October 7, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up

Loving these glorious October days...aren't you? But first...love and prayers to all who are going to be affected by Hurricane Matthew. Sending many prayers for safety and peace. Here is a look at what we have been doing this first week of October...

Our September classroom suddenly became adorned in orange, black, purple and green...Halloween!

A couple pictures of my pup...

Because. Mocha.

Daytime was lovely...

Nighttime? Cozy.

And we spent some time at our park on one of the most beautiful days of the year...

Have a wonderful, cozy, safe weekend, my friends...

We are headed to the pumpkin patch!

Thanks for visiting!
(And thanks Pinterest for the pics.)


  1. My daughter has found a pumpkin patch local to her so they are going this weekend. I haven't been able to find one locally so will be thinking of you having so much fun.

  2. The school room looks great!! I miss having Kathleen home so much... Have fun at the pumpkin patch and enjoy your weekend!!


  3. Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy the pumpkin patch!

  4. Hi!

    Love all of your, Fall coziness! I really love seeing your classroom all decorated, you guys are so creative! I love seeing different parts of the country change with the seasons, and your neck of the woods is so beautiful, just love the gorgeous trees! Your kiddos are adorable, as always... :0) I love your park... and it did look like the perfect day for play!

    Have a wonderful week-end, and I agree, prayers to those who will be affected by, Matthew.


  5. Love it! Your October has been just gorgeous so far! Homeschool perk #104, playgrounds all to yourselves! Mocha's face is just darling.

  6. Oh Flynn, I just love your sneakers! Love! And your leaves are just starting to be that perfection that you wait for all you. Love that you are outside a lot this week. Happy weekend,

  7. The school room is so lovely. I am envious. *Smiles* These days are very nice and I love them so much!!

  8. What a lovely room to homeschool your children in! Always fun decorating for the seasons! Beautiful pictures of fall in your area, we have been blessed with a glorious fall here. Hugs to you today :)

  9. You know how much I love it all Billie Jo! And I'd love to go to school there! So fun and cozy. Have a wonderful weekend. I've still got a date with a soft blankie and some cough drops. Lol

  10. I love Fall through your eyes and experiences. Your schoolroom is the BEST!

  11. I LOVE FLYNN'S SHOES!!! And mocha's cute face :) looks so fun <3

  12. Thanks for the many smiles, Billie Jo...I can't believe how much Flynn has grown. smiles


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