April 9, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Today I'm thinking about...

...my clean house. We cleaned the house on Tuesday. And it needed it. It's funny how my expectations have changed over the years. When I was a younger mother, I had a cleaning schedule. Every Friday while the kids were at school, I cleaned the house from top to bottom...whether it needed it or not. We also did a major cleaning every spring and fall. And that was good. These days, I have a much more relaxed attitude toward cleaning. I no longer do a major cleaning every week. Rather, we clean and tidy as necessary. And spring cleaning? I just don't. I mean...things are clean. Why clean them again? Every now and then I wipe the baseboards. Sometimes I run a duster over the blinds. Is my house immaculate? No. Do six people and a dog live here? Yes. It is always tidy. It needs to be. My mind works like that. Is it always perfectly clean.? Nope. And that is alright too. I often think of something my dear grandmother Mildred said to me years ago. She said that it was silly to spend your whole life fighting dirt, because when you die, they put you in six feet of it! So...that is that. Here is a peek at the past week in our not so perfectly clean home. : )

My girls came downstairs one day with almost the exact same outfit on...and it made me so happy that neither one of them cared. Instead, they asked for a picture. : )

And my Flynn wanted a picture too. With her baby and her "best best best friend Peyton."

These two. They are so close. It makes my heart so happy. : )

We went to a Japanese restaurant together, and my baby perfected the art of using chopsticks.

So proud! And after this we went to the grocery store to shop for our Easter Dinner. I am so thankful that our teenagers enjoy spending time with us. We make memories even doing the simplest of things. : )

I finished my little memory wall in the kitchen this week. These are the photos my mom gave to me...they are photos of she and my dad when they were little...and dating...and of my grandparents when they were young...so many beautiful photos of those special people that came before me. And who are with me always. See that little fellow in the middle? He grew up to be my dad. : )

And this. I received a lovely piece of happy mail this week from a reader. How surprised was I to find this beautiful book and a handwritten letter from a new friend who reads my blog! I was so touched and happy! This blog world is a wonderful place to connect with people we other wise would never meet. Thank you so very much, Sharon! I love it!

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends.
Easter pics to come soon. : )


  1. Love your Thursday thoughts! I feel the same way about cleaning! :) Your girls are so beautiful! Hope you will have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Great thoughts from your grandmother about cleaning. I'm with her.
    Your memory wall looks fantastic!!
    Enjoy your day, my friend.

  3. My dear friend, your memory wall is just precious! And your children are simply the sweetest :)

    You made me smile about the cleaning schedul :) I used to be the same way - clean every Friday of the week from top to bottom, but now I am like you and simply tidy up things every day. I don't like a messy house {that's just me} so when I didn't get the house cleaned every week than I would almost panic....I have learned to let go a little :)

    Enjoy the upcoming weekend. Hugs!

  4. What your grandma said about the dirt...made me laugh out loud and wish I knew your grandma. My kind of lady! I will always remember that.

    Love seeing your girls.

    Your family wall is a great idea.

  5. A few things to comment on: what your Grandmother said about dirt is hilarious. I have a schedule right now but mostly it's so everything I want done gets done in a week. (Wiping down the bathroom/dusting/etc.) Flynn is better than I am at chopsticks! I love that Peyton is her best best best friend. It makes my heart happy.

  6. Grandmother and the dirt comment...LOVE it!

    Flynn is looking older...sorry to tell you that :( Beautiful daughters :)

    Memory wall...LOVE it!

    Have a super great last two days of your workweek!

  7. No tidy house here, but I'm ok with it, they won't be little forever :) I do try to keep it clean though as much as the kids allow.

  8. I think we come from the same school of logic on cleaning. We keep it tidy and I do have daily things I keep up with, but I don't knock myself out. On the weekends hubby helps more and we tackle a few bigger things together and it works. I love your grandmother's expression - that's priceless!

    Such beautiful photos of your beautiful girls. And that memory wall turned out so pretty - loved it on insta too. Your blog background looks so springy and bright - love it all Lady! Great job! xoxo Lol

  9. I always enjoy reading about how your day to day life is on your blog. Enjoy seeing the children. About cleaning........uh, well I try...is that good enough? he he

  10. My house is the same! It's always neat but it's not necessarily ever very clean. I try to get things done when I can but it never matters because in no time it's dirty again. I stopped worrying about that years ago...it makes for a much more relaxed me! And I love your photo wall. So nice!

  11. Aww Billy Jo, what a delightful post. Your little Flynn is growing up.
    I love your memory wall with the photos of your parents when young. Great treasure to have out in the open to enjoy.
    Isn't it funny how we change over the years. What was once so important isn't now.
    I agree with you, if you keep the home cleaned up on a regular basis, why clean it again. :-)
    It was nice visiting with you.
    Enjoy your week end.

  12. I like your grandma's saying, I could do with remembering that one!! xx

  13. Big, Big, smiles here. AND I love your new blog look! Blessings

  14. Love your Thursday thoughts...And your grandmothers saying love it! I try hard to keep a tidy house because it keep me feeling calm if everything is tidy but I too have a family of 5 and a dog that sheds so I can only do so much.
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  15. I love your memory and and you attitude toward cleaning. Do it as necessary - don't let your life be controlled by it. Great philosophy! I'm sure your home is always comfortable and lovely! Have a great weekend!

  16. I meant to say I love the memory wall! Such special pictures! Great idea to keep family close in your heart.

  17. Love the memory wall! Pictures are a big part of my life too. And clean houses.... I think we all as moms stress about the little things but I had it put into perspective a few years back when my sister in laws mom was dying of cancer. She told me life was too short to strive for perfection and to cherish the moments with loved ones because they mattered more. That in having cancer a clean house is not high on priorities. Really made me think when I was a young mom and to take time for all that is truly important.. My family and friends. 😊 sorry for the long comment, lol. Have a great day!


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