January 12, 2018

Weekly Wrap-Up

So that was a fast week, don't you think? Here we are at the beginning of a long winter weekend. And here in Pennsylvania we are awaiting a pretty good winter storm. Our plans include blankets, movies, and food. And hopefully we will be able to venture out for Mass, too.

Here is a look back at the past week here in our cozy home...

We took a drive to Steve's sister Sally's house this week for a great visit in her new home.
She made a delicious dinner, her husband Greg made a cozy fire, and we relaxed and enjoyed visiting with them and their son long into the evening.

My maturity level was tested during the 35 minute ride there. : )

And Sally surprised me with a very special gift!
Do you know what this is?!?!?!
It is Steve's Mum's meatloaf pan!
Do you remember the piece I wrote about my memories of Mum?
I read it at Mum's funeral luncheon, and when Sally heard me mention how much I loved Mum's meatloaf, and that I remembered the pan she used every single time she made it, she said she knew she wanted me to have it. She is the most thoughtful person ever.
I am so happy to have this piece of Mum with me forever.

Look at me...out two days in a row!!!
Rhett and I took an early morning drive to the orthodontist this week...

I think I enjoy it quite a bit more than he does.

I bought myself a present!
I was excited to show you all.
Clearly, I should have waited for Rhett to help me out...

Better, right?

Back home.
Cozy throw. Evening tea.
Winter tree lights.
Family gathered together watching a favorite show.

My mom had her turn to bring a treat to Bingo this week!
Peyton made her some strawberry cupcakes and we picked up some vanilla ice cream cups, Valentines's Day plates and candy, and she was all set!
I love making my mom happy. : )

On that note...
Have a cozy, safe, happy weekend with your people.
Thanks for visiting!


  1. Always such lovely posts! You look so very nice in glasses. Now I AM hungry for french toast!!!

  2. How sweet that you now have the meatloaf pan!! What a treasure! I was struggling to read your shirt backwards and never could figure it out. Thanks for the next picture! ha ha... love it!!!

  3. Your spiritual gifts are definitely giving and encouragement and I see it in every post you put here. The meat loaf pan is priceless. Have a great upcoming weekend.

  4. I love that you received the meatloaf pan! Such a thoughtful gift. I hope your winter storm doesn't inclued ice! We woke up to freezing rain that has turned into sleet. It's slick here! Now we are awaiting the snowfall. Happy Winter!

  5. I love that she gave you the meatloaf pan! She has just insured many more generations will enjoy the meatloaf from that pan!

  6. That shirt! I love it!! So wonderful you are the proud owner of the meatloaf pan. Perhaps some day you will pass it to one of your kiddos. And, heck, now I really do want French toast! Stay warm and safe!!

  7. You are looking so fabulous! Love that shirt and the meatloaf pan -- how sweet and wonderful that you have it! Very, very cold Nebraska! Stay warm sweetie!

  8. How wonderful to have the meatloaf tin, a wonderful and very thoughtful memento. Hope the storm is not as bad as anticipated, stay warm and safe.

  9. Always enjoy your sweet posts. They are refreshing. That t-shirt is adorable. The cupcakes look so yummy. We always laugh when they predict bad weather here. As per the norm, everyone rushes for bread and milk. We laugh since we are dairy and gluten free!!

  10. Isn't it fun to inherit things like the meatloaf pan.

  11. oh wow it's that sweet!


  12. It's a lovely thing that your sister-in-law gifted the meatloaf pan to you, Billie Jo. I have my Mama's cast iron skillet that means the world to me. Every time you use her pan you will be flooded with great memories. Stay warm and cozy. We're at 69 degrees today--crazy! But this weekend is a different story. ♥

  13. Oh my. Your sister in law's gift made me tear up. How sweet!!

    I love that picture of a snowy highway!! We've yet to see a single snowflake.

    Happy weekend. :)

  14. Awe! What an incredibly beautiful gesture from your SIL! I'm so happy you have the pAn to cherish :)

    The scenery is gorgeous!

