September 16, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up

September. What can I say? The lingering warmth of summer mixed with the crisp beauty of autumn makes me happy. Here is a peek at the September week that was in our country home.

Grandma made our Saturday evening much more fun by joining us for Mass, hotdogs on the grill, and a Wii Bowling Championship game. : )

Monday was Black and Gold day in our little homeschool...

In celebration of our Steelers playing Monday Night Football!

An extra brownie. Because. Winning. : )

An earlier-than-usual puppy walk lent itself to my witnessing this.
And it was worth it.

And then. This. Celebrating forty-seven was fun.
Thoughtful gifts from faraway friends, lunch and pedicures with a dear one who lives near, a long afternoon nap, then pizza and pumpkin cake surrounded by my people.

What more could one wish for?

Pumpkin cake. Cream Cheese icing.
Mini Chocolate chips.
Life is good.

And I cannot leave this little gal out...

She is by my side.

A dear, sweet friend from my Instagram days sent this to me!
She remembered my love of all things autumn.
Thanks so much, dear friend! 

And that is that!
Have a wonderfully cozy weekend, my friends!
Thanks for visiting. : )


  1. Happy happy birthday God bless and many more! Beautiful pictures home and family.Thanks for sharing and love reading all your encouragements and posts.Celebrating the everyday with loved ones is the best.Have a beautiful birthday weekend����������

  2. Happy Birthday Billie Jo!!! I hope you have a blessed year.
    Catch a hug!

  3. Belated Birthday wishes, such a wonderful celebration.

  4. Happy birthday! It seems like it was the perfect week! We are hosting a brunch tomorrow for some friends and I am making your pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. I am excited. Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I love your fun Mom! And your love of fall. Happy Birthday! It does look like it was the PERFECT day! Happy weekend!

  6. What a great week! Love your photos! Have a wonderful weekend and keep celebrating! :)

  7. Happy Birthday!!!! I turned 47 on the 13th!!!!!

  8. Happy Birthday!!!! I turned 47 on the 13th!!!!!

  9. Always love catching up with you and see what you've been up to for the week. And Happy Birthday you sweet gorgeous soul! Many blessings wished to someone as beautiful inside as she is out. May the year ahead bring you many good things and be your most fun year yet. ;) xoxo

  10. Happy birthday! We are very close in age, I turn 46 this month. It looks like you had a wonderful week spent with those you love. Hugs to you! Juli

  11. Awe! Happy birthday to you, Billie Jo! May you have a year filled with abundant blessings!

  12. Happy Belated Birthday, Billie Jo. smiles

  13. Happy birthday, sweet friend!!!
    I look forward to that wisp of fall feeling (still 95 here).

  14. Happy, happy FALL! And happy (belated) birthday!! There is so much love surrounding you, I can't even comprehend how blessed you must feel. Much love, my sweet friend!

  15. I hope you had the happiest of birthdays!!!! Thinking of you everyday! Hope to talk soon! xo Happy Wednesday! : )


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