September 10, 2017

Light A Candle, Say A Prayer Again

As I sit here this afternoon and watch coverage of Hurricane Irma, my thoughts go to all the people who will be affected, including those who are unable to care for themselves. I think about the men and women who reside in nursing homes and those currently in hospitals. I think about people who will lose homes and belongings. I think about the families displaced and currently in shelters. I am reminded that our world can change in an instant.

Will you please join me tonight at 9:00 P.M. Eastern Time in lighting a candle and saying a prayer for those in the path of Hurricane Irma, including those in the islands that were devastated before it hit Florida? This weekend at mass, we were reminded "For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them."

I think we are gathered together through this world of Blogging, even if we are scattered all over the world. Please feel free to share this message, so we can have an even greater number of candles lit, and prayers offered.

Thank you, my friends!


  1. Yes friend. Hosting my cousin, his wife, daugther (autistic, non-verbal) and their two dogs escaping the storm We will be sure to light a candle and say our prayers here!!

  2. My folks and brothers and their families are in Ocala, Marion County. My mom, "We've been here for 42-43 yrs. And we are not leaving." My one brother is a first resonder for Lake County. My other brother works for the feds in Orlando...keeping all in prayer.

    Thank you sweet friend. Sending you and you family tons of hugs.

  3. Hello Billie Jo~

    I will be praying with you. Such tragedy and heartache...maybe our prayers will help comfort them...there truly is strength in numbers.


  4. Hi Billie Jo, I am a little late reading this , but will light my candle and continue to pray for those who are dealing with hurricane Irma!
    All the thoughts you shared are mine as well, earlier this week, we didn't know if we would be in the path of this storm, I am so thankful but am so sad for those who are affected.
    i read your last post of your first week of September, and enjoyed it so much.
    Thank you for sharing and thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to leaves such a sweet comment.

  5. Joining you in prayer, Billie Jo. We've been listening to the news on the radio most of the afternoon/evening. I haven't heard much about hurricane Jose's direction yet. Hopefully, it will just go out to sea.

  6. Have had those in harms way in my prayers all weekend.

  7. I will burn my candle and continue to pray. I can hardly believe this is happening. It's all so sad. Counting my blessings tonight.

  8. I missed your time to pray, but I've been praying on and off since yesterday, well actually even before that. I have a cousin in Florida who decided to stay. She's now out of the path, and my husband told me that the storm is weakening. I know it is because of all the Christians who cried out to God today for the storm to be calmed. God bless you dearie! Thank you for calling us to pray!

  9. Late visiting but prayers were said both here in my home and at Church this morning.

  10. I did not see this in time to join you but I've been praying like crazy!

  11. Praying continually for all those people affected by the hurricanes!

  12. Love this! I have been sending prayers. I sent a donation to the Red Cross. They also took up a second collection at mass this past weekend. xoxo

  13. Yes, yes, yes Billie Jo.......I have a soft spot for the elderly too. Our God is much more powerful then that hurricane.....;)
    Lots of prayers and candles for all!

    P.S. Congrats on that awesome Steelers win!!!

  14. This truly warms my heart. You are certainly a wonderful soul! I'm late posting and will continue to pray. My family and I have had to ride through the category 1 to tropical storm in Georgia and so thankful it's started to move on out of here. I feel terrible for those in Florida! We have alot of evacuees here and most started to become very fearful of the effects moving here. Thank the Lord for his mercies!... Plus we have family that were stuck in Canaveral and Cocoa Beach!... Thank you so much! ❤️ Blessings to you.


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