December 23, 2014

24 Things To Do Until Christmas Comes...Number 23

Number 23...Have A Cup Of Tea And Sit By The Tree

Well, it is almost here. And guess what? You are ready, right? The presents are wrapped, the cookies are baked, the cards are mailed, the outfits are ready. What is left to do? Relax. Enjoy. Sip tea or coffee by the tree. Watch a Christmas movie. Again. And just be. This is it...the most magical time of the year. And you are ready. Take it all in, my friends. You deserve it. : )


  1. Lovee the mug!!! Merry Christmas!!! Blessings

  2. I can tell you are 'ready' and can now relax with your goes so fast. Take it all in, while you can.

  3. I can't believe tomorrow is already Christmas eve!!!! Cheers to enjoying every last second of this amazing season! :)

  4. This is so sweet and calming. You write with such a lovely coziness, my friend, and I'm sure everyone reading this will feel as relaxed and joyful after reading it as I have.... imagining we are all sitting there with you sipping on a lovely cup of tea :) I love your mug, also.

    Time has flown and I can't believe Christmas is already nearly here and then a new year! I hope you have a most blessed holiday with your family and a wonderful start to the new year! :)

  5. Well, I'm not quite ready, but NEXT year, I'll use your calendar to keep me on target! Blessed Christmas to you!

  6. We are ready now it is time to enjoy...


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