28 February 2015

Peyton Rose...A Birth Story

My Peyton Rose was anxious. Anxious to be born. So much so that she tried to come early. I went into preterm labor with my second little blessing on April 1, 2000. I remember being in the hospital and praying she would wait. And she did. Two whole months. On May 31, 2000, Steve and I went to the hospital bright and early for my scheduled C-section.

Peyton was a planned C-section because my firstborn came into the world during a C-section after a twenty four hour labor. My doctor does not perform vaginal births after a C-section, which was more than fine with me.  I remember very little about Peyton's actual birth after all these years, but certain things I can recall as if they happened yesterday. I remember being wheeled into the operating room, which now was located right on the same floor as the babies. I remember waiting to see if we would have a girl or boy, as we never found out beforehand. I remember the wonderful moment as Steve sat right beside me and my doctor proclaimed, "Its a girl!!" It was 8:20 AM on May 31, 2000. I was overjoyed!

Perhaps my strongest memory of my Peyton Rose being born is the moment I met her for the very first time. When I heard she was a girl, I immediately pictured my Madison. The girl I had known for three and a half years. When they brought Peyton over to me as the doctors completed the surgery, I was so surprised! She looked nothing like my firstborn. She had dark hair and dark eyes! I guess had assumed that because she was a girl, she would look like my other daughter. As if all girls have a certain blueprint, right? But there she was...her own little person...with her dark hair and dark skin and perfect lips and this I will never forget...a tiny, tiny, nose that turned upward as a result of how she must have been inside me.

I remember next being in my sunny room on that beautiful late spring morning. We had chosen the most beautiful name for a baby girl...Peyton Rose. And it fit her perfectly. I loved the days I spent in the hospital with my Peyton. One of the perks of a C-section is a four day stay  in the hospital. I was able to bond with my baby, and rest and recover. I knew from experience what to expect as far as recovery, and was able to spend those days rocking her and loving on her. I remember Madison coming to meet her sister, and the joy I felt seeing them together. I remember Steve bringing beautifully wrapped boxes for Peyton and for me...beautiful coming home outfits he and Madison had picked out. And I remember the day we brought our sweet little Peyton Rose home. It was such a beautiful day.

I remember Steve carrying our new baby inside in her car seat. And I remember Madison running to meet her with an armful of toys, wanting to play with her new sister! I remember clearly explaining to her that soon enough, they would be playing Barbies and dollhouse together. Now, almost fifteen years later, I realize how quickly those precious days came and went. And now they have traded the Barbies  and dolls for music and clothes. But they are still as close as they were that very first day at home. And we are blessed.

Our little Peyton Rose. : )


  1. Thank You Billie Jo for sharing your precious they are. Blessings

  2. Aww very sweet! She's beautiful! I just shared about Cecilia's birth story a few days ago, need to work on the other too soon :)

  3. Oh my -- that is so sweet! What a beautiful name for your beautiful second daughter!

  4. Cute! She was a very cute newborn. I love your birth stories.

  5. Wow, your daughter was such a beautiful baby! Very sweet birth story. So great that you are recording them!

  6. This happened to me also...except with boys! My first son was blond and looked like me. I also thought if I had another son...he would be just like Zach! Jonah looks just like his dad. Those two boys are nothing alike except in the same family. I always thought I would have a daughter that looks like me...but they take after Brian. Zach is the only one who looks like me!

  7. Dear Billie Jo ... such a precious story. Sweet Peyton Rose. Sweetest blessings for your week. Hugs ♥ Teri

  8. Such wonderful memories! Our kids birthdays are so close again. Hayley was born May 29th after I was in labor with her over 24 hours. Our anniversary is May 28th. :-) So what a gift we had. Your children are adorable, thanks for sharing their journey into this world with us :-)


  9. That happened with my first two girls! Thank you for sharing your beautiful stories :)

  10. Oh my so glad you told this story too... she is still so perfect in every way your Peyton Rose! I wish I knew you then...

  11. Oh, so very beautiful! I love how you remember how her little nose turned up.


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