October 23, 2017

Full Circle

My firstborn is in Italy! She is visiting this most amazing country with Nicolas and his lovely family. This visit is so very special for her, and for me as well. You see, with this visit to Italy, life comes full circle. Madison's great-great grandfather Joseph came here from Italy in 1911 to begin a new life for himself and his family. Shortly after, his wife Carmella and his young son Leo arrived and joined him. Young Leo, Madison's great grandfather, would eventually grow up and have a son...William Joseph...Madison's grandfather...my father.

I love that she has dreamed of visiting this place that means so much to her...This place where the people who came before her were born and raised and lived and loved. She is immersing herself in the Italian culture, and I could not be happier for her...And for my Daddy, who I am certain is right there with her, enjoying every moment.

Life is wonderful, isn't it? When that young Italian man boarded the ship taking him across the ocean to begin a new life, he surely never imagined that one day, years later, a young woman would return to the very place he called home. This young woman, his great-great granddaughter, would smile and laugh and even cry as she returned to the very place her story began. Yes, life is wonderful indeed.

I have this beautiful set of photos hanging in my kitchen. 
The pictures of my Dad and his father and grandparents, whom he loved so very much, reminds me every single day that amazing people came before me.
And I never want to forget them.

My Dad with his beloved grandparents...Carmella...

And Joseph.

Here he is...a few years older...with his father, my grandfather, Leo.

Just adding this one because it is my favorite picture of my Dad as a young man!

My girl...exploring Italy...

And of course...tasting the local cuisine!

She told me the churches are unbelievable...
And she lit a candle for her Grandma Flo, Steve's Mum, who is nearing the end of her time here on Earth...

And for her Grandpa Bill...who I know was with her the entire time.

Thank you for sharing these special moments with me, my friends.
We share so much here, don't we?
From happiness to sorrow, recipes to ideas, and memories of loved ones, this little world of Blogging is a warm and wonderful place.

Have a cozy day. 
Thanks for visiting. : )


  1. Love the heritage pictures- you and Madison both resemble your dad a lot- how special for her to be in Italy and think of those who have gone before her- what an opportunity!

  2. I love living vicariously through Madison's adventures! How thoughtful of her to light a candle for her grandmother! I am so glad life has come full circle and she is able to experience Italy. Happy Monday! It is a gloomy rainy day here so I hope we can make it cozy!

  3. What a lovely, lovely post!!!!!

    This trip is wonderful, on so many levels. And for so many people. For you and Madison of course. And for your Dear Mother, too.

    It is lovely, that Madison's beau's family has made this visit possible.

    I have been wondering, how did Nicolas and Madison meet? Since they are from different countries, across a big pond?

    And I love your new picture on the "Hi..." spot at the top of your sidebar. Maybe it has been there, but I have missed it. Just noticed and had to say, how lovely it is.

    Gentle hugs,
    Luna Crone

  4. What a joy to visit you today and be included is such a wonderful experience. What a great adventure for Madison to return to the land of her fore fathers.

  5. How wonderful that she is able to visit Italy -- the land of her family! You do have the sweetest family! Hope you have a great week!

  6. How wonderful. You look like your dad.

  7. How wonderful. You look like your dad.

  8. Big big smiles....Thank you for sharing, Billie Jo...I can't tell you how happy I am for Madison.

  9. Such a lovely post! Oh my, the photo of your son on your sidebar, looks exactly like your father in the photo beside him. (Your father with his grandmother Carmella). You have such a beautiful family - you are blessed!

  10. Hi Billie Jo~

    What a beautiful story! I love family history, and think it's so important to keep those stories alive in our families. Your pictures are just amazing, what a treasure!! I especially love the one with your father and his grandmother, just precious, you can tell how much he loved her! I think I've said it before, but your son definitely looks like his grandfather, very handsome!! Madison is such a lucky girl, I also believe that your father, her grandfather is with her every step of the way on her amazing journey!

    Hugs and Love,

  11. This is just beautiful!! So happy Madison is able to experience Italy!

    And I just love how much Rhett looks like your dad. That just makes my heart happy to see the old in the new...

  12. What a special time for Madison and you as well. It is fun to look back and know where we came from and who was there. Thank you for sharing a piece of your heart.

  13. What a great experience for her. I sent mine to France when she was young.

  14. OH my what a beautiful post, I can imagine all the emotions your daughter is feeling! I think this is so awesome to be able to go where your story began, and share this with family, thank you for sharing, I am truly blessed.
    That pizza sure looks delicious.~wink~ and the church is beautiful. What a beautiful heritage you have in photos!

  15. How awesome is that?! And your Rhett looks just like him!!!

  16. Billie Jo, those family pictures are so beautiful! I love looking at old family pictures! How wonderful that Madison is visiting Italy!

  17. This one got me teary eyed What a beautiful story Billie Jo. I cant believe how much Rhett looks like his grandpa!!! thank you for sharing your wonderful ancestry.

  18. I love this post, Billie Jo. Those who came before us should be remembered--they make us who we are. How wonderful Madison realizes this at her young age. ♥

  19. How fun! My husband lived in Italy for several months and has an Italian heritage. I hope to visit, too, one day. Also, how special that you have those photos of your ancestors. Pictures are so special. <3

  20. This is so beautiful! I was thinking how much your daughter looks like your dad, too. What a precious time for her... I hope she soaks it all up!

  21. This is so amazing it simply brings tears to my eyes! I'm so happy for Madison (and you) that she is having this experience! No words! ♥

  22. Thank you for sharing this with all of us. I love that she has returned to the place where her family started. That is so amazing. I love hearing my mom talk about tracing the family tree on her dad's side. It is so amazing that we have the knowledge to be able to do that. I right now am sitting here with paperwork of my father's history. Traced back to the birth of the first Montgomery born in the states in 1806. I have also located a family member on FB....I love this stuff. Glad your daughter got to go.

  23. I love this post and it is wonderful that your daughter, at her young age, is interested in seeing where her roots are from. I was able in 1990 to visit Poland and Germany and visit 16 of the villages where my ancestors were from. My brother and his wife were with me but they had no interest other than making sure we did get to each of the villages I was aware of. Our ancestors are looking down smiling at what we are discovering.

  24. Beautiful pictures! My youngest has traveled to Ireland, where my great grandma - her great-great grandma - was born. I would love to visit there some day!

  25. Love you, momma! I hope to further explore Italy with YOU someday. <3

  26. So neat : )
    My older sister did the same many years ago in Ireland - went back to the farm where our Grandma was born in County Mayo and met our cousins.

  27. I'm italian and i live in Rome!
    i'm new follower, can you follow mine? :)


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