08 June 2015

The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

Years ago, when Madison was a newborn, I received a card in the mail offering a membership in a Dr. Seuss book club. This was long before the days of internet shopping and Amazon of course. I was excited to join and looked forward every few months to receiving a brand new Dr. Seuss book in the mail. I could not wait to begin reading to my baby, and I remember sitting on the couch with a then two month old baby reading Hop on Pop and Go, Dog, Go!

Madison grew to LOVE those books, which I carefully stored first in a basket and then on a shelf. We read them over and over and over. Her favorite was Dr. Seuss's ABC. I swear I read that book over a thousand times. As Madison outgrew those special books, Peyton and Rhett came along and we enjoyed them all over again. I remember being excited each and every time we read them. Except for Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? Not a fan.

Gradually my three littles grew, and those precious books took their spot on our children's bookshelf. And there they sat. And sat. And sat. Years went by before we were blessed with our sweet little Flynn, who is having a totally different childhood than my first three. She was born after the advent of the internet and ABC Mouse and iPad games. We still read books, of course. But books are now readily available through Amazon, and we are enjoying new favorites like her never ending collection of Llama Llama books. Last week, however, she discovered a new collection of books on the shelf. And she has carried them around for days. She asks to read them over and over and over. And my heart is happy to do so! Each time I read one, I am transported back in time in my heart and mind. I am reading the exact same words and sharing the exact same pictures to my littlest that I did all those years ago to my older three. I am watching her enjoy and savor every page just as they did when we snuggled together on a different couch in a different house.

Years have passed. Children have grown. Things have changed. Or have they? I still love to read those precious books, and my children still love to listen. I know someday I will put them back on the shelf  for good as my baby outgrows them. But I also know that one day, hopefully, I will pull them off again and snuggle on my couch with a new generation of grandchildren. And I will open a book and begin again.


  1. I still love all the Dr. Seuss books. (and I am sure, although the 18 year would deny it, he does too). Thank you Billie Jo for the walk down memory lane. Have a good Monday--looks rain/bad weather here today. Blessings

  2. BIG time Dr Seuss fan here! (I don't care for the newer, longer type Dr Seuss ones though, like "All the Places You will Go" and others)

    I actually am the oldest in my family, so growing up, I read some Dr Seuss books to my little brother and sister and inherited those same I am amazed at how they last the test of time. How special those books are! My favorite that I read to my little brother and sister and have read to all my kiddos and now Bridget and Simeon is Big Dog Little Dog...I have that one memorized also and it just never gets old!

    When my brother got married, his wife talked of her favorite Dr Seuss book, The Best Nest...Oh, my, I NEVER tire of that one and the kids don't either!!

    Mr Brown Can Moo, Can You? is a book my husband brought into this marriage, and his old girlfriend actually gave it to him when they were dating, because his mom used to read that one and it was a good memory for him (he doesn't have many good memories from his childhood) so that one is special because it was special to him...but not a favorite because the kids interrupt constantly.

    Now, we also have "Treasury" Dr Seuss books, where there are like 6 or 7 stories in each book...LOVE those!! (but watch out, you will be sitting a LONG time because they will want to read every single one!)

    Fun post Billie Jo...might have to put away our current pile of books and take out only Dr Seuss ones!

  3. My kiddos both grew up loving Dr. Seuss too! Even Annie (as you say being born in this internet age) still loves to go to the library and pick out a pile of books to bring home and read and then trade in for new ones.

    What's really scary (& truly precious) to me is reading these books to my kids when I was little and they're the same books I used to read to my little brother! That Dr. Suess is quite an institution. ;)

  4. I've been collecting Dr. Seuss books for a few years, now. I hope my daughter learns to love them!

  5. Those books outlast time and internet and every other technology as far as I am concerned. They now have memories to last a lifetime. Have a great Monday.

  6. You are so right, I enjoy lots of wonderful times reading books to my Grandchildren that I read to my daughters.

  7. I love Children's books! So many memories! We have all the Dr. Suess books too and they have been well read for over 34 years (our oldest is 34). I still have a box of favorite children's books in our garage that I simply can't bear to part with. They are so lovely. So glad you are a family of readers. Have a great week!

  8. We have most of the Dr Suess books. I love them still and our baby is going to be 10. Thankfully I run a home daycare and can read these for years to come - maybe even until we have our own grandchildren! :)

  9. I loved "Go Dog Go" growing up - especially that big dog party at the end. My dad gave it to my boys a couple of years ago and now it's one of their favorites. I probably read it to them at least once a day!
    What a special story! Not sure if I've mentioned this before but your Flynn reminds me of my little sister... There is an eight year gap between her and me so her childhood was very different from mine and my older sister's. Now that we are all grown however, we are all the best of friends regardless of our ages! Oh, and just like you, my mom always referred to my little sister as 'her baby'. (Even once she was grown! :)

  10. Love this! Dr. Seuss never gets old! I remember reading them when I was little!

  11. Oh, what a sweet post, and such lovely thoughts. I love that there are so many memories tied up in those Dr. Seuss books and that you get to experience them all over again with Flynn. I also love that you cherish every small, seemingly insignificant moment. Because as we all realize eventually, it's the small things that really matter. Thanks for always stopping to love your life.

  12. Oh how I love this brings a bit of sadness to me though...happy sadness. I remember being pregnant with Isabella and going into a book store to buy books for our new baby. I came home with a collection of Dr Seuss books. So many memories are held in those books.

  13. I'm the same, love reading with my girls and holding on to treasured books. While technology is good, there's nothing like snuggling up with a great book :-) Have you heard of the website It's great for early readers. Libraries have great audiobook programs too. Love, love love Dr. Seuss! Enjoy these moments....


  14. How wonderful, these books will be a treasured heirloom for your family I am sure. xx

  15. Loved getting those books in the mail too! They are still a treasure! My favorite has always been "One Fish Two Fish . . . " Have a fun day!

  16. Hi again Bille Jo!

    I just wanted to let you know I nominated you for a Liebster award as I love reading your blog. If you want to get more info and accept go to my blog: xoxo

    Blessings dear Gal ;)


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