January 24, 2016

Cozy Sunday Morning

A mug of tea...

and a nice warm fire...
That is what is happening right now in our country home.
We saw not a flake from the big winter storm...
but we are pretending we did. ;)
If you were in the path, we hope your are safe and warm and cozy too.
Happy Sunday, my friends!


  1. YOUr cosy home drew me right in... glad I still ahve my cup of coffee in hand, and I did enjoy your lovely fire.... I have ice coated wood stacked on my porch, but hubby only uses it in case of power outages now that our kids arent coming home for Christmas for while... not while the babes are so young... I do love a fire... think I may have to go gas logs this year!! Enjoy your day!!!

  2. Looks great there. It's pretty much what our house looks like right now. We got about 30 inches of snow here in Eastern PA. The bishop gave us a dispensation from mass, so we are staying put.
    Enjoy your day, my friend.

  3. Thank you for such a lovely post on this cold Sunday...not a flake here in western NY either. Have a beautiful day, Billie Jo.

  4. Love the mug and as always everything is so cosy. Enjoy!

  5. Glad you are safe from the weather, I hear that it has been terrible in some places. xx

  6. It's been the most wonderful funfilled Winter Wonderland here. I'll share a little of mine.

  7. Not a flake! I will send you some of mine. :-) It wasn't bad where I am in NC, we only got about 6-8 inches. My children in NJ got about 2 feet. We all still have our electricity and for that I am thankful!

  8. Hello Billie JO, It looks like you're having a lovely day. The only snowflakes we have are on my winter tree. I know it's not good to be jealous, but I wish someone would share a cup of snow. I really do want to make snow ice cream!
    I love seeing your name in my inbox.
    Harvest Lane Cottage
    ...doing what I can with what I've got where I am
    on a short shoestring budget!

  9. Sounds wonderful! Wish I could enjoy a cup of tea with you... One day!!❤️

  10. Am late again getting to blogs. I will wish you a happy week ahead.

  11. The mug of tea photo (because it's NOT a picture) it's awesome! Did a photographer come and take it? And it makes me tear up because I want to be THERE!


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