May 9, 2016

Mother's Day Love

It seems slightly unfair that my family celebrates me on this day in May every year. They celebrate me for doing something that comes from an innate place in my soul...from a desire I've had since I was old enough to know what a mother was, what she could do, what she could teach and help create. My family celebrates me for simply doing what comes naturally to me...nurturing, loving, cuddling, comforting, inspiring, listening, preparing, and eventually...letting go.

My family celebrates me for being Mom. Yet, it is I who should be celebrating them, for letting me be their Mom. Is there anything more moving to one's soul than looking at another human and knowing you had part in creating that unique individual...the tiny turned up nose of a newborn, the dirt covered hand of a toddler clutching dandelions, the long haired beauty studying things you could only imagine, the confident, beautiful young woman sharing knowledge of make up and skin care with you that you never knew before?

Is there anything more frightening than knowing you are responsible for each of these souls...and futures...and happiness? And that you as Mom can do so much...but in the must let each go and become the person he or she and God planned each to be.

This weekend my family did indeed celebrate me. Mom. And as they did, I shed some tears and shared lots of laughs and ate good food and took long naps. And I was happy. And oh so thankful. Thankful to God for the four beautiful people that call me Mom, for the man I chose to walk through this life by my side, and for my own beautiful mother, who demonstrates what a mother is and can be every day of her life.

To those of you who are praying and waiting for your time to come...I pray for you and with you. I was once in your place...and I urge you to never give up. For nothing is impossible with God.

And now...probably too many photos of our Mother's Day Celebration...

Pictures on the porch before Mass on Saturday...

of me and of my people. : )

After Mass we went to dinner at a fancy schmancy restaurant...

where I almost finished off this amazing Penne Bolognaise.

 And...where we took a family selfie.
Because we're classy like that.

I woke to cinnamon rolls and fresh fruit all set up by my girls...

and flowers from my man with cards from my babes.
Homemade cards?
The best.

Beautiful, thoughtful gifts...
Steve got me Alex and Ani bracelets.
One with each child's initial.
From my Madison...the best Lip color ever!
It is a vintage inspired make up brand that features
makeup from all different decades.
Mine is Dusty Rose...from the decade I was born.
From my Flynn...a beautiful book on Mindfulness.
She knows all about this, because she meditates with me
most everyday. : )
My Rhett knows my love of books.
He got me two true crime books and I am ready to start one today!
And from my Peyton...

Yep. That would be Oreo Dessert.
And it was good.

Once again, Happy Mother's Day, my friends.


  1. What an awesome message on Mother's Day and how wonderful is your family?! Happy Mother's Day late!

  2. What a wonderful weekend of celebrating! You are such an amazing Mom! Love this post and these photos -- such great gifts! Enjoy your reading!

  3. Go Billie Jo~

    What beautiful thoughts on, Mother's Day! I'm always amazed at how much we think the same. Your photos are just beautiful! I'm so glad you got pampered, you deserve it! Thank you for sharing these special moments of your day!


  4. This! This is what I ponder in my own heart every Mother's Day! I'm so blessed to have my own children and only want to give more rather than receive. So happy that you enjoyed such a beautiful day. Happy (belated) Mother's Day!

  5. Looks like a perfectly lovely Mother's Day! I hope you have a wonderful week!

  6. What a wonderful celebration, heartfelt. One of the best in that you were all together.

  7. Your words made me tear up! It looks like you had a great Mothers Day!

  8. Beautiful...Happy Belated Mother's Day, Billie Jo.

  9. You are amazing, all love and loved! Happy Mother's Day to you!

  10. It looks lovely Billie Jo! What more could any mom ask for ♥ And your sentiments are just lovely. I couldn't have said it better myself. I'm so happy you had such a great day!!! xx

  11. ohh it look absolutely perfect. Your family loving on you... perfection! I'm so glad it was a WHOLE weekend of celebrating with them. You are adored!

  12. Looks like the perfect day! What thoughtful gifts too. You deserve it my friend you are a fabulous mom! Have a great week.


  13. Thank you for putting into words exactly how I feel! :) I'm just so thankful to be the mom I dreamt the first 25 years of my life of becoming.
    Your day sounds wonderful and blest!
    Have a lovely day!

  14. Just love this Billie Jo! You said it all so well - like it was straight from my heart too. Looks like it was a perfect day for you too. ;)
    God bless you sweet Mom person. xoxo

  15. Awe your words got me a little teary eyed. Looks like you had a perfect Mothers day.


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