    Your hair looks different. I really like it; the color! Stay warm this weekend. It's even chilly down by us!

  15. So great you got the meatloaf pan. I love stuff like that - it means so much.
    My answer to the message on your shirt is to go right back to the beginning and read it all over again! Don't laugh too hard, but looking at the first picture of the shirt, I thought, hmm, maybe it's Danish! : )
    P.S. Go Steelers!!!!

  16. So great you got the meatloaf pan. I love stuff like that - it means so much!
    As for the message on your shirt - I just go back to the beginning and read the whole book all over again! Don't laugh, but when I saw the first picture, I thought, oh, maybe it's in Danish : )
    P.S. Go Steelers!!!!!!!

  17. Hello Dearest! Happy New Year! Nice to be back from blog break & finally catching up again. I was just catching up on all of your prior posts and loved seeing the last of the Christmas pics & New Years too! That is the coolest about the meatloaf pan. An absolute treasure! And I love your shirt. ;) Big goal for me this year is to get back to reading more!!

    Blessings on your weekend Hon. Planning to post about my giveaway this weekend so stay tuned! Xoxo

  18. Hi Billie Jo!

    Wow, you guys really have lots of snow!! What a thoughtful gift...those are my favorite kind, and one day one of your children will love it as much as you do... :0)

    I know what you mean about, book hangovers! My husband tells me all the time, "...you wouldn't feel so crappy if you wouldn't read until 2 in the morning." What can I say?!

    Is Valentin's Day really just around the corner? As long as I get chocolate, I'm ok with that... ;0) Your sweet mom is so lucky, nothing like cupcakes and ice cream!

    Adorable photo of you!!

    Have a wonderful week-end dear friend!!

    Hugs and Love,

  19. You look sooo cute! And strawberry cupcakes are one of my favorites! <3

  20. Sounds and looks like you had a great week. It's cold here also.

  21. Sigh, my comment went up in smoke...sigh...you are so cute, Billie Jo. smiles...thank you for the smiles and we got about a foot of snow over night.

  22. Oh I hope you get a whopper of a snowstorm and everything is extra cozy in your country house!

  23. Really cold here over a week ago then we did get a heat wave, 70 degrees on Thursday then on Friday....it all dropped! ICE and SNOW...if you call what we get here in Nashville TN as SNOW! 21 today with a feels like of 12. My electric bill will be out the roof this next month! Tonight, wrapped up on the couch, watching Hallmark and listening to my babe with paws snoring! haha...love the coffee cup by the way!

  24. We are having such a mile winter, if I dare say, I think its over. Last year it was nothing but snow, snow, snow and this year is the polar opposite. It's giving me a false sense of spring fever. What a treasured gift to be given the meatloaf pan. I'm sure there will be plenty of yummy meals coming from that pan!
    Stay warm and keep reading. I used to be a big Stephen King reader till I read 'Pet Cemetery' That book did me in and I haven't read another Stephen King book after that. I guess I"m a light weight haha

  25. Love your shirt! Where did you find it? Your glasses look wonderful too! And I totally teared up over your mum's pan... I get it completely... enjoy!


  26. Now THAT's a meatloaf pan! How fun to have that and the memories associated with it. We are just getting our first 'real' measurable snow. I've been baking and making soups and yeast rolls and all kinds of unhealthy things because I don't want to go out and it makes me feel better about the snow lol.

  27. What a priceless treasure you received Billie Jo, think fall the memories you will have as you bake with it.
    love the shirt too! I also love the winter tree, I will be getting my Valentines tree up this week.
    I too am awed by how people rush for bread and milk when snow is in the forecast, which reminds me snow is predicted for us tomorrow, this morning dh said, " I need to pick up some bread. ~, we really do need bread. ~smile~
    Have a blessed week.

  28. Friend, this is why I love you: you make me feel all kinds of crazy...First I was very choked up when reading about the meatloaf pan (so sweet) and then I laughed so hard at the t-shirt photo and comment about Rhett. my dogs are looking at me like oh yeah she's lost it. (again)


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