October 16, 2017

Random Photo Friday...On A Monday

First of all, thank you all so much for you kind and supportive comments on my post last Friday. I so appreciated each and every one. And because I am a creature of habit, I am posting my random photo post today. Because. Why not, right?

Our leaves are past their prime, but I still find beauty in the way they float and twirl in the wind on their way to the ground.
I always find comfort in these cloudy, rainy, cozy days.

Of course, the sunny, cool autumn days are lovely too...

Perfect for twirling in a new Halloween skirt before mass. : )

In the schoolroom, we spent another week learning more about leaves.
We went on a leaf walk, collected some beautiful leaves, and used them to make prints with colorful crayons. We did some fun experiments with our leaves too.

And we attended the wedding of a lovely young woman with my mom last weekend. It was beautiful and so much fun!

Well, that will do it for this one.!

So...don't let this fun and cozy time of year pass you by.
Even if you aren't into the creepy, scary, gory part of this holiday, you can still have some fun!

You can carve a cute jack-o-lantern, watch a fun Halloween movie...It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, Halloweentown, Twitches, and Sesame Street's A Magical Halloween Adventure are some of our favorites...bake some cupcakes or slice up some apples with caramel dip, ride around and look at the Halloween decorations with a silly Halloween CD on in the car, or just read some fun Halloween books.

This time of year seems to be here and gone so quickly, partly because we know that right behind it comes Thanksgiving and Christmas. So enjoy, my friends. Enjoy and embrace the magic that is fall and Halloween before it disappears. : )

(Pinterest for the fun images, as usual.)


  1. Pretty girl and pumpkin skirt. I love the colorful trees. Have a great day!

  2. What a joy to be twirling around in your skirt. Beautiful photos.

  3. What beautiful color you all had. We don't get much around the suburbs. Need to go to the mountains to really appreciate it.
    Finally a bit cooler here. We have still had temps in the 80s. Makes getting into the fall/Halloween spirit difficult. I love a good cool rainy fall day.

  4. Still waiting on some color around here. Thanks for sharing what's left of your leaves! Have a great week, Billie Jo!

  5. Billie Jo, it is a crisp 45* here today in western NY....we had a storm blow thru yesterday evening and knocked all the ickness out. I do belive the colors are about done here, sad to say.

    Flynn and your Mom are just so sweet, thank you for the many smiles.😊 Have a beautiful week, friend.

  6. I love October. Our leaves have still not done a lot of changing but with the cold snap that came in last yesterday I expect they will start now. Can't wait to start getting some pics of them. I love FALL, and the colors.

  7. Loved your fall pictures; wish our leaves would hurry and change before it is too late. I made an apple cake this week and it was so good...made with apple cider no less. Your little cutie is twirling and having fall fun for sure.

  8. -booo-hooo- I typed and lost my comment. -pout-

    Let's see... I love her SKIRT! ~~~ Your mom looks like a Sweetheart ~~~ Yes, 'Charlie Brown' this thurs. ~~~~ Our weather has finally cooled off enough, to bake ~~~~ An Apple Pie for my husband today ~~~~ I haven't seen "Halloween Town" in ages! ~~~~ But "Practical Magic" is on Netflix now.

    "Hark, the wind is rising,
    And the air is full of leaves.
    We've had our summer evenings.
    Now, for October Eves!"

    Luna Crone

  9. Love your pictures! Love the picture with your mom. Oh and Flynn's outfit as adorable! I sure miss dressing Juliana up in cute outfits like that!

  10. So jealous of your Fall weather!! It's still hot here but might rain on Friday. My fingers are crossed it's cold and rainy atleast Friday and Saturday so we are forced to stay home and watch Halloween movies all day ;) Oh and Flynn's cute outfit is so perfect!

  11. Our leaves are so slow about changing color this year, until today our weather has been off and on with mostly hot temps. I am happy to say that we have been promised great fall weather for the net week, I am going to take your advice get out and enjoy, as time does pass so quickly!
    I do have to watch Charlie Brown's dvd. I do miss the pumpkin carving and scary nights around Halloween with the kids!
    Your Mom looks so lovely, we are blessed to be able to enjoy time with our Mom's aren't we? And your daughter is so precious Too!

    Read your last post on OCD, and gained so much information that I did not know, thank you for sharing your heart.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and for your sweet comments always so encouraging.

  12. Billie Jo, I must have missed your last post. {{HUGS}} to you, sweet friend! Flynn has such a sweet smile and her skirt is gorgeous! ♥

  13. I love the innocence and joy your daughter is showing as she twirls. :) BTW, your mother is so pretty...I see where you get your beauty from. :)

  14. Billie Jo, I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to my Halloween Porch. Part 2 of the pictures is today. Boo!

  15. I think I know exactly where that first picture was taken! I wanna drive up there right now...


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