September 15, 2017

Not Really Random Photos On A Friday...Beach 2017

We spent this past week at our favorite fall getaway spot...Ocean City, Maryland. And we had fun! Our group was smaller this year...My Mom and Madison were unable to join us, and were missed...but we still had a wonderful, relaxing time.

Girl selfie before we left...
So happy Marian joined us again this year!

Selfie to send to Madison...

And after hours of driving...
We arrived.
And the ocean was waiting for us, just as we left her last year.

That is what I love about the ocean.
It is a constant in a world of change.

Our condo was super pretty...
And really clean...

And I brought along our favorite Pumpkin Spice Candle to make it cozy.

We even turned on the fireplace while we relaxed after a day at the beach.

There were early morning walks on the beach...

And playing in the water in pajamas.
Because. You are only young once.

There was mini golf...

Frozen yogurt...

Hours spent on the beach playing with beach toys that my Madison once used...

The best donuts.

Dinners out...

And lunches too.

So many wonderful moments to tuck inside and save forever.

Oh. And one more thing.
One day this week happened to be my birthday!
That's right, dear friends...I am now 48!
I had a wonderful day!
It started with beautiful flowers delivered to me on vacation from a very special friend.

Marian surprised me with a new mug...perfect...and some delicious tea...

And because she knows me better than I know myself...
She got me the SOFTEST, MOST BEAUTIFUL blanket ever, as well some of the best fall candles that we started to burn immediately. Also, she got me the cutest navy blue ball cap, which I would show you, but am currently wearing as I type. : )

My sweet son Rhett remembered that I love Starbuck's Black Tea Lemonade, and went out and bought me one!

After I had a nice, long afternoon nap, we got ready and took our annual pictures in the lobby...

And then headed to dinner!

We enjoyed a delicious dinner at our favorite hibachi restaurant, and it was amazing.

After dinner, we returned to the beach, took some photos...

And took a nice long walk.

48 years...30 with this guy by my side.
How blessed am I?

Tomorrow we pack up and head home, to our country house in the mountains.
We will be filled with love and laughter and memories to hold onto forever.

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!!


  1. I so enjoyed your 'birthday getaway', and I know you did. Memories are embedded forever. Thank you for sharing with us and have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Belated Birthday wishes. Looks like a wonderful, idyllic break away creating all those beautiful memories to treasure.

  3. Beautiful family and friends and vacation!Wishing you Happy Happy birthday and God bless you with many many years!!!Wonderful memories!

  4. First, a Very Happy Belated Birthday Wish!!!!!!!!!

    Lovely time you all had. I love the ocean, and we have not been able to go to Cape Cod, every Sept., like we used to do. But we have memories.

    Such great family pictures! And your beautiful (both) daughter's hair... So lovely and long. I just love a long braid, over the shoulder. :-)

    Gentle hugs,
    Luna Crone

  5. Happy Birthday to you!!! I, too, turned 48 this week! However, I think you had a better celebration! Looks like such a wonderful trip.

  6. Lovely pictures I love the beach. You look so happy and relaxed.

  7. Wow -- what a wonderful getaway! Miss the beach in Nebraska! :0 Happy Birthday sweetie!

  8. Happy belated birthday to you! What a wonderful time was had by all, sweet memories indeed! I love the beach pictures! You have a beautiful family! Blessings to you!


  9. Happy Birthday Billie Jo!!! What a perfect spot to celebrate too :) Your day looked absolutely perfect and I love that you brought a candle. I always bring a candle to burn when we are camping, it just isn't cozy enough without one. Hope you have a safe trip home.

  10. Hi Billie Jo!

    Happy LATE birthday!! I can see that you celebrated with style!

    What gorgeous photos, and what a beautiful family... :0) I love the ocean, although I have never been to the, Atlantic Ocean, the great Pacific sure does make me happy when I get a chance to go there. What a fun way to spend a week . . . glad you had such a fun time.


  11. What a wonderful week!!!! I always smile when I come here to visit. I love seeing all the special memories you make.

  12. Happy birthday Billie Jo! I knew you're birthday was close to mine...I am 48 now too....last Saturday. I didn't get to go to the beach though! SO happy you were able to go again! God bless you! Loved all the pics!

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  14. I haven't been to OC in many years. How fun! I can't think of any better way to celebrate then in the ocean air surrounded by love ones. Happy Birthday!

  15. Those beach pictures are amazing! I could almost smell the salt water! :) Glad you had a happy birthday!

  16. A very Happy Belated Birthday, friend. Thank you for the smiles.

  17. Happy Birthday!!! My birthday is this month also, and I will be 47! I can not think of a better way to spend your birthday then in a beautiful place making memories with your sweet family, that will last a life time. I love all of the beautiful photos you shared. The last photo of you and your husband, you should frame. It is so cute! Hugs to you dear friend. Juli

  18. Getaway perfection! Oh that that view... oh my goodness!

  19. Such gorgeous photos. Looks like you all had an amazing trip. Your condo was beautiful. Happy birthday!!!! I was also 18 when Paul and I got married. Time flys!

  20. Omg LOVE all these photos! Sooo beautiful! Wish I could've been there <3

  21. Gorgeous, gorgeous, place!!! And I love you bring your own pumpkin spice candles with you! ♥♥♥ The exact reason why we are friends! Looks like an amazing, relaxing, time spent at the beautiful ocean with friends and family! So glad you had a happy, happy, birthday!!!! There is a card & package on their way to you...sent separately so watch your mailbox! Happy Sunday dear friend! xoxox

  22. What a wonderful time!! I am so glad that you took repeated this trip. Lovely pictures of a wonderful time. :)

  23. What a great family getaway! Wonderful memories - and Happy Birthday to you!!! Have a great year!

  24. Happy Birthday Billie Jo!! What a great place to spend it. So many great pictures. I just loved looking at them all. There's no better place than the beach and to see your beautiful kids there made me smile like crazy. Tell Peyton I love her t-shirt and I will vote for her, for sure!!
    Great pic of you and your hubby, too. Wow...30 years together. I think you've got something there:) Give everyone a hug for me.

  25. Happy belated birthday my friend! I hope it was as wonderful as you!! So happy for you to have had another wonderful ocean trip and hope you're back home safe and sound.

  26. I agree, you are very very blessed ❤️ I really enjoyed all these gorgeous photos.

  27. Love all of your pictures but my favorite May have to be the last one of you and Steve.

  28. Such gorgeous photos! Looks like it was an amazing trip!! Happy belated to you dear Beautiful Lady - inside and out. Blessings on your wonderful year ahead. xoxo

  29. Happy Birthday!! What a beautiful family and wonderful memories made!


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