February 17, 2016

Being Mindful

Recently I discovered something that has made a big impact on my life. You may be familiar with it. You, like me, may be just discovering it now. Or, you may have never heard of it until today. In any case, I feel compelled to share this life changing practice with you.

Some time ago, I began to experience an anxiety that was quite new to me. Blame hormones, or age, or the weather...whatever it was...it was interfering with my normal, daily, happy life. Enter a friend of Steve's, who just so happens to be a doctor, and whose own wife was experiencing the same thing. He suggested to Steve that I look into something called Mindfulness. Specifically...Mindfulness Meditation. Steve mentioned it to me, and I decided I had nothing to lose by looking it up. To my surprise, I found a great deal of information on this practice which has been around for awhile. Typical me...always late to the party. : )

I immediately felt connected to the things I was reading, and realized that, unlike most everything else I start, this would be something I could and would actually enjoy and benefit from. So I dove right in. I have to tell you, I am so glad I did. Mindfulness is not a five step program. It isn't a fad. It doesn't cost a penny. Well, unless you get the app, and I suggest you do. It is simply a way of life. It is looking at life in a new way...a mindful way. But I am no expert on it. So, I took to Pinterest and found something that will explain it much better than I ever could...

And here is the app. I downloaded it onto my phone from the App Store. I use it Every.Single. Day.

Ask me to walk or exercise every morning...not gonna happen.
Ask me to sit and relax and listen to my own breathing.
I'm in!

There are books and articles and apps galore on Mindfulness.
I am merely one person who found that by slowing down, living in the present, being mindful of the moments in the present life I am living, I found a peace I had not experienced before. Anxiety about would could happen in the future became less and less, as I learned to embrace the now. This practice, combined with my faith and prayer has helped me enjoy my daily life without being fearful of possible scenarios of the future. One of my favorite sayings from one of my favorite meditation teachers on the app, Rick Hanson, is something along the lines of "The future will come when it comes." And another, "You're alright right now".

And that's that.
Have a cozy, mindful day, my friends.
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  1. I find this to be so intriguing and will definitely download the app you mentioned. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing -- am definitely going to check it out! Happy Wednesday!

  3. Ooh, I am also going to check it out!

  4. Thank you for sharing. It does seem to be peaceful and in the 'now', rather trying to figure out tomorrow...live in today.

  5. Hi Billie Jo~

    What wonderful information! I find myself stressed out, anxious, nervous, impatient and moody many times a week. I love all of these idea about, mindfulness! I'm on my way to the app, thank you so much for sharing, I'm excited to get to work on it - or rather, start relaxing . . . :0)

  6. Beautiful, Billie Jo..thank you for sharing...Blessings

  7. Great ideas - we are currently studying transcendentalism and reading Emerson and Thoreau in the American Lit. classes I teach. Transcendentalism is basically mindfulness. As I was teaching my students about this, I have been thinking that I need to apply these principles more in my own life as well. Thanks for sharing these thoughts. I do appreciate it!

  8. I could use this right now and you'll know why when you read my latest post :-) Thanks for sharing the app going to check it out. Have a wonderful weekend!


  9. This post rang so true to me. So often I have experienced the same feelings of anxiousness and I don't always know why. I have anxiety of things that have never and/or may never happen. I think I could really benefit from this app. I'm going to look into it. Thank you for sharing this info with us!xoxo

  10. Can I say? I'm so glad you found this. And I NEED to check out that ap. And learn from you. Because you've always taught me so much. This could really help (in so many ways)


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