September 22, 2017

Random Photos On The First Day Of Fall Friday!!!!

So it is officially Fall!!!!! Now I feel I can openly proclaim my love for this amazing season! Oh...who am I kidding? I'm too far gone for that. Anyway...Happy fall!!!!!

This week we settled into fall here...
oblivious to the fact it was 80 degrees outside...

After school, I did a lot of this.

That's right!
We started homeschool!

We do some schoolwork, take a break for lunch, and then we all go for a nice walk before we finish our lessons.

Our princesses have been replaced by a new sheriff in town this week. : )

New favorite dinner.
Sooo good.

Just that.

Oh, And me.
In my favorite fall pajamas!
They say "Queen of Halloween".
And do you now why I look so absurdly happy here?

Because of this!!!!!
Jamie Lee Curtis has signed on to reprise her original role of Laurie Strode in a new Halloween movie!!!!!
Ok. Here is the thing. 
I LOVE the ORIGINAL Halloween movie.
John Carpenter created an outstanding movie forty years ago.
Many have followed.
I have watched some.
And some I have refused to watch.
Too much unnecessary garbage.
The original relied on amazing acting from a newcomer Jamie Lee, an original song written by John Carpenter himself, and a script filled with suspense, as opposed to random blood and gore.
Anyway, I am beyond happy that John Carpenter and Jamie Lee Curtis are returning to this story that made such an impact on so many movies and careers, as well as Halloween in general.
Let me be clear.
This is not a family movie.
It is a suspenseful movie for adults who enjoy a good scare.
And the new installment will arrive next October!!!!
I think it is wonderful that Jamie Lee Curtis, an amazing actress with so many unforgettable roles in so many awesome films remembers and gives tribute to the one role that started her career.
And wow!
That was long!!!
Ok. I'm done.

Oh! And my dear friend Lisa from my days on Instagram just began to blog!!!
I am so happy for her! If you would like to visit her and welcome her to Blogland, her blog is located here.

Happy Friday.
Happy Weekend.
Happy fall!!!

(Jamie Lee photo credit...sent to me by Madison!)


  1. Happy Fall friend. Now if only our temps would cooperate. What gorgeous color you are already seeing outdoors. And agree, the original movie was fantastic and then it went downhill from there. Looking forward to the new one.

  2. Happy Fall everyone!!! Beautiful pictures and thank you for sharing.Didn't know about Lisa's blog.. Love her too!Wishing a safe wonderful autumn to all.

  3. "Queen Of Halloween" I do love that!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And I also 'love-to-pieces' the fact that you so enjoy the Season, which includes Halloween. I admit, I am torn, in Pretty Blog Land, between loving Halloween, and being concerned, that Christians will be "turned off," by my doing this. Has been thus, for years and years.

    I used to worry about it. I finally stopped worrying. It's my blog, and I can LOVE anything I want to!

    But I still put some restrictions on myself. In this regard. -sigh-

    Sooooo, all that long-winded stuff, up there! Is saying that YOU my Dear, are such a breath of fresh air, for me!

    I can happily know, that any references to Halloween, witches, witch's cottages, October Eves, etc., etc., etc., will not "scare the living daylights" out of YOU!!!!

    Happy Autumn Hugs,
    Luna Crone

  4. I have never seen the original movie!!!!!!!!


    Must rectify that, soon!!!

    Thank you!!!

    Luna Crone

  5. Happy Fall to you too! Love that some of your trees are starting to change color already! 95 + humid in Nebraska today -- hope that goes away soon! Have a great weekend sweetie!

  6. Happy Fall! We are in the midst of a heat wave here in Ohio (today felt like 101 out!). I love fall to decorate our mantel for it this weekend. Have a great one!

  7. Oh I Love Jamie Lee. Beautiful photo of you.
    ROFL On my blog while I had it closed I posted stuff to not be seen, well I had of all this COMMENTS Disabled there so there for it did it to all LOL

  8. It's my favorite time of your! Happy Fall! Pizza rolls!?! Yum!

  9. Hi Billie Jo!

    Happy Fall!! I'm so glad that it's finally official! I finally got around to putting out my fall decorations... :0) Your shirt is adorable - I'm all about, Halloween!

    Your photos are lovely, especially the one with the deer standing under the tree, it's just beautiful. How lucky you and your sweet children are to go on walks after lunch . . . I love it. You do have the cutest little sheriff in town, all smiles!

    I introduced my daughter to your pizza rolls, she is going to love the taco rolls!! Yum! Thanks for the recipe, I love being able to print them off.

    I have never really enjoyed really scary or gory Halloween movies. Although I did see the original, Halloween, with, Jaime Lee, I loved it, it scared my socks off!! I will have to give the new one a chance to scare me when it comes out. I've already watched one of my favorite Halloween movies, even though it's not really scary - Practical Magic - I love it!! Tis' the season for all things spooky!

    Again, Happy Fall!

    Hugs and Love,

  10. Happy Fall, Happy Pumpkin Spice, Happy Halloween, etc.... I'm not one for scare movies, nope, not at all! Enjoy! I love the picture of the deer!

  11. Billie Jo, you look so cute in your Halloween pjs. Happy First Day of Autumn! Your trees look beautiful. Still 99% green here. One day....

  12. Happy Fall! It was 91 and windy here today, but that didn't stop me from decorating and dreaming of cooler days to come. I hope you have an amazing school year, because homeschoolers ROCK!!
    So, how do you make the taco pizza rolls?? They look delish!

    Happy weekend Billie Jo!

    Hugs, Amy

  13. Thanks for the plug :) Those taco rolls look delicious! Something my family would definitely love for sure! And Flynn looks adorable in her pink cowgirl hat! This evening my kids were all decked out in their cowboy/cowgirl gear as we all went to a barn dance this evening!! Enjoy your weekend!

  14. OMG. Taco Pizza Rolls! THE BEST! And love your pjs, so cute. Stock up on Dunkin Pumpkin for when I come home!!! <3

  15. Happy Fall, Billie Jo ! I will check out your friends blog.

  16. Autumn is here in all its glory, the temperatures are dropping. Always a joy to visit and see your excitement.

  17. I love fall too! Looks like you are doing Autumn right! Enjoy the week ahead.

  18. Billie Jo, I love your first born's hair cut! She looks like a young adult. Well, she is, right? Sob. Sob. Where does the time go? Yes, it's FALL! Are the leaves already changing where you are? Oh my! What an absolute gorgeous view you have. We have them here too, but no Fall yet. Sniff. Sniff. I'm so ready!

  19. Taco Pizza Rolls?? Pretty sure I need a recipe. ;)
    Sheriff Flynn looks so cute!

  20. Ill take your word for it friend. lol I am a scardy cat. although I grew up with these films my dad loves them almost as much as he loves Jamie lee herself. I'll be over here watching Halloween town hee hee ...Im on my way to welcome your friend to the blogging world. you know I tried visiting some of my old faves just to get frustrated with all the adds, links and one entry after another that you have to click to read more- Im a scrolling kind of gal I don't have time to wait for each link to upload and then upload again. I have no idea where that came from lol probably because I love yours so much and can scroll forever. Thanks for having an awesome no nonsense blog.

  21. Happy Fall!!!! As usual, I love your photos. I am totally going to see the new Halloween movie next year too!!!


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