February 3, 2017

Weekend Plans

Well, we turned a page and January became February. I like February. It is festive but relaxed...fun but cozy. This short winter month allows us to remain inside cozy as can be, as darkness comes early and the snow falls outside.

This weekend we will spend our time inside as the temperatures fall and the wind blows. Friday we are free. I have some bedrooms to organize and bedsheets to change. Dinner will be an easy favorite of grilled cheese and soup.

Saturday my bestie Marian comes!!! We love when she comes. She comes every year for Super Bowl and we look forward to it. She plays tons of games and watches all kinds of movies and stays up late talking and laughing. We have Mass in the early evening, and then I think we will go out to dinner before returning home for a movie night. : )

Sunday is Super Bowl Day!!! We will decorate and bake and cook and nap before our company comes to watch the game. My sister Margie and her husband Chris, my mom, and our friends Heather and Dave are joing us to watch and eat and watch. And eat.

I hope you all enjoy the first February weekend with your people doing whatever it is that makes you happy! Now here is a peek at the past week in our country home...

Peyton made a delicious cake to celebrate National Chocolate Cake Day on Friday...

And on Saturday, we celebrated Chinese New Year!

We decorated the table...

Set out the chopsticks...

And ordered the best takeout ever.

Peyton tried a new Chinese cookie recipe for dessert.
They were supposed to have almond extract and almonds on top.
But she substituted vanilla extract and chocolate chips.
And they were good. 

My Flynn wore her new coat to Mass Saturday evening.
She loved it!

Well, maybe not at first..

But after she thought about it being pink and all...

She decided it was a keeper.
Good thing.
Because Zulily has a no return policy. : )

She wore it again when we went out to celebrate my beautiful mother's 80th Birthday!

Margie and Chris brought the pretty flowers and festive balloons...

And we brought the delicious Boston Cream Pie made by Peyton, of course, that my mom requested.

My mother is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.
And she was so very happy.

We all were.
Madison and Nicolas even Face timed us during dinner so they could share in the celebration.
Happy Birthday Mom!

The rest of the week brought snow and cold to our part of the world...

And it was beautiful...

And cozy.
Steve estimates we have at least a foot of snow out there!

Thursday was Groundhog Day, and that little guy predicts we will have six more weeks of that snow!
Sounds good to me!
Bring on the quilts, tea, and movies!

Happy February!
Happy Weekend!

Oh...a special shoutout to a very special friend...
Hello Sharon!
Thanks so much for your kind words.
Have a cozy weekend!


  1. I just love how you celebrate the special days! Happy birthday to your lovely mother. I think Flynn's new coat is so cute! Enjoy your cozy home and the beautiful snow you have. Happy Super Bowl Weekend! Hugs. Juli

  2. Hello Billie Jo, your Peyton is quite the baker. I am sad I did not celebrate the national chocolate cake day, it sounds like a wonderful occasion to celebrate.
    Flynn's new coat is pretty and looks very cozy to wear.
    And happy 80th to your Mother ❤

  3. Love your cozy home, beautiful family, and all the fun things you do and share with us!

    Happy belated to your beautiful Mom!! And blessings for a wonderful fun weekend. More snow predicted here Saturday and we're cozying in with Friends Sunday for the game too. Looking forward to the "and eat" part here too! Lol

  4. Happy birthday to your mom! She certainly doesn't look 80 :-) I love Flynn's new coat it's so pretty and that cake and the groundhog cupcakes looks so good! That's a lot of snow too! We just a 70 degrees here the other day ;-) I'm loving the weather in the South! Enjoy your weekend!


  5. Your February sounds amazing....relaxing and cozy! Happy birthday to your beautiful mama! I love Fynn's pink coat! It's a memory-making coat!

    When I need to be reminded how important family is, I come here....our world is just not putting families high on the priority list!

  6. Happy Birthday to your Mother! Looks like you had a busy week.We have on and off weather, one day 70 degrees and the next only in 40's. It is suppose to be 37 in the morning with a high of 55!

  7. You have such an awesome family! Enjoy Super Bowl weekend. Sounds like you will be having a lot of fun together!

  8. I think almonds should always be subbed out for chocolate chips!!!! Those groundhog cupcakes are absolutely adorable and Quinn's coat is so sweet!

    Happy Weekend, Billie Joe!

  9. Everytime I come over here I leave hungry!!! First that cake and then the chinese food, I'm starving now thank you ;) Okay you asked what we call cold/winter weather and when it's in the high 30's it's COLD but the 40's are pretty cold as well. Last winter it stayed in the 50's most of the season and I was sad because it wasn't cold enough so I do appreciate cold but only when I'm in my home cozy and warm :) Your snow pictures look so pretty, I would love 1 day of that, lol! Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy all of that Super Bowl food!!! I can't wait to eat all day!

  10. A visit with you is always a delightful feast for the eyes!!

  11. Those cakes look amazing. Your mom look beautiful.

  12. You look like your mom! You're both beautiful. I love the way you celebrate all the holidays! What a fun family!

  13. Belated Birthday wishes for your sweet Mum. I do so enjoy visiting and taking a peek at all your celebrations. I loved Flynns coat I would so love one for myself. Enjoy your weekend with your friend and family.

  14. Happy birthday to your beautiful Mom... she looks so happy in those pictures. I love February too and I can almost FEEL the cozy in your house with the snow outside. Enjoy your weekend of friends, family, and food! xo tara

  15. I hope our city looks good Super Bowl Sunday. Wish our Texans were playing.

    Stay warm and cozy!

  16. Oh SO MUCH goodness in this post. I loved it! but I have a question...When is Peyton going to start a baking blog? Seriously that girl of yours is talented! I can see it now Peyton Bakes <3
    Love all your celebrations especially Chinese new year! I would so decorate if I could find cute stuff like yours (maybe if you look row) I can Order me some mean Chinese take out lol I want to wish your beautiful momma a very happy belated 80th Birthday. p.s. I LOVE hearing about your bestie Marian.


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