May 23, 2016

Aaaaaaaand.....He's 14

Just like that, my one and only son turned 14. To me, it was a bigger deal than when he turned into a teenager last year. Why? Well...because...he's...bigger. He LOOKS older. He is officially taller than I am. I glanced at him the other day and saw a young man. A great young man. celebration of my Rhett turning 14, here are 14 totally random facts about him...

Rhett Stephen

1.   He totally surprised me when he was born. I totally though I was having a girl!

2.   He is the only one of my children to have NEVER gone to Time Out. Yes, really.

3.   He does not drink milk. At all. Ever.

4.   He gets his dairy from ice cream. But only vanilla.

5.   He is the most sensitive of my children, always caring...always making peace.

6.   He looks so very much like my dear Dad.

Rhett and my dad on his last Father's Day with us.

7.   Rhett loves movies. His collection exceeds 200. And he watches and rewatches them all.

8.   He has the best sense of humor. And keeps us all laughing.

9.   He loves comic books, especially DC ones. You know...Batman and Superman.

10. He dislikes fruit. Strongly. Except Mandarin Oranges. Those...He loves.

11. He loves being at camp with his Dad. Simply hunting, watching movies or playing cards.

12. He was the first boy to be born into my family in 25 years, and the second one ever.

13. He is and always has been a happy child.

14. He is loved by us all. Very much.

This is how we celebrated our Rhett...

Madison spoiled him with her famous Blueberry Muffins for breakfast.
He loves them...and only consumes blueberries if they are baked into these yummy muffins.

He didn't want a big party this year...but Peyton and I insisted on a small Captain America: Civil War theme. You know...since he's seen it five times so far.  : )

Peyton baked his cake! His very favorite...chocolate with her homemade peanut butter frosting.

We took pictures in shifts before we were getting ready! And sometimes...we weren't all ready!

There. Much better. Except for Mocha's ears.
But I take what I can get. : )

Me and my boy. : )
Aaaaaand again with Mocha's ears. : )

These two. Only 24 months separate them. And they are best friends always.

One with Dad...

And a selfie with Madison. : )

Grandma and Aunt Margie celebrated with us too.

He opened presents with a little helper...

Who was very excited for him!

His big sisters were excited too...they couldn't wait to give him their gift...

Coupons for things they will do for him!
They call them "Rita Bucks"...A long story...
but include things like Dairy Queen trips and doing his chores.
And he was thrilled!

There was cake and singing and contemplating wishes...

And a hug from a mommy who is incredibly proud of the young man her baby boy has become.

Happy Birthday Rhett!!


  1. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rhett!! Wishes for many, many more. Blessings

  2. Belated Birthday wishes, looks like a wonderful celebration creating so many wonderful memories of family life to treasure. Take care.

  3. He looks so grown up and so much like your dad! Happy birthday to him!! What a blessing to your family!

  4. Happy birthday to him! That birthday cake looks amazing!

  5. Happy Birthday Rhett! What a nice young man you have! I loved your random facts about him. Have a great week! Juli

  6. Happy Birthday, Rhett!!! And I think it's just the neatest thing that he looks so much like your father. What a blessing!

  7. Happy Birthday to your handsome young man! It looks like he had a great birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday to Rhett! The resemblance to your father is amazing. I love the family pics, so sweet. I think having a son would be a wonderful adventure. So far, our family is still waiting on a boy. My parents had three daughters, who each had a daughter, who each had a daughter. Never say never, I suppose.

  9. Happy birthday to Rhett! Loved reading the 14 things about him! Sounds like such a great son and brother!

  10. Happy Birthday to Rhett! It looks like a wonderful celebration! The muffins and cake look delicious! My only son is also 14 (on his way to 15 in October!) and he is also the most peaceful, sensitive of my bunch too! And he's taller than me too! Why can't time stand still long enough for us to not feel like the years past in a blink of an eye? :)

  11. Happy Birthday Rhett!!! Hayley's birthday is this Sunday (29th) a day after our wedding anniversary :-) We are planning a little party with her news friends here while my parents are visiting. Have a great Monday!!


  12. Happy Birthday to Rhett! He sure is a fine young man with some high quality traits.
    Many blessings for a wonderful year, Rhett!

  13. Happy Birthday to Rhett!! This is beautiful! Great job! We also had a big celebration! Our girls graduated to 2nd and 6th grades and I ended up making toppers and labels, etc. that I had asked you about! I posted it all in my blog, finally!!

    1. Do you have a link to your blog?!
      I'd love to visit!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


      Yes, I pasted it above! You have inspired me to get back to blogging after being so sick and finally able to get back to it! Any pointers welcome! 😁

    4. I am so happy you are feeling better and back at blogging!
      When I clicked on the link, it says your blog is private, and that I would need an invitation. Hope I get one! : )

    5. Oopsie sorry! I'm still trying to figure this out even after a few years... I think its fixed now! 😝

  14. 14 has been one of my favorite years! Happy Birthday!

  15. Billie Jo! A very happy birthday to your sweet son. He does favor your father and you as well.

    I'm finally feeling better and refreshed and back to blogging at my homemaking blog. Hope to see you there.

  16. Happy Birthday to Rhett! In a blink I feel like my John will be right behind him. It must be a weird feeling when they grow taller than you! John is already up to my chin. Looks like a lovely celebration for an awesome young man! Yay for Rhett! And he really does look like your Dad ♥♥♥

  17. What a sweet post. Happy birthday to Rhett. My boy turned 14 in March.

  18. I saw your comment over at Barbs blog and I'm so glad I stopped by! You have a darling boy (young man) 14 is huge! It's no wonder he's so sweet, he's surrounded by wonderful sisters and loving parents. We have all boys in our family, even down to twin grandsons. I gotta say there is something to be said about a mother son relationship. Good job mom!

  19. Happy Birthday Rhett!! Rhett and Nicolas are a lot alike...Nicolas loves comic books especially DC!
    I always tell Nicolas he is going to make a wonderful husband and dad one day being surrounded by so many girls just like Rhett.

  20. Also when we have our New York get together soon Peyton might have to make her chocolate cake with,peanut butter frosting. :)

  21. Billie Jo, what a beautiful family you have! Wishing you all a wonderful summer!

  22. Billie Jo, what a beautiful family you have! Wishing you all a wonderful summer!

  23. Happy Birthday Rhett!! Hope you have a great year ahead!

  24. So sweet - happy belated to a wonderful young man. ;) xoxo

  25. Happy (belated) birthday to Rhett! I'm glad that he had such a celebratory day! The only one who hasn't gone to time out??!! That's crazy ;) Wishing him a beautiful year filled with abundant blessings.

  26. So sweet! Looks like it was a great day!!!


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