February 12, 2016

Random Photo Friday

There was a lot of celebrating here this past week...here are some random photos to prove it. : )

Up first...Superbowl!
We had a Subway platter...yumm and no clean up!...and some snacks to munch on too.
We had taco dip with chips, kettle corn and Oreo Truffles.
Someone found some pizza in the fridge too. : )
My Best Friend in the whole world...Marian...who I met the very first minute of college...came for the Superbowl weekend, We love it when she comes!
Oh! Almost forgot...Peyton made this AMAZING Ho Ho Cake for dessert on Sunday.
No other words needed.
Monday we celebrated Chinese New Year!
The kids always enjoy researching facts about this fun holiday...
While I enjoy the Chinese Take Out and The Chinese Noodle Cookies Peyton made.
Just sayin'.
Three of my four. We were missing our Madison, but managed to Facetime her so she could share in the fun. Despite the fact it was really late there. : )
Tuesday we celebrated Mardi Gras!
This has always been one of my kids' favorites!
Every year they pick out their same necklaces and favorite coins. : )
My older two are enjoying the fun with our little Flynn. : )
Dinner was Jambalaya made by me, and delicious cornbread made by Peyton.
Dessert was a King Cake I ordered from a Louisiana bakery.
It was delicious, and look who found the baby!
Flynn is our Mardi Gras Queen this year!
Mocha took it all in...
(Photo credit ...Aunt Marian.)
And now we settle in for Lent and some quiet time.
Until Valentine's Day on Sunday. ; )
Happy Weekend!
Happy Love Day!
Happy Walking Dead Return!


  1. Hehe, that football candle made me giggle. ;) And those chocolate noodle cookies look good!

  2. You always celebrate with such style and class! I love it! Enjoy your weekend and Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. You even have a football candle! I love it! What a great week in your house. Happy Weekend, friend!

  4. I am telling you, and am sure many others agree, you need to be published in a magazine. You are so consistent with your decorations and foods to match, as well as your family being involved. I love coming to your blog.

  5. Party planning is definitely your gift. You celebrate with style. If only we lived closer, I'd be crashing your house all the time. Peyton's goodies are making me jealous!

  6. Hello Billie Jo,

    I attempted to visit you earlier this morning, but got called away from the computer. It was so delightful to see that you visited my blog and left me a comment this morning. Thank you!

    Wow, look at you, you even have a candle for the Superbowl!
    All your food looks so delicious. It seems that it is always a party at your house. What a fun place to live!

    Isn't it wonderful how you met your best friend in an instant. When I was in 6th grade, as soon as I entered my new classroom, in my new school, in my new town, I saw a girl and thought, "She is who I want for a friend." It has been a long friendship. I named my first child after her.

    Happy Valentine's Day! {Looking forward to the pictures:)}

  7. Oh my goodness. You need to take stock out on the company you purchase your party supplies from! LOL

  8. Oh Wow,You have been busy!!! All that food looks so good, I want Superbowl back again just for the snacks ;) Hope you have a wonderful weekend celebratind Valentine's Day.

  9. Where do I start? The tees Peyton and Rhett wore on Chinese New Year... so awesome!!! And Peyton's Super Bowl dessert cake? I want some! And Marison... so happy you have her and that she knows you from the beginning and got to be with you for the weekend. And that Flynn found the baby. And that you do all of that for all of them. Love it all!!!

  10. {{{big big smiles}}} Thanks for sharing. Many Blessings to you.

  11. Love your celebrations! The last photo belongs in a magazine!

  12. I just love how you folks celebrate these fun holidays and events!! You should charge admission for that much fun! Lol Thanks for sharing and Happy Valentine's to you All! xoxo

  13. A wonderful week of celebrations for you!! Glad you had a great time! Happy Valentines! xx

  14. I'm hoping this isn't a double post...everything just disappeared while I was typing the first message. :/

    I think it's awesome that you have all these celebrations! They certainly make treasured memories for your kids. Peyton is quite the baker, right? :) Thanks so much for sharing all the photos ~ they're great!


  15. How fun! You look so happy in the photo with your best friend. Thanks for sharing your memories with us.


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