March 12, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Today I'm thinking about...

...being sick. Because that is what I was. What we were. Ugh. Steve apparently brought something nasty home from work with him. He was sick for a few days, and honestly...I thought there was no way it was REALLY that bad. Guess what? It was. And for was worse. As if Karma really wanted to hit home that fact. This past Saturday through Wednesday was a blur of sleep and pills and sleep and aches and coughs. And then my right hand girl Peyton succumbed to the Plague, as we soon referred to it.  And baby girl. Luckily, she fought if off well and managed to escape relatively unscathed. Madison and Rhett were quite close to donning hazmat suits. I kid you not.

If being this sick offered anything positive it is this...My family is the best. My children proved themselves to be self sufficient and responsible. They completed their schooling and made their own lunches. Rhett picked up right where Peyton left off. He unloaded the dishwasher and watched movies with Flynn. Madison brought lunch home after work and folded laundry. And my husband? Well, lets just say I am the luckiest woman alive. He came home from work early and made meals. He dispensed medicine and cleaned the kitchen. My family came together. And that was medicine for my soul.

As I type this, I feel as if I have turned the corner. Apologies for not visiting this week. I plan on resuming my regularly scheduled life as soon as possible. : )

In other news...

My Madison resumed her second job this past week...she is still working at Dairy Queen, although she has scaled back her hours as her Mary Kay business is really keeping her busy. Makeup and ice cream are her life. And a shameless plug...if you are interested, you can visit her personal Mary Kay website here.

And the rest of the week?
Right here, friends.

And eventually. This.
Pomegranate Mango Sherbet.
I get it from Schwans.

Have a great weekend...and stay healthy!


  1. Hope you are feeling much, much better! No fun to be sick, but wow -- what an incredible family! Take it easy now!

  2. Oh no, total bummer. I hope you stay on the mend. So nice to hear how your family pulled together in your absence. That

  3. You poor Darlin'! We had a horrible bout of that here this winter too. So much for flu shots. Lol

    Happy to hear you turned the corner and I applaud your family!! Good job to all. Amen - family is the biggest and best blessing.

    Keep taking care of yourself. xoxo

  4. That bug is a bad one for sure. Your family is great and a help to each one that needs it at the time. Hope and pray you are better each day and that it finally leaves your home altogether.

  5. So glad you are feeling better!!!!!

  6. Oh no! Sorry you were so sick and glad you're starting to recover!
    Your daughter is beautiful! Sounds like 2 fun jobs. My sister worked at a local ice cream parlor all through high school and college so I thoroughly enjoyed all the free ice cream!
    And I LOVE Mary Kay products! It's all my mom ever used. I don't have a supplier of my own so I'm going to check out your daughter's link!

  7. Aww...I am so sorry...prayerfully, you all have turned the corner, so to speak. I have saved your daughters link. Blessings

  8. Glad you are feeling better. Sounds like you have been feeling pretty rough! That is so cool that your daughter is starting her own business with selling Mary Kay. Hope your whole family has a great weekend.

  9. Glad you are feeling better. Sounds like you have been feeling pretty rough! That is so cool that your daughter is starting her own business with selling Mary Kay. Hope your whole family has a great weekend.

  10. I've been craving sherbet since that instagram post! I'm glad you are feeling better, this year the sickness in our house hit me the worst as well. Hoping it's gone for good over there!!!

  11. I hope your entire house is back to healthy really soon!

  12. Sorry to hear you're sick, darling. Lesson learned, huh? But I see that even during this ugly time, something beautiful was realized. Your family is the coolest. I hope you'll be well soon. Have a wonderful weekend ahead. :)

  13. Wow..that bug sounds horrible! Glad to hear you are better and on the mend. No fun being sick! Crossing my fingers here...we have been healthy all winter.

    You are blessed with a wonder family and one beautiful hard working daughter.

    Happy Weekend!

  14. Ya know my favorite part? The part that gave me goosebumps because I've met him and I think he's pretty awesome? The part when Rhett took over where Peyton took off. I can just see it. Taking care of little Flynn and everything else. Love your family! ~tara


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