The Day After

Halloween 2016 has come and gone.
November is here, and with it comes a celebration of All Saints Day Mass followed by breakfast before we start a brand new month of learning.
The costumes are put away and the candy is sorted.
And guess what?
Not one little bag of peanut m&m's this year!
Probably for the best, I guess. ; )
Have a cozy November Day, my friends!


  1. What no Peanut M&M's??? well that's just wrong : )
    This is the first year I feel a bit sad that Halloween is over (I always feel it after Christmas) I think its the fact that it's was my daughters last Halloween before she's 18 and you know what neither of my kids wanted to dress up this year : ( But I'm looking forward to November even if its a very busy month for me. Happy November Friend.

  2. November is a solemn month for the most part. Time to wear a poppy in remembrance of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for my freedom.

  3. Happy November! Always sad to put away Halloween but good stuff is ahead too! We got a whole full sized bag of Peanut M&Ms. Meredith picked M&Ms at any house she could pick from so we are just swimming in them. I think we will have to make cookies with them!

  4. My daughter is 31 and still wanted to carve a pumpkin!! ~ we made an evening of it together with a hot chocolate etc, so cosy. She has been through a rough time so it was very therapeutic.
    I think I agree with Theresa, it is rather a sober month, November, but here in UK we have Bonfire/Fireworks night (Nov 5th) which is always very atmospheric.
    Every month is beautiful in its own way!

  5. Happy November! And now on to the next....planning for Thanksgiving! ♥♥♥


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