May 18, 2018

Random Photo Friday

Happy Friday, my friends! it was my dogs B day and this is Flynn :) and heres my mommy btw  I did not sleep good last night :( but I got to sleep in  well heres my mommy. That was my little helper! Blogger in Training, right??? She is never far from my side. And that makes my heart happy. Here are some other things that made me happy this past week...

Mother's Day was awesome that was me Flynn again!

We were so happy Marian came and spent Mother's Day with us!

We always have fun when Aunt Marian is here!

I am so happy she is my best friend and Mimosa drinking partner.

My fam and me got this for my mommy.
And Mommy loves it!!!  : )
Thanks Fam!

Meanwhile, my firstborn was celebrating completing her Danish Language Course by passing her final exam! We are beyond proud of our Madison!
And are still amazed to hear her carry on a conversation in  Danish with Nicolas. 

Now this.
Because what post is complete without a picture of my Mocha, just loving her life?

In other doggie news...
Kirby turned ten years old this week!

And we celebrated him with his favorite treat...
Peyton's pumpkin muffins.

Have a wonderful weekend with your people, my friends!

and Flynn!


  1. Happy Friday Billie Jo!!! Glad you had a fun mother's day with your family and BF! That purse is amazing! I want one! ♥ Have a wonderful weekend! xx

  2. Yay Flynn!! I love your helping comments! What a wonderful week you had! I am so excited for Madison being done with her language course and in Paris!! Happy birthday to Kirby. :)

  3. special that Marian came to spend Mother's Day with your family! And congratulations to Madison! Super wonderful news! Does a Mama's heart good, yes? Oh...and Happy belated Birthday to Kirby!

  4. Fun photos full of sweet faces and lots of love!! That is a great purse!

  5. Hi Billie Jo and Flynn~

    I love that, is co-anchoring with you... ;0)

    Happy birthday to Kirby! Ten years is a long time to be a pooch, and I'm so glad that pumpkin muffins were the birthday cake...all dogs love pumpkin!

    Love that purse, your family is awesome! And I love that Marian was there to celebrate with you, what a perfect day.

    Congrats to Madison! I can't even imagine learning a foreign language, especially one as difficult as Danish!

    Have a wonderful week-end, you two!!

    Hugs and Love,

  6. You have a beautiful family, Billie Jo. And how fun that Flynn helps you with your blogging. I see a writing career in her future!

    Congratulations to Madison on the completion of her language study. Job well done!

    that purse is stunning. Your children sure have great taste.

    Yes, please, to the mimosa. Such a fun drink.

    Have a fantastic weekend,

  7. Congrats to Madison and thank you for the smiles, Flynn.

    I just love the purse, Billie Jo. Love, love mimosas. smiles

  8. What a sweet family you have Billie Jo, and just the cutest part written by Flynn too! I know your heart is bursting with joy and pride :) That is amazing your daughter has learned to speak the Danish language fluently! Sweet pictures of your Mocha too :) Hugs to you today!

  9. Glad you had a happy Mothers day and love hearing from Flynn. Also congratulations to Madison for passing the final exam and being able to speak Danish. Love the purse....good choice from your family. Blessings to you.

  10. What a beautiful family!!
    I love your purse. :)
    Happy Friday!!

  11. Lovely family post so much to celebrate, not least the pass of a Danish language course. An amazing achievement. Have a wonderful weekend.

  12. That mimosa looks faaaabulous!

    Congrats on the Danish learning--- great pic!

  13. Great photos with the family!!
    That purse is cute!
    Congrats to Madison passing her Danish course. Awesome!

    Happy Weekend, Billie Jo!

  14. You have such a beautiful family! Happy pup birthdays and congrats to your daughter for passing her course! Have a great sunday!!!

  15. Love all those beautiful photos of your family!!
    Happy Birthday to Mocha, she's bringing in 10 quite nicely!
    I'm so impressed with Madison and learning Danish Wow!!!
    Have a wonderful relaxing Sunday

  16. Dakota loves treats so he would celebrate his bday anytime I wanted to make him a special cake or cookie.....ah heck, he gets treats every night so he must think it is his bday all the time. Great job mom in training your shadow for blogging! Nice job little one on blogging debut. Beautiful family.

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