November 7, 2017

Halloween 2017

We were blessed with the perfect day to celebrate Halloween. It was overcast...not sunny, chilly...not cold, and rain or snow. This is how we celebrated Halloween this year...

Surprise Halloween breakfast...

And a fun afternoon treat...

My baby chose an adorable Little Red Riding Hood costume this year.
And her smile says it all.

Big sister Peyton dressed as a beautiful cat to take Flynn Trick-or-Treating.

And Rhett even found an old mask lying around so he could go too.

This little lady was waiting to go with us.

And so we headed out to Trick-or Treat together.
As we drove through neighborhoods and watched the kids go door to door, I became emotional. Again. I realized that this was Steve and my twentieth year of dressing up our kids and taking them door to door. I watched and wondered how many more Halloween nights I would spend in our car, listening to Halloween music, and stopping at houses to watch my kids walk up together and return with huge smiles on their faces. How many more times will I see my little Flynn smile and give me a thumbs up as she returns to the car? How many more times will I watch Peyton and Rhett make sure that Flynn has a wonderful time as they go with her from house to house? And in addition...I missed my Madison.

By the time we got home, and dumped out the pumpkins onto our wooden farmhouse table yet again, I was ok. I realized that while I would miss this stage when it was over, another would follow. And I am certain it will be just as wonderful as this one.

We finished the night in Halloween jammies with pizza and a Halloween show.
And then it was over.
For this year.

Before I had a chance to clear the extra candy off the table, my Flynn reminded me that Christmas is not far behind. She smiled and said, "Tomorrow I'm pulling out my Hot Cocoa Pajamas and Santa hat!"
She is her mother's daughter, after all. : )


  1. Happy, happy post...

    Heartwarming, at this time of terrible news in TX...


  2. My kids didn't want to go trick-or-treating last year or this year. It's a little sad when seasons change but you are right, the seasons following will be just a beautiful.

  3. You had the exact Halloween you love and wanted, and your 'spooks' looked great! Another happy Halloween and now on to the next holiday with much happiness.

  4. Flynn looks so adorable!!!
    Those donuts look delicious.
    Glad you had a wonderful evening. :)

  5. {{{Big, Big Smiles}}} You know, Flynn and Peyton are so adorable, smiles. Egads, Rhett scared the living daylights out of me, lol. Thank you Billie Jo, keeping you in prayer.

  6. A most perfectly celebrated Halloween! Flynn looks so very tall!

  7. My heart was a little sad this Halloween also. For the same reasons as you. My Megan is eleven and this will most likely be the last trick or treat night for us. Sad, but like you reminded me other things will come along. Things to make our hearts just as happy. :)

    I adore the Charlie Brown plates and napkins. You always have the best table settings!

  8. It looks wonderful, my friend!!! I love all the costumes! We had a fun night too, very similar to yours. And I share your sentiments - I try to enjoy each moment as I know that things will always change (as much as we try to stop it! : ) On to the next holiday! I had peppermint mocha cream in my coffee this morning. I'm ready! xo

  9. Last cemetery that Flynn and her costume was adorable.
    Thinking for you sweet friend.❤️

  10. Sounds like a great Halloween. I love the photo of the 3 kids and the pup in their costumes ~ super cute!
    I'm with Flynn and I have already been sporting my Christmas pajama's. Yesterday I was on a mission to rearrange the living room to make a safe spot of the Christmas tree. This year we'll have 2 puppies in the house ~ should be interesting.

  11. Everyone was so cute!! Even the little dog! My eyes went to the Pringles in the candy loot! What a great idea.... something to clear your palate when you've had too much sweet!

  12. So much fun!! I want to wake up in your house on Halloween!! Such a cute Little Red Riding Hood... but that Toto. Oh my! What a doll!

  13. Hugs to you, Billie Jo. As a mother of grown children, I understand!
    I enjoyed seeing your family Halloween. Just perfect, if you ask me.
    Take care of yourself. ♥

  14. You truly do make each day so special for your beautiful family and I'm sure they will carry all those wonderful memories with them for a lifetime!

  15. It goes by too darn fast doesn't. You've been so blessed with all of your kids and have had so many amazing holidays with them all! It's funny how we get so sad each year but I've come to notice that each coming year is just as good but in it's own sweet way. Happy Holidays Billie Jo, I'm pretty sure they are here ;)

  16. Yes she is! Her mother's daughter! You go Flynn... it's time for hot cocoa jammies! She was adorable Billie Jo! I loved her costume!

  17. We too had a great day for it. Usually pretty cold and you can't stand it but it was not that way this year. Adorable Trick or Treaters! Looks like they got a great amount of SWEETS. The Holidays are upon us now! Have a great day.

  18. First of all, prayers and loving thoughts to you about your sweet MIL my dear Friend. And to all of your family too. Wishing you all peace and healing in the days ahead.

    Also, you always know how to do a holiday to perfection!! I get so emotional when I read your posts like this as it reminds me of my kiddos too. Time marches on so much faster than we'd like...but we only get to roll with it - no way to stop it or really slow it down. Just taking the time to reflect on it and feel it like you shared is probably as close as we come to slowing it down a bit.

    Blessings to you Billie Jo! xoxo
    PS: cutest Little Red Riding Hood around! (& Halloween crew in general)

  19. Hi Billie Jo~

    Ah, Halloween! I only had one little witch, Spider Man, a pumpkin and a child with a painted face come to my door, so they got a lot of candy!!

    I do miss those days with my kids, but, it all works out in the end. Pretty soon you will have grands to come knocking at your door... :0)

    I hope your heart is healing just a bit, you are in my prayers.

    And yes, Christmas is just around the corner!!

    Hugs and Love,

  20. oh why do you want to make me cry friend. Whaaaaaaa I feel ya. but your are lucky my Son didn't want to dress up and my daughter is away at college BUT... we got to go along with our God son and his sister as they went trick or treating! So fun.


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