January 12, 2015

Our Winter Home

Christmas is packed away, but our home is still decorated. For winter, that is. I am always ready for the bare, uncluttered space that January brings. It is peaceful and cozy after moths of holiday fun. Here is a peek at our winter home...

The hearth room is cozy with touches of snowmen and snow flakes...and the beautiful poinsettia that somehow still alive. ; ) 

Gone are the candy canes on the little holiday tree...

but cute little snowmen take their place. : )

And the mantel is all set with touches of snow fun and blue.

Around the corner, this little table holds some snowy touches. And containers that hold lots of Christmas candy. : )

I am loving the fresh, clean scent of a new Let It Snow candle.

And am also loving that we decided to keep the cocoa center out as long as it is cold outside.

The kitchen table is clean and simple...just the way I like it.

And if you are missing those cute Christmas scented soaps...no worries! This Iced Blackberries is amazing!

A few touches add some warmth the the family room...

as does Peyton's favorite winter throw. : )

The kids are LOVING the card table I set up in the foyer. All of a sudden they are rediscovering wonderful games to play together. I am going to keep this up as long as they want. I love the time they spend together as the snow falls and the wind howls outside.

And finally...we are enjoying this crisp, fresh scented candle every evening in our winter home.

Stay warm and cozy, my friends!


  1. Beautiful home, beautiful family.

  2. I feel cozy just reading and looking at the pictures. Thanks for sharing, Billie Jo.

  3. Hmm...I wonder what those candles smell like...smiles--thank you for sharing your beautiful post...Blessings

  4. I always love getting a peak into your beautiful home. I also like the feeling of an empty home after the holiday decorations are taken down.
    Happy Monday!

  5. Where to start? Well goosebumps when I see a title like that. I have my tea and I'm peeking into your house... so I'm happy! I love it all of course. The simple family kitchen table, the adorable snowmen on the trees, the lit it snow banner in your hearth room and the card table up for games. Perfect. Why didn't I think of that? Oh your home Billie Jo... your love of making a home for your family is so inspiring to me. I could peek all day! It all looks so cozy and perfect for the months ahead. And Peyton, the throw... love it!

  6. Your home is such a place of sweet charm and extra coziness :) I always love visiting, sweet friend. Hugs to you!

  7. Aww...Billy Jo, this was such a warm post to read as I sit by the fire closing down for the evening.
    Your home is warm, beautiful, and full of love straight from your precious heart.
    Thank you for allowing us a little peek inside while the winds howl outside.

    Blessings, Debbie

  8. Cozy and warm for the winter months. That's exactly as it should be. Enjoy your winter days, hot cocoa and time playing games. These days are the best to treasure before the change of season again.

  9. I really love this time of year. Truly! And the coziness your house displays...I love it!

  10. Card table and games...great idea! I always love your spot for cocoa....wishing there was a spot for my keurig...but there isnt and it sits in a boring spot on the counter!

  11. Your home always looks so HOMEY!! And warm and full of LOVE!!

    I love Palmolive too. And that Raspberry soap sounds awesome!

  12. Billie Jo, your home is always so inviting! Bring on winter! BTW I'm starting a story blog and wanted to invite you. now using the pseudonym Marnie (formerly Mrs R)



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