November 29, 2016

Thanksgiving And A Long Distance Birthday

Thank you for all the kind comments on my last post concerning my dear mother-in-law Mum. Your prayers and words of support mean so much to all of us. Mum continues to rest and pray and is surrounded by loved ones. She is indeed very loved.

Thanksgiving has come and gone. Our turkey was delicious, and I feel the need to share that at the ripe old age of forty-seven, I have finally mastered the art of making gravy!! Also this past weekend, my first born child, Madison Marie, turned twenty! It was her first birthday away from home, and while we missed her very much, we were comforted by the fact that she had an absolutely wonderful birthday in Denmark. the fact that we spoke to her about a hundred times that day. : )

We prepared for Thanksgiving on Wednesday by making Daddy a special craft to take into work and hang in his office.

And then we all watched a favorite movie, complete with all the appropriate snacks, of course. : )

Wednesday night we continued our tradition of making my Grandma Mildred's amazing pumpkin pies. I always ask Grandma to bake with us as I read from her handwritten recipe she gave me years ago.

Thanksgiving morning.
Cinnamon rolls and The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. : )

Our Thanksgiving table...

Every year since Madison was four years old, she has had a homemade blackberry pie for her birthday. And this year she did as well. I am so very thankful to Nicolas' mother Kirsten for making it happen. She messaged me and asked me for the recipe. And then she asked to Skype with me as she made it, and said it would be from me. She said she would be my hands. I could not think of anything more special and had a wonderful time visiting across the miles with this wonderful woman who has welcomed my Madison into her home and family.

She and her husband also had a special birthday dinner for Madison with their family! She made one of Madison's favorite meals...Pasta with Fresh Tomatoes. : )

On her actual birthday, Nicolas surprised her with a trip to Tivoli Gardens, Denmark's oldest and best known theme park. It opened in 1843!

It was all decorated for Christmas, and they had a magical time.
And girl is twenty.
 Yesterday she was a giggling little baby, running around dragging her blankie and singing to Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.
Today she is a beautiful young woman, living her dream on the other side of the ocean.
Life is good.

Have a wonderful day, my friends.
Enjoy every moment.


  1. Continuing prayers for your Mum. Looks like it was a lovely Thanksgiving! And I love following what Madison is up to over there. And when Nicholas' Mom said she'd be your hands to make her bday pie - I lost it. You should write for Hallmark Lady. You get me every time. Love the heartfelt....always.

    Blessings to you. xoxo

  2. Tivoli! Oh I teared up about Kirsten making the pie and being your hands. What wonderful people Madison has found. Mum has been my special intention since the last post and I will continue to have her be.

  3. Love this post but I need to tell you it totally made me tear up. How kind of Nicolas mom to make Madison her favorite dinner and dessert and telling you she would be your hands...❤️ So loving...
    Keeping you all close in prayers.

  4. That part got me ya know... the part about his mother skyping you and being your hands. Oh I'm so happy she / you all had a wonderful Madison birthday.

  5. Happy birthday to your beautiful Madison. How I wish we could slow time down, but we can't. Enjoy every minute. And how special that Nicholas' mom went to such length to make the day special (for both you and Madison)!

    I also popped over to your previous post (haven't read any in about 10 days). I'm so sorry to hear about your sweet, dear mother-in-law. What a journey life is and she sounds like she's been on a wonderful one.

    God bless and know that you all are in our prayers!

  6. I am so happy to know she is in good hands over there, sweet friend...Happy, Happy Birthday Madison. smiles

  7. Happy Birthday to your sweet and beautiful Madison! Love seeing all your holiday traditions. Praying for your Mum.

  8. Happy Birthday to your daughter! It's difficult when our family is not able to be with us during the holidays, but I have to say you have made it almost like your daughter was with you. You must be very proud of her and happy she is experiencing her time in Denmark.
    It was nice to read about your holiday menu and seeing your pretty pies in the making. ♥

  9. This makes me cry happy tears. I feel like a know your children, having taken this journey with you for the past 4 years through Blogland. You are a wonderful mother, a wonderful family who know what it means to hold close and let go. Beautiful!

  10. Although it was difficult to have Madison away on her birthday how comforting to know that Nicolas' family is just as wonderful as he is! I love that his mom said she could be your hands ♥ Madison had all the comforts of home for her birthday and that made me so happy! (for her AND you : ) Denmark looks absolutely beautiful! What an experience she is having and you, my friend, have prepared her for it! Well done xoxoxox So happy you all had a lovely Thanksgiving! Now on to Christmas...and more pie! I'll talk to you soon! ♥


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