April 27, 2018

Random Photo Friday

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend, my friends! I hope you enjoy it with those you hold dear. Here is a look at what this past week was all about around here...

The pups have settled in nicely.
My Mocha continues to be my constant companion, and Kirby continues to wait patiently for Steve to come home every single day.

We had delicious cream pies for dessert, courtesy of my girls. 
Teach your children to bake, my friends.
You will reap the rewards someday. 

We had some friends in for dinner and at the last moment I whipped up this dip.
It is soooo good, and sooo easy.
Just mix together equal parts sour cream and cream cheese, top with your favorite salsa, and bake until bubbly. Then add some shredded cheese on top, and let melt. Serve with tortilla chips and enjoy!

No. You aren't seeing things. That is my laptop playing a workout video.
Madison has encouraged me to grab a yoga mat, and start working out.
I am and I don't hate it!!!!
I am starting slowly, and have no intentions of becoming a total workout person.
Let's face it. Not gonna happen.
Just not who I am.
My new smoothie obsession has already helped to bring my cholesterol down, and by adding some light exercise, I hope to see even better results.

It's funny, you know.
As a mother, you care for and teach and support your children.
One day, you realize that they are actually caring for and teaching and supporting you too.
And that is amazing.

My Madison is my health and beauty advocate. She helps me with makeup, hair, exercise, and nutrition every single day. She challenges and supports me. And I am grateful.

Peyton is my memory. She remembers and reminds me of things I need, appointments I made, and places I need to be. She also helps me run this entire household. I literally could not do what I do without her. And I am grateful.

Rhett is my emotional support. He is very sensitive and very intuitive. I know he is always looking out for me, and is always checking on me. He is also the comic relief to my anxiety. And I am grateful.

My Flynn is my heart. She is my shadow, and has been since the day she was born. She blesses me daily with her smile and giggles and kind heart. She keeps me young, and has given me the opportunity to mother one more time. And for that, I am grateful.

Thanks for visiting!
I am always glad you do.


  1. I am amazed at how much our kids can teach us. My adult kids are my heroes!

  2. That was so sweet reading how each of your children help you in life..... I'm thankful to have a memory helper on my end too! :)

  3. Goodness, this post made me tear up. Such a precious family you have!

  4. I love this post so much! Have a wonderful weekend with that sweet family of yours!

  5. Such a wonderful family - and cute dogs!

  6. What a wonderful week you've had together!! I so enjoy seeing how you're doing.

  7. What a beautiful photo of you and your support team. You have amazing children but they are only a reflection of the love and support you have and continue to give them. Animals are funny. Our dog is my constant companion and like your Mocha, he follows me around everywhere our cat loves my husband. She lays on his legs at night when we are in bed and I swear she understands everything he says to her because she minds him like a dog would. She is definitely his girl.
    Happy Weekend to you Billie Jo!

  8. Awe! I love how you characterized each one's blessings. That group photo of you and the kids is such a lovely photo!

  9. What a absolutely lovely post about your dear ones. I loved reading this. You are all so very blessed.

  10. You have a precious family and each one has a special place. The picture of all of you is so good. Happy weekend.

  11. Loved reading and seeing what has been happening in your neck of the woods, my friend. The dip sounds really yummy. Good for you for the smoothie obession that has brought your cholesterol down! Most of all, my heart was deeply touched by the way you shared about each of your children and how and why you are thankful for each one. How very special. I have loved your blog because I know that what I see here (with things like the end of today's post) is what your family receives there. You are a blessing...just in case you didn't know. ~wink~

  12. As always a joy to visit and be reminded of how grateful I am for my own grown up children and the support they give us. The dip sounds delicious for a special treat. I do so wish I could join you for a slice of pie. Have a great weekend.

  13. I love this!!! You are so right about the kids, I never looked at it that way.
    That's funny about the workout video.. I've been doing the same thing except it's an app on my phone. Besides basic physical activity ( fun things like rearranging the furniture and playing on the beach) I am not much of an exerciser either. I kind of hate it. A lot. Paul and I are going to spend a few days on the beach in Florida and it just occurred to me that, Oh crap.. I need to wear a bathing suit! Me scurrrrrd. So I worked out twice this week and my right butt check is so sore that I'm sitting awkward. What happened to the other side though?

    The pies look awesome. My oldest, Michelle is a vegan who eats super healthy stuff like turmeric and purple carrots .. I'm not sure I would eat her pie. hahahaha.
    Have a great weekend! It's gonna get warm here next week .. so excited.

  14. ...even my grands teach me new things every day.
    This is such a delightful post....

  15. Love! Just love! Happy weekend my friend! ♥

  16. Oh the pups and the pics made me smile! Definitely agree on teaching your kids to cook and bake . . . when mine come to visit, we reap the benefits for sure! Our one twin is home and she's cooked up some amazing meals for us! My girls definitely give me beauty and clothing advice as well as exercise inspiration and tips. My son teaches physics . . . not sure how that helps ME but he too is a GREAT cook! His wife is reaping the benefits of that haha!

  17. You are blessed! I know that God is saying "well done," Billie Jo!

  18. Hi Billie Jo---Just wanted to say that your blog blesses me every time I read it. Thank you!!! By the way, have you found an exercise video that you like?

    1. Hi! Thank you so much for reading and for commenting!
      And yes...the video I have been using is The 4 Minute Weight Loss Workout For Beginners on The Koboko Fitness You Tube Channel. She has several for all levels. I am at the Beginner Level!!!

  19. Hi Billie Jo~

    Your little pupsters are adorable! I love that, Madison is helping you with being healthier...that's what daughters are for, right?! I don't think I would know how to dress or put on my make-up if it weren't for my daughters...they keep me updated... ;0)

    Please share that video, I need something inspiring - and easy!

    Hugs and Love,

  20. Go get it Girl! Love your focus on health. I think if you don't think of "diet" or "exercise" but just being healthy it's a whole different focus. YOur puppies are so cute and look like they're doing great! That carpet on the stairs is SO pretty. I just love it!!
    The desserts and that dip sound so yummy. Definitely going to try that. And love your description of each kiddo. Such blessings - like no other. Motherhood is a treasure, isn't it? xo


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