September 29, 2017

Random Photo Friday

Happy weekend, my friends! And...this weekend brings with it the start of one of my very favorite months...October!! And also the beginning of some more fall like weather. Amen. Here is what we were up to this past week here in our September home...

It was so beautiful last Saturday, we were able to play outside before Mass.
Flynn wanted to take her new St. Martha doll with her...
In addition to our regular religion curriculum, we are also using this amazing program that my sweet blogger friend Joy Beyond The Cross introduced me to. We are loving it! 
I am also loving the Soft Saint Dolls I purchased here on Etsy 
The shop owner is a pleasure to work with too!

Our seasonal lesson last week was all about leaves.
We learned about them...went for a leaf walk to find some...
And painted a tree to display them.

And we admired them.

Some days our walks felt more like July...

But then these reminded us it was indeed our very favorite season. 

Spelling Test.
Just that.

And cozy snuggles with our new favorite blanket made us happy.

Before September takes a bow, I must wish the happiest of birthdays to my best friend forever, Marian Louise!!!!! She is celebrating her birthday today...and can no longer relish the fact that she is younger than I.
Marian, as you may know, became my best friend the moment we met on the very first day of college some 30 years ago. At least that's how I remember it! 
She is the best friend anyone could ask for.
She has been with me through all of the important and most mundane moments of my life.
She is the calm to my storms and the only one totally who gets my weirdness.
And continues to answer my calls!

This set of pictures pretty much sums up our friendship. 

Happy Birthday Marian!
See you soon!!!!

Marian shares her birthday with another amazing celebration...

Oddly enough, she doesn't drink coffee!!
But I have a made it my life mission to convert her.

Happy National Coffee Day, my friends!!!

And I couldn't end without a proper welcome to the month I wait all year for...

Happy October, my friends!!!!

Pinterest for the awesome images. : )


  1. Happy October! I hope the cooler temps are on their way!!

  2. Oh, those pictures of you and Marian are so sweet. You can feel the love. Happy birthday to her. Happy Weekend, my friend.

  3. Happy Birthday to your friend. It's great to have at least one friend that you can confided in and be there when you cry and laugh. Have a great weekend.

  4. I love this post! and Marian! and Halloween! <3

  5. I LOVE how you LOVE October and Halloween!!! I can't say that enough. :-) Because I do too! Lots of people love October, but not lots, love Halloween. -pout- But WE know, they don't know how much they are missing, don't we?!! :-))))

    Precious little girl and precious soft doll. Oh aren't they nice to cuddle? To hold comfortable in one's arms or on one's lap...?

    How wonnnderful, to have a long time friend like that. You are both very lucky. Happy Birthday late, to her!!!!

    Gentle finally feels like Autumn hugs,
    Luna Crone

  6. Hi Billie Jo!

    I love October as well!! It is such a beautiful time of year here in Idaho. The fires have all burned out and the skies are clear . . . for just a minute, as potato harvest will be starting very in right now!

    I loved your photos, although I've heard it is still so hot where you live...dang! But, enjoy it while you can, before long it will be soooo cold!

    Your school work looks so fun!! I love the dolls, what a great way to teach and share your personal beliefs to your kids, I love it, you definitely won't find that in the schools today!

    Happy Birthday to, Marian! I love that you still stay in contact with your best friend. I have never had a very best friend, you are very lucky dear friend. Looks like you have a great time together...count your blessings!

    We are having beautiful weather here...until tomorrow, when it is suppose to rain and get cold. I hope your week-end brings lots of always... ;0)

    Hugs and Love,

  7. Happy October and Birthday wishes for your amazing friend you are certainly blessed. As always a joy to visit and glimpse the beauty of your favourite season.

  8. I'm a fairly new reader of your blog and have been lurking here. This is a great post and I just had to complement you. You always have interesting things to write about and your photos are tremendous.

  9. Love your Fall "scoop" as always! Happy Birthday to Marian (who should drink coffee if she knows what's good for her - Lol). And yay for my favorite month to be here soon!!! Have a great weekend Billie Jo. xo

  10. And happy fall to you my friend. You are blessed to have Marian in your life.....I have one too and she knows me better than I know myself! Enjoy the weekend and the lovely fall weather.

  11. October is a wonderful month! It’s so nice that you have a close friend to share life with!

  12. I love great friendship. Awesome you have a bestie.

  13. I love great friendship. Awesome you have a bestie.

  14. yeah.. happy October! I love how you incorporate faith into your lesson plan. Parochial education was always very important to my family. The doll is soooo cute.

    Having a friend who gets your weirdness makes life so much better!! : )
    Have a great weekend.

  15. I love: Marie, the pics of you and Marian, and the meme (Just me...sitting here waiting for Halloween!). Catching up quickly here! You always make me smile!

  16. I too love Fall and all that comes with it. Your friendship with Marian is such a blessing. I have a few friends like that and I treasure them all.

  17. Can't get over how much Flynn has grown! And I just love her doll!! Happy birthday to your friend Marian! What a blessing it is to have a friendship like you guys do! Happy Fall again!!!!! Saying that never gets old!!! Haha :)

  18. Happy October!!! It's finally here! I love Flynn's St. Martha doll! And a very happy birthday to Marian! If I knew her I'm sure I would love her too! : )


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