26 January 2016

National Chocolate Cake Day! Don't Forget!

If you need an excuse to bake a delicious chocolate cake...

I've got one for you!

Wednesday, January 27 is National Chocolate Cake Day!
(I don't make these things up. I just report them.)
So put on your apron, gather the kids and whip up something yummy!

This was our contribution last year...

and it was so good, we are doing a redo this year!
If you do choose to celebrate, why not post a picture?
I'd love to see!

Happy National Chocolate Cake Day, my friends!

Thanks to Pinterest for the retro images. : )


  1. Looks yummy! Jim is our cake maker, so I will tell him he needs to celebrate this 'holiday'. Have a great day.

  2. Oh my that looks good! The 27th is my sister's birthday but she's too far to bake a cake for :-(. I will have to avoid it this year trying to cut back and that would be WAY too tempting for me! LOL Enjoy it for me though. ;-) Have a great day!


  3. Oh my word - I LOVE chocolate cake!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. looking forward to it! your cake looks yummy.

  5. Could we make it into an International chocolate cake day, there again I don't need an excuse...

  6. Sigh... I seriously could make 3 meals a day out of chocolate cake, actually any cake! :)

  7. Oh, my gosh....might have to go off my Weight Watcher's to have some chocolate cake...can't bake it and not eat it!!

  8. Hi Billie Jo!

    Yum!! Who knew! I love chocolate cake and I would love to have an excuse to bake one . . . too bad I'm on a diet . . . :0( Maybe I can find a low calorie cake! Loved your pictures!


  9. I can hardly wait to wake up tomorrow! Yum!

  10. Yum! Looks so good. Unfortunately, I'm cutting carbs right now and a piece of this would probably be two or three days worth!!!

  11. I had no idea there was a day to celebrate chocolate cake and if I'd known about it earlier, I surely would have participated. I'm going to have to mark my calendar so I'll remember this next year... :)


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