January 13, 2017

Weekend Plans

I could say this week was a post -holiday- back- to -normal- week, but it wasn't. We are still celebrating Christmas here! Partly because the flu bug affected some of our previous plans, and partly because we prefer to celebrate with family members on a more personal level as opposed to a giant party. For those reasons, we had our annual Christmas pizza and present exchange night with my sister Margie and her husband Chris last weekend, and because we were happy to have dinner here with Steve's brother and his family last week, and his sister and her family this week. Hi, Greg! So as the pages of the January calendar pass, we remain in holiday mode...at least through the end of this week. No complaints from me! (Although I am getting a tiny bit anxious to take the decorations down and give my winter home a good scrubbing!)

Before all that, we have this last weekend with Madison and Nicolas before they return to Denmark until Easter. I designated Friday night as Family Fun Night, to which Madison responded that every night is Family Fun Night! Anyway, we will have a nice dinner followed by some games and some movies. And dessert. : )

Saturday is quiet until late afternoon Mass. After that, we are planning on going out for a nice dinner and then returning home for a fun night of board games together. Nicolas introduced this family to the game Risk. They love it. I love sitting nearby reading and acting as if I have a clue what is going on.

Sunday. Not looking forward to it. I'm sure it will involve some type of organizing, searching, packing and crying. It will also involve Madison's requested meal...Steve's meatloaf, green bean casserole, stuffing, rolls, and apple pie for dessert. We will end the weekend as we do all our weekends, cozy together watching our favorite shows together.

Here is a peek at what went on here this past week in our country home...

January brought coooold weather, but fortunately Santa brought a brand new hat my girl was anxious to wear. : )

We headed to my sister's house for our pizza night. 
Remember I told you she has the coziest Christmas house?

She does.
I could have snuggled there all night!

Here we are...

And again with our Momma. : )

They spoil my kids.
And Flynn's favorite?
A little rubber Duckie.
Made her happy for days.

These are some diehard fans right there.
They went to the Steeler playoff game last Sunday.
The temperature felt like 1 degree.
They stuck it out, and enjoyed a good game.
The rest of us?
We enjoyed it from our warm and cozy house.
(And Steve is really upping his selfie game, don't you think?)

And lastly...
Monday night.
The Bachelor.
And the most delicious carrot cake. 
My friend Heather comes over every week to watch it with us.
This week she brought this.
And it was amazing.

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!


  1. So glad that the joy and celebrations of Christmas are still around your house Billie jo! Enjoy your weekend with Madison and Nicolas! And happy they are coming home for Easter!!!! Love you

    AND your sister's house? love!!!

  2. Hi ♥ Sorry to hear about the stomach flu, but glad to hear you are all feeling better! John ended up having pneumonia but after lots of rest and antibiotics he's finally feeling better! : ) Your sister's home looks almost as cozy as yours! Looks like a lovely time! I can relate to liking cozy gatherings as opposed to giant parties! That's so ME too! Flynn's coat and hat are adorable! I will be thinking of you all this weekend. Enjoy your days with Madison. Easter will be here before you know it! ♥♥♥ xx
    PS - Loving Steve's selfies! LOL

  3. Ok, so can I be adopted? {{giggling and smiling}}--safe travels for Madison and Nicholas...love Flynn's coat.

    The cold weather has returned here in western NY, Billie Jo, we have been having snow flurries.

  4. I also meant to say that I can't even get Rob to be IN a picture, much less a selfie! I'll have to have Steve give him some tips!!! he he he

  5. Good for you for keeping the season going strong!! And soak up every moment with all your chick-a-dees under one roof. I know you will :)

  6. Have a wonderful Family Fun night and weekend with all of your people!! A perfect weekend for you. :)

  7. Easter will be here before you know it! Hang in there!

  8. How wonderful to have such a lovely family time and extend the celebrations, a real delight.

  9. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend as well! Ice storm on the way -- wishing it was snow instead! We will wait and see and fingers crossed for a snow day! :)

  10. I love that Madison thinks every night is family night! What an awesome memory for her to have! I know this weekend will be bittersweet, but like the other ladies have said, Easter will be here before you know it! Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. I love reading about your weekends. Have a super one.

  12. All of your family times look so special, Billie Jo. I love the photo of you and your sister and your mother. You sure do favor your mother. Sweet times with family are just the best. We like games in our family as well. I'll be thinking of you as you send your daughter off. It won't be long before you see her again, my friend. Enjoy your weekend. ♥

  13. Enjoy family Friday fun night and the rest of your Christmas celebrations too!

  14. Her house DOES look cozy! And that cake looks absolutely delicious! Merry Christmas! :)

  15. That is great that you have been able to spend so much time enjoying your family this winter. Pizza night with your sister sounds like it was lots of fun and her house does look very cozy and Christmassy! Hope the coming week is a good one for you.

  16. I was going to say! Hope you & your family had a wonderful & blessed holiday season but it looks like you have!! It's nice to see families living in the moment & letting the holiday season linger on in their home rather ran rushing through it! I know I don't comment often but I always enjoy reading your blog! It always makes me smile & inspires me as a mother! Prayers for a safe trip for your daughter Madison & Nicolas. Blessings!!
    Lisa from Instagram (hot_coffee4lisa)


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