December 1, 2017

Random Photo Friday...It's December!

Happy December!!!! The most magical time of year is here, my friends. So curl up with a good book by the twinkling lights of your Christmas tree, light a festive candle when the early darkness comes, pour a cup of hot cocoa and add some whipped cream, or turn off the television and put on some of your favorite Christmas music. Don't let these December days pass without making them special in some small way. These are the days we wait for when March winds blow, and when the July sun shines.

Our family got a head start on the Christmas fun this year. Because Madison and Nicolas were home for Thanksgiving, and will be spending their first Christmas together in Denmark, we added some Christmas cheer to Thanksgiving this year. Here is a look at the past week here in our holiday home.

Zip returned early this year!!!!
He came for Flynn's birthday, and is adding some fun to our days.
He is a fun elf....mainly hanging around smiling.
No elaborate contraptions or tricks for this guy.

The end of November means the beginning of Christmas clothes...
And just how happy does it make me that she loves them as much as I do???

Nicolas and Madison love my French Toast.
I was sure to make it while they were home.
My secret ingredient is something my godfather taught me to add years ago...just a tiny splash of vanilla in the egg mixture. : )

We watched The Miss Universe Pageant on Sunday.
All the finalists were worthy of the crown, and we were happy when Miss South Africa won!

Peyton made these delicious cupcakes for hunting camp last weekend...

And clearly, they did the trick.
Rhett got this four point Monday afternoon.
(Apologies to anyone offended by this photo. Hunting is a way of life here in Pennsylvania.)

I will never ever tire of Fisher Price Little People on the floor of our family room.

I treated myself to a special early Christmas present.
I found these cute, super soft flannel sheets on sale at Plow and Hearth.
Not that I need another reason to snuggle into bed, but fresh new flannel sheets?

Madison and Flynn have a tradition...
And they continued it this year. : )

Tuesday we had a special afternoon tea. 
Peyton made some delicious cookies and
we enjoyed tea, cocoa, and V-8 Splash...that would be a game of Christmas Trivia.

Such good sports I have, right?

I ran into town early Wednesday morning to get some fresh doughnuts for a quick goodbye breakfast for Madison and Nicolas.
They appreciated them so much!
Doughnuts are very expensive in Denmark. 
Nicolas said they are $36.00 a dozen!!!

Before we knew it, Wednesday afternoon arrived and these two headed back across the ocean.
I am so proud of my Madison for following her dreams and venturing out into the world.
She is a young woman speaking fluent Danish, living and learning in a beautiful new country with amazing people.
I am thankful to Nicolas for caring for my girl. 
And to his wonderful family for welcoming her into their life.
I miss her like crazy, but am beyond happy for the experience she is enjoying.
And Easter will be here before we know it. : )

Have a  cozy December weekend with your people, my friends.
Happy December!
Happy Advent!


  1. $36 dollars a dozen... cough, cough! Wow, I'm sure they LOVED the donut breakfast!! Your daughter's Christmas tree dress is gorgeous!! You guys are jumping right into the Christmas spirit and I love that! Enjoy!

  2. I had an AMAZING time at home, and I miss it already! Thank you soooo much for everything. <3

  3. $36!!! wowzers, smiles. I am so proud of you, Madison, truly I am. smiles

    I hope you have a beautiful, joyous day, Billie Jo.

  4. Well if Peyton is still considering her career choices, moving to Denmark and opening a doughnut shop seems like a real possibility! Happy December to your family! Enjoy the snuggles. Did your milk and cookies nightly sign come back out? I keep looking for one just like it. I may have to have one made!

  5. First of all you do not offend me, with the picture of Rhett and his first four point. I would like it if ALL people learned to handle a gun, in childhood. Children who grow up, learning to use and respect guns, are good citizens.

    My attitude on hunting for food, is... What Joseph Campbell said; "All life lives on other life." You will eat that excellent meat, given by that animal. You will make use of it, and it will not have died in vain.

    And while alive, it lived a free life. Not the horrible life, of the beef we buy in grocery stores. Or the horrible life, of the chicken we buy in grocery stores. Etc. Etc. Etc. Don't believe me? Watch "Food, Inc." It is on Netflix, and I'm sure your local library, has a copy of it.

    We buy what I call "happy beef" and "happy chickens." Free range. Not cooped up and fed just grain.

    And your young man is growing up! I think you might have to change his picture, on your sidebar. He is becoming much more of an adult, than his sidebar picture. :-)

    Luna Crone

  6. MADELINE has an excellent idea! Peyton opening a Doughnut shop in Denmark. :-)

    But Mama would not like to hear that. :-) Losing two, across the sea.

