May 19, 2017

Weekend Birthday Plans

We are entering into our celebratory season...The end of May this year brings birthdays, a graduation for one, end of school for the others and Memorial Day Weekend too. We start things off this weekend with my Rhett's 15th birthday!

We have no set plans for Friday night. Rhett's friend may come over for some pingpong, and possibly dinner. Not quite sure about dinner yet. Maybe some tilapia with jasmine rice and a vegetable.

Saturday Marian is coming to spend the day! That is always a happy time. After mass, we are celebrating Rhett turning fifteen with a small get-together of family and friends. Dinner is a Taco and Nacho bar catered from his favorite local Mexican restaurant. Peyton is taking care of his dessert requests. So far we have a chocolate cake with peanut butter icing, snickerdoodle and no bake cookies, and cinnamon streusel muffins. She's a good sister, that one. : )

Sunday is Rhett's actual birthday. We are spending it together as a family, per his request. And we are doing his two favorite things: Eating and watching movies! We are traveling a bit to an amazing theatre to see 1. Alien...Me, Rhett, and Peyton...and 2. Diary of a Wimpy Kid...Steve and Flynn. I am so thankful for the gift of this amazing son. I will recap his special day early next week. In the meantime, here is a look at the past week here in our little family...

My ever thoughtful son knew how much I liked my Brambly Hedge spring teacup, and he also knows my love of all things autumn.

And this is what he got me for Mother's Day.
I will cherish it always.

New favorite thing at Wendy's!!!
Fresh Mozzarella Chicken Salad!
It is sooo good.
This is the half order. And it is filling.
Sadly, I had to get strawberry lemonade.
No blackberry. Yet.
Typical me. Healthy salad.
Sugar filled drink.

Madison sent me these beautiful pictures from her visit to The Workers' Museum. She went with her Danish Language class, and she loved it. 
The museum allows visitors a chance to step into everyday life of throughout the past one hundred years. This is a kitchen from the 1930's...

  And a bedroom in a tiny space that housed families during WWII.
She is speaking fluent Danish now. I am beyond proud of her.

I started adding a few summer touches of red, white, and blue around.

I found these cute primitive bowl fillers on Etsy.
And I may have gone back to order more for fall. And Christmas.

When you know you are an addict a true fan.

Early mornings are my very favorite time to visit our beautiful church.

This little guy had a birthday this week!
Happy 9th birthday to our first little fur baby, Kirby.
Peyton spoiled him with gifts and pumpkin muffins.

My baby.
Because. Sweet.

Have a wonderful weekend with your people, my friends!

This Pinterest pic reminds me of afternoons with my Rhett while Madison and Peyton were at school.
You know...yesterday. : )


  1. A very Happy Birthday to Rhett and wishes for many more. Have I mentioned how proud I am of Madison?

    Thank you for the smiles.

  2. So happy you shared photos from my trip to the museum! Best photo of kirby ever!!! <3

  3. You might have to find some 'Stop growing' potion for Flynn. The way your other children are growing and getting old, it won't be long before sweet Flynn catches up to them. 15 is a big birthday ! Love the tea cup Rhett gave you, it's a treasure for sure. What a nice museum!!
    Have a great weekend Billie Jo looks like you are off to a great start!

  4. Happy Birthday Rhett...hope it is the best ever! Always enjoy seeing pictures of 'the week in your home', and enjoyed the ones from Denmark this time....:-) Have a lovely day and weekend.

  5. A very happy, happy birthday to Rhett! Sound like a fun weekend planned!! Mexican food and a special dessert by Peyton is perfect to me : ) I love all your photos this week. Your tea cup is precious. What a sweetheart he is! ♥ And yay for Madison! I hope she does a blog post with more photos of the museum. So interesting! Happy belated bday to Kirby! Love him! Enjoy your celebration weekend! Have fun ♥ PS your church is simply beautiful too...xo

  6. SO much to say. First of all Happy Happy Happy birthday to Rhett. Sounds like he has the perfect weekend ahead of him. Love the idea of a taco bar in your house (and Peyton's desserts)
    And Billie Jo... the tea cup the tea cup the tea cup. Do you know how much I adore Brambly Hedge? Oh how I do! Just the handle on that teacup makes my heart pitter patter. Really! Rhett, you did good on Mother's Day!!
    Madison, fluent. AMAZING. You must be so very proud of her.
    The little touches of red, white and blue in that bowl of yours? Oh that sweet little pillow and the stars? I love them so much! Perfect little place to start decorating.
    Your church is just so beautiful in the morning. I've never been to church by myself in the morning to pray. It must have been lovely.
    Flynn, you ARE sweet!
    Kirby, love that dog. (and that picture)
    Wishing you a wonderful day with Marion and the taco bar celebrating you boy!
    xo tara

  7. Happy birthday Rhett. My parents were going to name me Rtett if I'd been a boy.
    With 4 yummy desserts, do you really need a main course 😂
    I do remember ....yesterday.

  8. Happy Birthday, Rhett. It sounds like you will have a weekend full of celebration. :) Time certainly goes by quickly. Enjoy the celebration!

  9. Happy birthday to Rhett!! Enjoy every birthday minutes :)

    I love the pictures that Madison sent. Oh to step back in time...

  10. Happy 15th Birthday Rhett! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend celebrating!

  11. Billie Jo, your weekend sounds great! I am chomping at the bit to see the new Alien movie. Maybe next week! Happy birthday to your Rhett! xo

  12. Happy Birthday to Rhett! I hope he has had a wonderful time this weekend!
    I am so happy for Madison! And to think she was questioning whether or not to go there! She is really blossoming! And that Peyton really is a good sister. I expect her to open a bakery one day!

  13. Happy Birthday to Rhett!! Sounds like he's having an amazing and fun family birthday weekend! You really do have the sweetest family! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday and week ahead!

  14. I love that beautiful tea cup and especially the sentiment behind it. What a thoughtful son. Hope his birthday is blest!
    That salad does look delicious and I'm a sucker for sugary drinks too: Lemonade, Sweet Tea... mmmmm :)


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