September 20, 2015

September Weekends Have My Heart

It is no secret I have a soft spot in my soul for fall. All things autumn make me happy and cozy inside. September, I think, often gets overlooked by autumn lovers. It isn't quite October with those vibrant shades of autumn leaves and reminders of Halloween at every turn. It isn't November with the promise of the holidays so near and cozy turkey dinners to plan and prepare. September is all her own. A start to so many, cooler days and cozier nights, football on Sundays, and still beautiful, crisp afternoons spent outside. September takes her time. There is no rush to buy costumes or pumpkins or turkeys. It is a chance for us to slow down and transition to the busier moths ahead. Perhaps that is why I love September. And why I love these September weekends most of all.

Choosing her spot so carefully...
because she knows I like the trees in the background. : )

Up early to see some of my people off...

they were headed to the city to cheer on our Steelers!

They had great seats...

with an amazing view. Courtesy of Rhett's Snapchat. : )

My girl and I spent some time doing this...

and then some time enjoying this beautiful September afternoon...

before going back inside to make a surprise snack for the big kids...

because that is what September weekends are for.
And I must add that Flynn and I had a wonderful day with our Madison here at home too. : )
Enjoy your September Weekends, my friends!
They are fleeting!


  1. I love your thoughts on September. I get a little overwhelmed during this time with all of the back to school stuff, but you remind me that there is still so much to love. I also love a good old fashioned game of Trouble. That brings back memories. Glad you're having a good weekend. Have a brownie for me :)

  2. Hi Billie Jo - Happy Belated birthday - there is no way you look 46! I love September too - even though it is still kind of warm here. Fall is my favorite time of year, I think. Good memories for your family this weekend! See you next time!

  3. Oh you are so right about September... so right. I love how September takes her time. And Autumn is just around the corner but none if it has gone yet.

    Looks like everyone had the perfect day. Love that, tara

  4. Loved to hear your views on September, and agree wholeheartedly it is a month of contemplation and contentment before the onslaught of activity.

  5. Oh my gosh, Billie Jo, how big Flynn is getting....I love the truck, wink. Thanks for sharing and for the smiles. BTW, it is a very nippy 36* here in western NY this Monday morning. At least that is what the online temp says. Blessings

  6. September is definitely my favorite month! Looks like a great weekend!

  7. A very good description of September and some really good pictures as well. So hard to believe that summer has left us and we are anxiously awaiting those pretty fall colors in the trees, etc. Enjoy your day and week ahead.

  8. I just love the sweet and cozy days of autumn :) It looks like you and your precious family are enjoying these lovely day. Hugs to you, my friend!

  9. I love September! It signals the best time of the year for me. ;) Sweet pictures. Happy monday!!

  10. Your reflections on September are so perfectly true!
    Love the sky in the photo your son took.
    Have a wonderful day!

  11. I too love September! I look at it as the in between month. Summer is over and we are awaiting fall and the shorter days and cooler weather that comes with it, once September ends it seems like the next few months pass by very quickly.
    It looks like you had a wonderful Sunday ❤️

  12. Could have written your introduction myself- I LOVE everything about fall... starting with the month of September. The promise of cool air makes everything better.... for me, at least. :) Hope you have a wonderful fall season! :)

  13. It sounds like a lovely September weekend!! A great start to autumn. xx

  14. You are so right about this time of year Billie Jo and how September is that perfect middle ground of no crazy holiday events yet, but a beautiful time to transition into the new season to come.
    I always love popping in and seeing peeks into your beautiful family and home life! From your blog background, to your photos and words. You put me in the perfect mood for the season! xo


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