    Luna Crone

  7. Billie Jo, I buy carefully sourced (pastured, humane, ethical, etc) meat. What offends me is when meat is wasted. When people carelessly take a much larger portion than they will eat and casually waste the rest, I want to tell them, "An animal gave its life for that, show some respect!"

  8. I will lie vicariously through your decorating as I will do none this year. Mom's open house requires Lil sis's house to be fully decorated and then we will be at our oldest daughter's for Christmas so I am not going to haul it all out to put it back and not use it. I am getting old.

  9. Happy December to you and your lovely family. Hugs. Juli

  10. Hard to believe that it is Dec first. Crazy how fast it moved in. Looks like you all had a wonderful time and I love that the bed even looks like Christmas. I bought an Elf on the Shelve a few years ago, my daughter don't do that sort of thing so I made him get into stuff and posted in on FB so my grandsons could see it. I ended up giving TINK to my daughter after all...hoping she does things with him.

  11. Hi Billie Jo~

    I'll bet it was sad to see, Madison and Nicholas go home, but you are so right, Easter is just around the corner...time really does fly! I can see that you made the most of your precious time with them, I love that! I can't believe that donuts cost that much in Denmark, my goodness! You're such a good mom for treating them to such a wonderful treat.

    Rhett's deer is awesome, it's a way of life here as well, and we love the meat. He looks happy!

    Your Christmas-y photos are all so perfect and making me feel like Christmas is almost here! We woke up to an inch of fresh snow this morning, so I'm finally getting in the mood for the's hard for me sometimes until the snow falls.

    Have a wonderful and cozy week-end!

    Hugs and Love,

  12. Thanks for the peek into your week. It's a wonderful life you're living!

  13. Love all this so much... happy December!

  14. Billie Jo, you are ringing in December in many beautiful ways! So many things to comment on--It's always fun to see how your week is going. Now, I want one of those doughnuts! They look delicious. Happy Advent to you, my friend. ♥

  15. Billie Jo, you are such a great mother! Your Thanksgiving melds with Christmas and I am sure that meant so much to Madison. Love all the photographs. I can not believe donuts are so expensive! Wow! I think I'd open up a donut shoppe there!

  16. Happy December! Love it all! Can I please come for tea and French toast?....and donuts! What a send off! $36 a dozen in Denmark?! That's crazy! Love your new sheets too. So cozy! Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!!! xo

  17. I enjoyed reading your Friday post and seeing all that is happening at your home. I know how much you loved having Madison home but are happy that she is doing what she loves and is happy as well. MMMMMmmm, donuts, cookies, etc. all look so good. Have a comfy, happy Saturday.

  18. As much as I enjoyed the entire post, I'm still sitting here with my jaw dropped over the $36 dollars for a dozen doughnuts! I SO need to move to Denmark- that would surely get me over my doughnut addiction! :) Or put me in serious debt, one or the other. :)

  19. Oh I love those flannel sheets!! Our elf is mellow too, he just hides I think he's too tired to come up with those elaborate tricks that the others do ;)

  20. So many beautiful things for the holidays! Our Elf is back too ;-) Wow $36.00 for donuts I can't imagine I would crave them very much there, lol. That is so wonderful she is getting out and exploring the world. An amazing experience! Enjoy your weekend my friend.


  21. I love Christmas and getting ready for it. You have so many wonderful traditions! The Elf wasn't around when my boys were young but how fun it is to have one around the house, each one with a different personality. Zip sounds well behaved!! Man, I can't believe how expensive danish donuts are Wow! I'm so impressed your beautiful daughter speaks fluent Danish, good luck to her and her adventures!
    Have a wonderful week Billie Jo

  22. What a wonderful, early Christmas celebration you all had! It's hard, isn't it? But I love how you grasp each moment and make the best of it :) SO AMAZING that Madison now speaks fluent Danish!!! She is so awesome! Love all the pictures and the stories behind them!

  23. Those flannel sheets are so cute and they look really cozy!! What a great celebration!

  24. Oh, I'm so glad you got to see Madison for Thanksgiving. They look wonderful and happy.
    Congrats to Rhett. That must have been a proud day for him. (we enjoy having off from school on the first day of hunting season over here in Eastern Pa, that's for sure!)

  25. $36 dollars for donuts Oh Boy! Rhett is growing up overnight it seems-Love his beard in the hunting photo. I love that you put out a lot of the same things I do like fisher price toys. although you still have a little one so people probably don't think your nuts like they do me lol Your bedding looks so inviting. I switched ours out to flannel this Friday. so cozy. Love following Madison's journey. happy Monday!


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