June 20, 2016

Magical Memories...Part One

We are home! And our hearts are full of wonderful, magical, Disney memories. As I begin, however, I feel compelled to mention that amid all of our fun and happiness, we were aware of the tragedies that struck so very close to us. We offered prayers for all those affected, and I humbly ask that you remember them in your own way as well. And now...Our Disney Vacation in pictures. And a few (too many) words here and there. : )

The night before we left, I had a small "We're going to Disney World!" party.
And Peyton was clever. She made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, so we would have something to grab on our way out the door early the next morning. : )
A quick phone snap as we loaded up the van for the drive to the airport...
And a Snapchat to say, "We're off!"
Aaaaaand one more at the airport. : )
I brought along some new friends for my girl to play with on the plane.
And she did...She also did a lot of this. : )
We surprised our Peyton with a special Sweet 16 surprise!
She didn't want a big party or a fuss, but we know how much she loves Disney World...
So we had some beautiful flowers and candy and a delicious chocolate cake waiting to welcome her to Disney World!
I surprised the kids with these fun Disney pillowcases too. : )
 Soon we had our first glimpse of the castle!!!
This is from our hotel right in Magic Kingdom.
Steve snapped this picture that first night as we finally arrived at Magic Kingdom!
The rain was a welcome sight...it cooled the air and cleared the park!
I think this look says it all.
The pure excitement of being there! : )
Day two had us on our way back to Magic Kingdom...
For dinner at Beast's Castle!
We waited outside to be summoned in by Beast himself...
Inside is as stunning as a dream...
And we were thrilled to find we would be eating in The West Wing...
Right near The Enchanted Rose.
We had one last surprise for our Peyton...
a birthday cake in Beast's Castle.
Beauty and The Beast is her absolute favorite. : )
Our Sweet Sixteen.
After dinner, we met The Beast himself...
Then took a few more photos before changing our little princess and heading back out to Magic Kingdom!
We found Dumbo...her and my...favorite. : )
Then...we went to see her.
Flynn was thrilled to see her glass slipper!
First we met Rapunzel...
and Flynn was polite, yet couldn't keep her eyes off Cinderella!
Madison though?
They could have chatted for hours!
It was time!
Flynn ran into the arms of the sweetest princess ever!
And it was just as magical as can be!
A hug goodbye...before promising to see her again soon. : )
Magic Kingdom at night...
Day three we traveled to Animal Kingdom...
And loved The Lion King Show!
We also saw the Tree of Life in the daylight...
And lit up beautifully at night.
Day four we woke early for breakfast with some old friends...
And the Mickey Waffles were as good as we remembered. : )
Afternoons were for napping.
And watching old Mickey Mouse cartoons on TV.
For all of us. : )
Monday evening we headed to Epcot...
For Dinner in Japan at our favorite Teppan Edo...
It is so fun to watch your meal being prepared right before your very eyes..
And The Chocolate Ginger Cake is delicious.
Just sayin'.
Then it was back to our lovely hotel for a good night's sleep.
And that is a wrap on the first few days of our Disney trip this year.
If you are still reading...wow!
Thanks for hanging in there!
Part Two coming soon.
I've missed you all!



  1. Simply magical!!! Such a special milestone of a sweet 16 and Disney, amazing! Oh please do share the details on the pillow cases! We have our Disney trip planned this year and I'd LOVE to surprise our girls with something so creative and practical to take with them, great idea! I love Be Our Guest restaurant, the interior is spectacular! Happy birthday again to beautiful Peyton and so happy y'all had a great time and are safe!

    1. Hi Elizabeth! Yes...the pillowcases were a hit! I found them on Etsy in a shop called CyndyBCreations. They are very soft, and you can add a quote from a favorite Disney movie on the edge too! I added one from each of my kids favorites. Yay for your Disney trip!!!!

  2. How wonderful. You really captured your first few days there well here on the blog. I'm so looking forward to reading the rest!

  3. You KNOW I hung on. Christopher was GLUED to the post with me. He is already planning our trip for next year and is loving your pictures. Flynn's outfits make me swoon. I am going to want all your Etsy links. Did you stay at the Contemporary? That's where I want to stay since with littles it is so easy to get in and out of Magic Kingdom. I've never done Disney with littles so I may have to pick your brain!!

    1. Sooo excited for you!! The planning is half the fun! We stay at Bay Lake Tower as we are Disney Vacation Club Members. It is actually connected to The Beautiful Contemporary. And yes! I strongly suggest staying there with littles! So handy to hop on the monorail.
      The Etsy Shops! Yes! All great quality and comfy too! I ordered from KateandLuLus, LaneyBugsSpot, HootNHollarClothing, and MakinMemoriesFun. Be sure to give yourself enough time when ordering. Have a Magical Day! : )

  4. So fabulous! Everyone looks like they are having the best time! It makes me want to take the kids... when they are a tad bit older! ;) xoxo

  5. Looks like so much fun was had by all! LOVE Be Our Guest restaurant! Looks like you all had magical time! Too bad we didn't coordinate and meet there! :) Love your post and all your photos!

  6. We missed you, but sure enjoyed your pictures and look forward to the rest of them. What precious memories.

  7. So magical! Love all the photos Billie Jo! ;) We're heading back to Disneyland this Fall (my best friend lives there and "works for Mickey" as we put it - so we get great perks!!) and Annie can't wait most especially. Lol

    Blessings xoxo

  8. Awesome, Billie Jo!!!! Thank you for sharing. smiles (and welcome back)

  9. Exciting times, what an amazing trip. It brought back so many wonderful memories looking forward to the next instalments. Belated Birthday wishes, what a great place to spend a 16th Birthday.

  10. How exciting! I love Disney World! My family lived in Orlando for two years when I was a little girl, so it just brings back such good childhood memories. It looks like you all had a lovely trip! God bless. Juli

  11. I was squealing with delight, my friend. I so enjoyed seeing your photos and the smiles on everyone's face. What a joyful time all of you had :) I am definitely looking forward to part 2.


  12. Welcome home Billie Jo!!! I'm so happy you posted today! I've been waiting for these all week!!! I'm so glad you had such a nice time! Your pictures are getting me excited for my trip! I can't wait for part 2! Happy to have you home - we've missed you around here! :) xxoo

  13. What wonderful memories!!! A lifetime of enchantment that'll never ever be forgotten :)

  14. Oh my golly how I loved each and every picture!! Wasn't that Lion King Show absolutely amazing! Those pillow cases are way too fun, good job on that mom! The Magic Kingdom is magical at any age but for the youngers like your Flynn it's even more so with all the Princesses and Disney characters - It truly is the happiest place on Earth!!
    I'm looking forward to part 2!

  15. Oh my goodness! My sister and her family were also at Disney last week (and are also DVC)! Y'all could have been right next to each other at some point. 😀 I was excited just reading about your trip!

  16. Looks like a fabulous trip so far! Happy Birthday to Peyton! And wow, all the food you've shown looks amazing!

  17. Glad you had a wonderful time! Happy Birthday to Peyton! I look forward to seeing the rest of your visit!

  18. I loved, loved, LOVED all the pictures! I have only been to Epcot on a business trip, and my husband has never been there either, so I am hoping we can make a trip with our girls sometime. Thank you for letting us live vicariously through you!

  19. I have a request for the next time you go, okay? Could you do like a million smaller posts instead? I have too much to say just in this one post!
    Oh how I loved seeing all of that magic. Flynn's face on the airplane, you and Madison ready to go, Peyton and her surprises, Flynn in the dumbo ride, and the fireworks... incredible photos of them ! You rocked the camera! And the first four days, I'd say. Love it all!


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