May 13, 2016

Random Photo Friday

Friday again...More randoms for you!

We are patiently waiting for warm enough weather to truly enjoy our front porch...

wishing for more spring like weather, I bet. : )

This one. My firstborn.
I am so enjoying watching her change into a lovely, classy, responsible adult.
Right before my very eyes.

Despite the chilly weather, my trees are doing their best this year. : )

We've been doing a lot of this so far this spring.
And, honestly, I'm not complaining.
Inside or out, home is the best place for our little family to be.

We went to a birthday party for one of Flynn's friends.
Their friendship makes my heart so happy. : )

In other news, this yogurt is really good.
Just sayin'

We've discovered a new game in our home!
Mexican Train Dominoes!
My mom and our dear friend Blueberry Mary joined us last night, and we played for hours!
Flynn was the first one to pick it up when her older friend Aly introduced it to her.
So fun!

And...that's a wrap on this week, my friends.
Have a beautiful weekend with your people. : )


  1. Love our random photos! You have such a sweet and beautiful family! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Awesome...your posts always make me smile. Have a beautiful weekend...hey, have you ever played Chicken feet dominos?

  3. Love all your photos. And Flynn she is looking so grown up!!
    I am going to look for that yogurt at the grocery store this weekend!

  4. Love all the pictures! Never heard of that game before but they sure look happy playing :-)
    Have a wonderful weekend!


  5. Flynn's green dress! Swoon. And your mom! Love her!

  6. Mexican Train is a favorite of ours. It's almost addicting.

  7. I've heard Mexican Train is fun. Will have to check that out! I love the new, funny springy look of your blog! You have such a lovely family. Enjoy the week ahead!

  8. I love the photos of your beautiful family. I will have to look for that yogurt, it sounds yummy to me! Have a great weekend. 😀

  9. You post such beautiful photos :)
    We are also fans of Mexican Train. It's a good family game for most all ages.
    I so agree, Home is the best place for us, and when we do have to busy away from home, it is just hard.

  10. I love the pillows on your swing! They are so bright and cheery. Hope your spring weather becomes that again. It was chilly here yesterday (65) and that is too chilly for TX! Mexican Train Dominoes. I've heard of that game, but have never seen it played. We must try it!

  11. Billie Jo, the day today has been so much cooler than in the past few weeks. Sweater weather - I'm rather enjoying it! Love to see all the pictures and I've never heard of Mexican Train Dominoes!

  12. Hi Billie Jo!

    Well, Flynn is the cutest flower in the garden, love the cute yellow flower!

    Family is definitely what it's all about, and yours is just beautiful! You must be a very proud mama!

    Your blog always makes me feel like home, such a cozy and warm place to visit!


  13. Love the photos, Madison is so Beautiful! growing up I remember my neighbors playing this game and trying to teach it to me but since the dad didn't speak English and at the time I didn't understand a word of Spanish- well you can guess how that turned out. But we are big game players here and I think my kids would love this. I am going to look into it. I hope to share with extended family during Sunday Dinner, we usually play Loteria (Mexican Bingo) Have you played that? its a great way to learn Spanish -although I don't like a couple of cards, It makes my MIL so happy when we play with her. Thanks for sharing. I am so behind on blogs EEK!


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