January 29, 2016

Random Photo Friday

My little Mocha got her stitches out last week, so we ventured out to celebrate.

We drove to the nearby city to visit Steve's mom in the nursing home.
I had made her delicious recipe for Lasagna the night before, and we took her a piece. She was so happy and enjoyed every bite! She remembered it too...and with that dreadful disease of Dementia, every memory is a gift. Flynn was so good...helping Mum with her dinner and sitting right next to her bed.

Of course a visit to the city is not complete without a stop at Eat 'n Park for Flynn's favorite cookies.

Meanwhile, my oldest was having a hard time selecting a treat from this gorgeous display in downtown Copenhagen. Nicolas snapped this picture for me of my Madison. : )

I've been missing my girl, so I've taken to having my latte in her favorite mug.
Seems to help. : )

And this. This you must try.

We missed the storm...but lit a fire anyway.

And my little Flynn was on dog sitting duty Saturday night!
She loves Steve's sister's dog Roscoe, and was thrilled when Sally and her husband asked if Flynn could keep him overnight. She did a great job...with only the tiniest bit of help from Daddy.

This Saturday, my dear, sweet mother turns 79!
This is a picture of her and her little brother...who is three days shy of being exactly one year younger than she is. Here is my mom on her birthday all those years ago. : )

And finally, this was our cake for National Chocolate Cake Day. And it was good.
Peyton will be duplicating it this weekend for my mother's birthday. This time...with homemade peanut butter frosting. : )

Have a wonderful last weekend of January, my friends!
Stay warm and cozy.


  1. What a nice 'outing' you had, visiting Steve's Mother and the icing on the cake, were those cookies! Has Madison moved to Copenhagen? I know you miss her and hope she comes home soon. Who knows, maybe you will visit her one day! Have a nice Friday and weekend.

  2. I love the picture of your mom and her brother! How precious!
    Flynn is so sweet!
    I bet Madison is having an amazing time.

  3. I love your week. Ours has been full of tears, which while real life isn't much fun to document. You always have the best baked goods, I hope one of mine grows up to be like Peyton! I am sure Madison is having a great time but I bet she misses you too. Her muug is so sweet. Have a wonderful weekend with your people! Happy birthday to your mom!

  4. Sweet Mocha in her little sweater. Love!
    Your MIL struggling with the same disease as mine. Love sharing in sisterhood.
    Your sweet Girl and heart cookies. What's not to love.
    Fireplace and a little Angel. Made my heart cozy.
    Heart strings for your daughter away. Pulled on mine.
    Chocolate cake! Made my heart go pitter pat.
    PS: Adding your cherry berry pie to my grocery list for next week. ;)
    Have a wonderful and cozy weekend my Friend!! xoxo

  5. Steve's mom looks so happy to be eating that lasagna! I love the big smile on her face. I've been following Madison's adventures on Instagram. Her trip looks amazing. I'm sure you miss her though. Hopefully she'll be home soon.

  6. Flynn has the nicest smile :-) That's so nice of you to take lasagna to your mother in law, and especially wonderful that she remembered it. Dementia is so hard on all involved. My grandson was over last weekend and we made chocolate cupcakes with homemade peanut butter frosting. YUM

  7. Hi Billie Jo!

    What a cute picture of Flynn, puppy-sitting . . . :0) I think it's so important to instill a love of animals in a child, and you can tell she loves Roscoe.

    I totally understand dementia. It's hard to watch a parent, who was once strong and capable, become like a child. We need to stay supportive, love them, nurture them, laugh with them, care for them and pray for them. I can see that you do all of that, and more, in an amazing way.

    Your cake looks amazing!


  8. Your little dog is just the sweetest! My father-in-law passed away from a disorder where dementia was one aspect. It was so painful to see him slipping away. Cherish the time you have with your mother-in-law! That cake has my mouth watering! Hope your mom has a very Happy Birthday!

  9. That picture of your mom and her brother is priceless!!! Chocolate cake twice in one week sounds a like a great week ;) Have a cozy weekend friend!

  10. I'm sure your daughter loved the dog-sitting! We are all animal lovers here. The chocolate cake looks yummy!

  11. What a great update! That lasagna sounds yummy and what a sweet visit that had to be! The chocolate cake -- I think I will be dreaming about that! Glad your pup is doing well. Enjoy the rest of the weekend! Blizzard predicted here for Monday/Tuesday!

  12. Oh my lord, that photo of your momma and her brother is so sweet, Happy belated Birthday to her. and your cake looks delicious, We went with chocolate too.


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