Thursday, December 3, 2015

My Mocha

A few months ago, I asked Steve about getting another dog. For me. And in true Steve fashion, he searched and found the perfect puppy for our family. Mocha is considered my puppy...but we all love her. Flynn and I take care of her for the most part, but she has a special spot for Rhett as well. Peyton is fiercely loyal to her Kirby, as is Steve, but I have found them both catching some snuggles with our tiny 3 pound ball of love. If you are on the fence about adding a new pup to your family, don't be. Research the best one for your family's specific situation and desires, and just do it. You won't be sorry. Promise. The effort is worth it. Deeply worth it. : ) And this comes from a woman who never had a dog until she was 40 years old. : )

She's pretty much with me all day long. : )


  1. She is certainly gorgeous, a beautiful ball of fluff!

  2. She's so cute! I would love to get the kids a little dog one day.

  3. So cute!!! i can't imagine my life without a dog in it! they enrich it so much.


  4. Jim and I both would love to have a dog, but neither of us is able to walk it, and we live on a busy street, so couldnt just let one outside. Yours is adorable and just right! Have a great day dear friend.

  5. She is precious, my friend :) Growing up I had a little Yorkie and his name was Sir Oliver Sedgewick Mitchell....Ollie for short :) He was my buddy and we were always together.

    Have a lovely day. Hugs!

  6. Oh sweet Mocha! I know,he has brought much joy to your family. I know Juliana is in love with all the sweet pictures of him.

  7. She sure makes me smiles...(as you do as well). Our German Shepherd, Coffee, had a twin name Kessel, unfort, him and his brother were playing ball, and I can honestly say, Kessel pushed his brother out of the way of an incoming car. Kessel was the protector and Coffee was the playful one. However, since we lost Kessel a few yrs back, Coffee has grown into quite the protector and loveable member of the family. Each of us have things that he takes too etc. He is fiercely loyal to each of us and isn't afraid to show it to anyone he doesn't like...and believe me, he is picky and knows right away who to like or not...

    Sorry for writing a book, Billie Jo...I guess I just want to say, I know what your saying. Blessings

  8. Dogs really are such special family members that get right into your heart!! I am sure that all of your pets are very special! xx

  9. Hello Billie Jo,

    Oh, what a little thing he is! I love puppies. Dogs can be very loyal.

    My daughter has a small dog, and my son has a rabbit. They are both good pets. We have to let them out into the backyard separately because the rabbit would not be here long if the dog got hold of him. Overall, he is a good dog and very agreeable. I love that little bunny. He is getting old, though. He is seven or eight years old.

    :) Hope

  10. She's adorable! Once you've owned a dog there's no turning back, right?
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. So sweet! Annie & I talk about wanting another dog - but then I worry maybe Ruby wouldn't do well with that & she's my baby. ;) Your Mocha sure is adorable! Xo

  12. She is such a cutie! I can't even imagine how this little piece of hapiness couldn't be loved. My parents have the dog the same breed and she's just our family little love. Though now I'm totally at my work at I see her very rare I miss her very much!


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