January 27, 2017

Weekend Plans

The last weekend of January has arrived. Don't ask me how that happened! Time stands still for no-one, right? This weekend is a nice mix of fun and rest, just the way I like it.

Friday night we are free. I think we will have a simple dinner of BBQ Meatballs and macaroni and cheese for dinner. And of course...chocolate cake made by Peyton to celebrate National Chocolate Cake Day! Then we will probably watch some tv or play some games. Speaking of games...have you ever played Googly Eyes?!?! It is sooo fun!!!!

Saturday I have some things to do around the house...think bathrooms and bedrooms...before Mass. After Mass, we are picking up some of our favorite Chinese takeout and celebrating Chinese New Year! Flynn has been studying about it in school this week, and is excited to share some of the new things she has learned. I found a cute unit on Teachers Pay Teachers, and some fun coloring pages free on the Internet.

Sunday. Our first football free Sunday in a long time. Don't even get me started about my Steelers, who apparently missed their flight last week, because I am certain they did not show up for the game. Anyway, we have no plans except for replacing lightbulbs and taking naps on the sofa. I am not sure about dinner, but possibly some ham and scalloped potatoes? We are planning on finishing the weekend watching The Miss Universe Pageant. We will be cheering for Miss USA of course, and Miss Denmark too. : )

Here are some happenings around our house this past week...

I got hugs from my baby...

Who was thrilled that we broke out the Valentine's Day clothes for Mass last weekend.

I was so happy to see that my Madison visited a beautiful church in Copenhagen...

And told us she said a prayer for us there.: )

Peyton baked this pie for our Monday night Bachelor viewing...
I have posted this before, but it is just that good. I found it on my dear friend Patty's wonderful blog here.

I know I post a lot about my sweet puppy Mocha...

But I don't want to forget about our first little pup Kirby. : )

We finally got some snow here in Pennsylvania...

Not as much as they were calling for...

But it was beautiful...

And Flynn and I went right out to capture it as best we could.

And lastly...
How adorable are these two littles???
The precious little girl is...you guessed it...my sweet mother!
And the little boy? Her brother...my awesome Uncle Tim!
I am blessed to have this photo...complete with my grandmother's handwriting on the back...hanging in my kitchen.
I am sharing it with you today because Monday, January 30th is my mother's 80th Birthday!!!!
Her brother Tim turns 79 today, January 27th!
How wonderful is that?!

Well, thanks for visiting, my friends.
Have a cozy weekend doing your favorite things with the people you love!

P. S. If you would like to see an amazingly informative video on make up application, stop by my Madison's blog here.
Because. Mom. 
: )


  1. TGIF! So ready for January to be over and done with! Your weekend sounds perfect and your snow so lovely! We had just a small amount this week but it came at morning rush and turned streets into real ice-jams! Prayed Hail Mary's out loud -- driving was so dreadful! Mads and I will definitely be looking at Madison's blog as she was just asking about makeup and how to do it - and I'm not very good at it myself. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend sweetie!

  2. Sounds like an interesting weekend planed. Love the snow photo's. We don't get snow often in Georgia, when we do it isn't much, but we brag about it anyway!
    Enjoy the weekend.

  3. Yes, January seemed to fly by. Looking forward to all the red, pink and sweets in February. A bright spot on a dreary winter day. Such a precious photo of your mom and uncle. Happy Birthday to each of them.

  4. Happy birthday to your mom and uncle. What a precious photo!!
    Have a blessed weekend. <3

  5. Irish Twins! My brother and I are only 11 months apart!

    Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy that chocolate cake!

  6. Happy Birthdays...it has been snowing something fierce here today...the roads are quite nasty. Thank you for the smiles. Have a great weekend, friend.

  7. Hello and happy weekend! Sounds like you have a fun one planned. I love the game night and Chinese New Year fun! That is a beautiful church that your oldest and her boyfriend attended. It really does make us mommas who believe in God and church happy when our children follow that path. 3 John 4 - "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth." Have a wonderful weekend!!

  8. Your weekend plans sound lovely and cozy, Billie Jo. That is an adorable photo of your mother and uncle! Happy Birthday to the both of them. Flynn is such a cutie in her pretty red outfit. I'll have to check out Madison's video. Enjoy your weekend. ♥

  9. Sounds like a lovely weekend my dear Gal!! ;) I'm still mourning my Packers too. boo!!

    Happy birthday to your beautiful Mom! May her blessings be ever so many in the year ahead.


  10. This post makes me so homesick! I miss everyone, the doggies, the snow, and Peyton's blueberry pie!!! <3

  11. Hope you had a wonderful weekend, loved seeing the pictures of the snow! Hard to believe that January is almost gone, where did it go? I love the sweet pictures of your Mocha, we have a new sweet puppy in our home, and oh my, we are enjoying the cuteness! Have a great week!

  12. Happy Birthday to your Mom and uncle. I hope they have had wonderful birthdays. Hope you had a great weekend!

  13. Slowly catching up on some reading. Wonderful photos, (I particularly love the black and white with the red lettering)! The pie looks scrumptious. I may need to make one soon ;)

  14. Gorgeous photos, Billie Jo!!! I hope this coming weekend is just as comfy and cozy! Happy February!!!
    PS - Madison's video was awesome! I emailed her and she's giving me tips on how to get rid of my dark circles! I feel like I have my own beauty consultant right at my fingertips! She's amazing! ♥


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