the British shows. We don't watch any of the shows you listed. We did start watching The Crown, but Joe wasn't crazy about it so we've not gone back to it.

  7. Seems like I've been waiting forever for a season 3 of Man in the High Castle! I'm more of a whatever catches my attention viewer in the summer. Lately, it's been catching up on the CW shows on Netflix as well as the home decor type shows.

  8. Hi! I'm finally getting some time to catch up on blog reading and I actually wrote a post today :-) Just been so much going on, but i'm going to try to keep it more regular! We rarely watch TV.... but some of these sound good, and you may laugh but what channel is ID for Fear Thy Neighbor? I've always liked thrillers :-) Hope you are settling in to your new home well.


    1. Hi!
      It is Investigation Discovery.
      It is one of the Discovery Channels.
      One of our favorites!

  9. As corny as it may be I am a youtube watcher. So, I catch up on my youtube fave's.

  10. Competely with you on Americas Got TAlent and next Food Network star. I used to watch all the bachelor and bachelorette's and then stopped for some reason several seasons ago. And I can't wait for Big Brother to start!!!

    The Four intrigues me. May need to check that one out ;)

  11. We watch Maine Cabin Masters, shows like that. The Man in the High Castle, I wrote a paper about (good show). Great post, Billie Jo, smiles.

  12. I have many wonderful childhood memories of our family watching shows such as Love Boat, Happy Days and Fantasy Island. One of the shows our family enjoys to watch together, is Full House on Nick at night. Have a cozy evening. Hugs.

  13. I love the Crown.
    We don't do much family tv watching.. my kids are still cartoon watchers.
    We don't have cable so we don't do much live tv watching either.. but we love a good binge.. I am waiting to binge on The Handmaid's Tail.. and Glow.. The Affair.. so many good shows. Currently watching Killing Eve.


  14. So I stopped in May when the basement flooded and life felt crazy but now that I am 32 hours away from summer break and the carpet is back down ... I am going back to my favorite show... corny... set it dumb... but I'm hooked "When Calls the Heart" It brings me back to my love of Little House on the Prarrie a little. And I love that she's the town's school teacher. But that's it for me. I think I've seen a few of the series Victoria... that was good too !

  15. So we watch, The bachelorette, America's got talent and the Crown. Three out of 8 isn't bad right?
    We also found on the BBC station a show The Suspicions of Mr. Whitcher. He's a detective back in the 1800's who used to work for Scotland Yard. He's a real person and the first case of the show is based on a true crime that he solved. We are much like you where at the end of the day we each take our spot on the couches and settle in to watch our favorite shows. We also like American Ninja Warrior and The Voice among other shows. If I listed them all you would think thats all we do haha!

  16. Did we know this about each other last year.. I can't remember, I LOVE BIG BROTHER TOO!! don't tell anyone, I have subscribed to the live feeds year after year. This year though, I decided that I am not going to do it! : )

    I'm not much into the talent shows.. but I love Fear thy Neighbor. There are some crazy people out there!! Most times, when there is nothing else on, I will tune into the I.D. channel and my family swears that I am plotting murder.

  17. We love the Food Network too and I must look for Fear Thy Neighbor! It sounds wild!

  18. We've been watching Hallmark's wedding movies and I think you should add those to your list!!! Also, watching Bachelorette and some Food Network shows like Pioneer Woman and The Kitchen. I've been watching Good Witch on Netflix -- and loving that show!

  19. I watch Big Brother also online. I will have to watch "The Crown" since we have Netflix. Jeff and I have been enjoying "Escape to the Continent" on Netflix recently also.

  20. oh my goodness.. i am so pleased to have found you (through Jennifer's blog Thistle bear). We dont have any real channels except for the main South Africa Stations and E-tv. Satellite TV is pretty expensive here. But, I do order in series from my favourite online store like Vampire Diaries + Vikings + Cougar town.

    Ridiculous right? - I am turning 40 this year and I still love me a good ol handsome Vampire :).

    I plan to keep in touch - sweet love for the rest of the day.
    Brightest Blessings Angela


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