November 18, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday Flynn Grace!

My baby is turning five...five is a big one for me. But like everything else, age is relative, right?
She is still a baby. My baby. And always will be. : )

At five years old, Flynn likes to drink milk. And only milk.

She loves school. She calls me Teacher. And she does so well.

Flynn loves to play in her kitchen center. She has a restaurant, and serves "FREE FOOD!"

She loves Cinderella. As in...adores.

Flynn is a loving child. She loves to love.

She loves to snuggle with me every afternoon on the couch. And I always do.

Flynn loves Peppa Pig, Max and Ruby, and yes...SpongeBob. Its inevitable with older kids in the house.

Flynn loves to go to bed. She has the uncanny ability to be wide awake one minute and fast asleep the next.

She loves to play Club Penguin. We play every morning on my iPad in my bed.

Flynn loves strawberries and bananas.

Flynn still loves her blanket, Taggie.

And she loves chocolate chip pumpkin bread.

We love her. So much. And cannot imagine our lives without her.

Happy 5th Birthday Flynn Grace!!!!


  1. Sweet memory makings! Happy birthday to Flynn Grace!

  2. Great pictures of your sweet Flynn. Happy Birthday to her.

  3. Happy Birthday Miss Flynn! I hope you enjoy your Cinderella cake!

  4. Happy Birthday Flynn! (And I love that she calls you Teacher. So sweet.

  5. Happy birthday to Princess Flynn! Forever and always your baby she'll be! xoxo

  6. Hello sweet Billie Jo. Your Flynn is so cute in all your pictures and stories! Happy 5th Birthday to her! Please tell her that I love chocolate chip pumpkin bread too! :-)

    I've been packing away for my trip (plus having a sinus infection). Started blogging today. You are technically a follower but because I changed the URL, I think the blog reader is messed up. You may have to unfollow and follow again. Sorry for the busywork.


  7. Never met a sweeter five year old (almost 5) ever. Ever. She is all that and more! I'm so glad I got a chance to meet her and hug her in person! Love ya Flynn. I'll be thinking of you all day on Wednesday! Happy Birthday sweet girl! oxoxoxo tara

  8. Flynn is so cute and her personality sounds so sweet. She just has the sweetest, happiest little face. I can only imagine what a joy she is to have in your family. It is so funny that you posted this today, because I saw a little girl whose face and smile made me think of Flynn a couple of days ago and I was trying to remember how old Flynn was... and it's her birthday now, so I guess now I know, hehe ;)

    I hope she has a blessed birthday!!

    Hugs and blessings,

  9. Happy Birthday to your precious "baby"! I totally get that...because I have a "baby" also.

    I hope she had a wonderful wonderful day. She sure is a sweetie!

  10. Happy 5th Birthday Beautiful Flynn!!!
    Oh it was hard having my baby turn 5 so I'm throwing hugs your way mama :)

  11. This post just melts my heart. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FLYNN!!! (and I like Cinderella too!!!)--Blessings

  12. Happy 5th birthday to your precious princess!!!

  13. Photos of this sweet girl always make me smile. I love all the things she loves too. Can't wait for my girls to get big enough to play. Right now Cora is very much a mama's baby but I still get lots of kisses.

  14. Happy Birthday sweet Flynn... Yes 5 is a big one. I cried when Juliana turned 5.
    I hope she has a wonderful day!!

  15. Happy birthday to your sweet girl!

  16. Happy birthday to Flynn! What a sweet girl. Enjoy your celebration!

  17. Yeah! Feliz Cumpleanos, Flynn! Hope it's a great day for you family!

  18. Happy belated birthday to your sweet Flynn! I hope she had a most wonderful and happy birthday.

  19. happiest of birthdays flynn!!
    can't wait to meet you...someday!!:)

  20. Happy Birthday to a darling little girl! She is a sweetheart just like her Mama :) Hugs to you!

  21. Happy happy birthday Flynn!! God bless you sweetheart!!
    I'm sorry I'm a day late, we will remember you in our rosary tomorrow morning!!

    Such a sweet life, you are all blessed!

    Did you see this movie trailer? You HAVE to see it, and if you have, watch it again, I can't wait!

  22. OK, just watched that video for the 4th time, we all can't wait!!

  23. Happy birthday to your precious one.
    I can relate to the things that she loves. My Granddaughter who just turned 4 loves much of the same things. I smiled when I read about her love for Peppa Pig. I wish I had a quarter for every time we watch Peppa.... I'd be a rich woman.
    But....I digress. We both are rich women because we have the most wonderful and precious of
    Happy birthday to your sweet Flynn.


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