June 2, 2017

Weekend Plans

Happy Weekend! Happy June! Happy unofficial summer! Our June begins quietly with a pretty low key weekend. We have only Mass and our Parish Block Party scheduled. And that is fine, because we have had a busy week with all kinds of happy celebrations! Here is a peek at the past week in our country home...

First up...
Guess who is home????
Yep! My Madison arrived late last Friday night...actually early Saturday morning...
And we are thrilled!!!!
As so many of you know, it is such a wonderful feeling having all your people together under one roof.
Happy. Happy. Happy.
Nicolas is finishing university and will be joining us for a month or so later this summer. : )

Being happy my daughter is a make up artist and loves to practice on me.

Someone else happy to see Madison...
My best friend forever Marian.
She is actually Madison's Godmother...and this summer marks thirty years since she and I met.
Which is amazing, since neither of us is thirty years old. ; )

I am beyond blessed that this amazing woman is always with us during the events of our lives.

And speaking of events...
My sister Margie turned fifty this past week!
We had so much fun celebrating her with dinner, presents, cake, and laughter.

Oh. Drinks too.
This is a super delicious Strawberry Daiquiri.
Minus the alcohol. 
I think it was delicious.
I had a few sips before a certain seven year old discovered it!

Hugs for the birthday gal...

And help with the candles too.
Peyton made the cake.
It was a Whoopie Pie Cake.
And it was amazing.

I had this beautiful blanket made for Margie.
I had one made for my mother on her birthday, and knew Margie would love one too.
I thought of special memories she and I share and Colleen from thetwopoundanchor Etsy shop created the design.
 It is so soft and cozy!
And Colleen is a joy to work with. : )

More pictures...

And a little lady who loved Aunt Margie's tiara.

Monday was Memorial Day...
And we headed to the parade!

Annual "Hurry and get a picture before we are late for the parade" picture with my good sports!

SnapChat on the way...

And another with Grandma, who met us under the same tree we have been meeting under for years.

Margie sent me this picture from her visit with my dad on Memorial Day.
And my heart ached.
Because I miss him Every. Single. Day.

Wednesday brought my Peyton Rose's seventeenth birthday!!!

We celebrated her with family and friends and her favorite...

And with this delicious strawberry cake she insisted on making herself.

Happy 17 Peyton Rose!!!

Amidst all the celebrating...
This happened.

And it is good.

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends.
Enjoy the beauty of this new season with your people, doing whatever makes you happy.
Thanks for visiting!


  1. Wow, that was a busy week! Full of celebrations! : ) Enjoy your weekend! I know happy you must be to have everyone together! ♥
    PS I can't believe how tall Rhett has gotten! PSS those donuts!!! YUM! xo

  2. It's always a joy catching up with you and your blessed life.

  3. I know how happy you are to have Madison home and the family to be complete....enjoy the weekend.

  4. Awe such precious photos! Looks like a busy but very special weekend! Enjoy the time with Madison and everyone being together.... you're smile says it all! have a great weekend!


  5. Sounds like a full and happy week! I'm so glad all your kiddos are under one roof again. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. OH I love all of this. Especially all your kids home! Happy birthday Peyton!

  7. Such a wonderful week and lots of reasons for celebrating. How wonderful for you to have all of your family together again under one roof. Enjoy this special time.

  8. Oh I know how great it is to have all your kids under the same roof! So happy for you!

  9. What a full and wonderful life you are leading! Grasp every moment!

  10. Yay!! Madison is home! So happy for you that you have all your lovies under one roof. Looks like you had a really nice week. Happy birthday to your sister. What a great present. I've got to check out that website.
    Enjoy your week, my friend. Give the kids a hug for me.

  11. Billie Jo, sometimes the quietest weekends are the best! How wonderful that all your little chicks are under your wing again for a little while any way. ♥

  12. Oh Billie Jo, what a wonderful week you had. Such a beautiful family and so many celebrations. I love your blog! Hugs to you. Juli

  13. What a wonderful post to catch up on!!!! I can hear your happy heart beating all the way down here in TX! You know my Sarah loves to follow Madison's make up tips! She receives so many compliments on her make up: "Did Sarah have her make up professionally done?" :). And happiest of birthdays to Peyton!!! What a sweet girl. Wish we lived closer and she could hang out with mine. Okay. I'm typing fast, trying to catch up on some blogs. Not sure when I can pop in again.

  14. So happy for you to have all your little chicks home. and I've got to tell you I am loving your hair- you cut it. you look great my friend! Happy Birthday Sweet Peyton!


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