April 25, 2016

Kids In The Kitchen

From the time they were little, my children have joined me in the kitchen. At first, it was because I simply enjoyed their company. And when I mean at first, I mean a babbling baby in a bouncy seat. Gradually, the bouncy seat was replaced by a high chair, and then a booster, until finally, little legs upon a stool helped my babes reach the counter. Where am I going with all of this? Without realizing, I had bestowed a passion and an ability for cooking and baking upon my children. Life skill...cooking. Check.

One of my fondest memories from my children's childhood is Peyton and Rhett perched on their yellow Little Tikes chairs smack dab in front of the oven for an entire 30  minutes waiting for the brownies they mixed up to bake. Another is Peyton, not yet four, mixing up the incredible Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread she still makes today. Those moments with my children as littles in the kitchen may be gone, but the result of that precious time spent together is witnessed here everyday.

Madison, Peyton, and even Rhett show an ability beyond their ages in the cooking and baking department. Peyton and Madison each currently select a night during the week to plan and prepare a meal. Peyton's is most always Japanese, while Madison introduces us to new things like Pesto on Pasta. Of course Peyton is my master baker. She makes pies, cakes, cookies, and brownies, Madison made dessert tonight...a delicious apple blueberry crisp.

So, young mothers...bring your children into the kitchen with you. Show them how to mix with a spoon. Let them crack an egg...I know...Eek! Show them how to plan a meal, and how to set the table. You will make memories to store in your heart. You will also reap the benefits years down the road as you sit and watch your children prepare a delicious diner and amazing dessert. The downside? I still clean up after them a bit. I kinda like my kitchen just so. ; )

One of Madison's recent meals...Baked Salmon, whole grain pasta with pesto, and roasted vegetables...

One of Peyton's specialties...Nikujaga...

I came down Sunday morning to find my oldest in the kitchen...

preparing this. : )

Peyton's brownies are the best.
Her secret? She always adds an extra egg. Shhhh. : )

Peyton teaching Flynn, just as I taught her.

No words needed for this one.

Or this.

Madison is the queen of freshness.

While Peyton is the princess of pies...

Make happy memories my friends! : )


  1. Amazing! My girls are 11 and 6, I definitely need to get them more involved in the kitchen! I tend to try to do everything because of the extra messes and longer times just to mix items together, but realizing in the mess and time they are learning! This is perfect, thank you for sharing!!

  2. Your photos are beautiful and the food looks scrumptious! I love salmon! (and many other things in your photos as well). Thank you so much for sharing. :)

  3. I love this. Making great memories with the kids while teaching them an important life skill! Your kids are amazing cooks. Your pictures make me hungry. Have a good week.

  4. Oh my goodness! All that food looks so wonderful! As you know, I love baking in the kitchen with my girl. I must get busy on having her prepare some main dishes! Have a wonderful week!

  5. What a fun post! Little did you know way back then what lasting benefits it would have.
    Happy Monday, Billie Jo!

  6. Oh Billie Jo, how very precious! My heart rejoices with you to have such sweet and thoghtful children...you have raised them well.

    The meals they cook look divine! Have a beautiful week. Hugs!

  7. cooking is a great skill to teach children at any age. I love it that my husband can put together a breakfast just as good as I can, never too old to learn.

  8. cooking is a great skill to teach children at any age. I love it that my husband can put together a breakfast just as good as I can, never too old to learn.

  9. Now that I'm starving!!! Every single item looks delicious and how much better does it taste when it's made by your kids??!! Good job to you for always including them in the kitchen and giving them the confidence to bake and cook fantastic meals!!

  10. It was a joy to read your post, I too raised my girls to be independent to cook, clean and such and they are now mothers themselves passing on the gift.

  11. Look at all that amazing food...all made with love by your cuties. I wish I would have included the older two when they were little. I,learned Juliana to have her help early on even if it was just washing strawberries.

  12. Oh my word! Stop it already... total torture! And kids in the kitchen... yet another thing I need to learn from you. I'm not so good at it. Sometimes I just want to do it my way and fast. Bad, I know. I promise, I'll get their hands in there with me more! You are one blessed mama because now they cook for you!

  13. How wonderful that you are all such a great family of cooks!

  14. What a lovely post, Billie Jo...Blessings

  15. Oh my, Billie Jo. Everything looks sooo delicious! And I love that your girls pull their hair back or up when they cook! :-)

  16. I second what Kathleen wrote. I see it now, too, with Miss Clementine being taught by her older sisters. Little mothers in the works :)

  17. Goodness, those meals look deeelicious!!! Especially that chocolate cake. Yummm...


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