October 13, 2014

Pumpkin Patch 2014

We took our annual trip to the local pumpkin patch last week on a perfect autumn afternoon. The leaves were falling, the air was crisp, and the pumpkins were perfect.

Pumpkins for days...
My baby was hoping to find the perfect, tiny pumpkin.
And that is exactly what she did. : )
My oldest thinks on a much larger scale. : )
Pulling the wagon was next on her list.
And then, another when the first one filled up. : )
The annual pumpkin patch picture...such good sports they are!
Every year we come here, I am amazed that an entire year has passed...
Life is like that.
But oh, what a wonderful life it is.
My hubby braved the cold and rainy weather to set up the decorations...
because he knows just how happy that makes me. : )
Keep enjoying the autumn, my friends. : )


  1. What fun going to the pumpkin patch. The pictures are so pretty and the decorations at your home are as well. Your hubby did a great job! Enjoy the afternoon.

  2. Great pictures as always...ENJOY these moments when they are all together. I miss my son at college and he is not here for me to take my "fall" pictures.

    You got a great camera..it captured the orange perfectly!

  3. Loveeeee it! I am with your oldest, a bigger pumpkin is better, lol. We do big, med and small..well..there are of us..Dad, Mom and Boy. wink--great pics, thanks for sharing. Blessings

  4. Oh how much fun to see! What could be better than a crisp day and the pumpkin patch? Nothing I think! Love that one of Madison with her scarf... a beauty she is! And love the one of all your 'littles'... your happiness!

  5. Oh, I love going to the pumpkin patch! Something I miss so much living in the city. These are great pictures of great memories. :)

  6. We just went to the Pumpkin patch today! Not nearly the cooperation you had. One day they will all smile for the camera at the same time :) Beautiful pictures!

  7. This must be the epitome of fun for you....An Autumn activity AND being with your family. So nice to see your pictures. We just went to our pumpkin patch today. Everyone smiling. Good times, for sure.

  8. A perfect Fall afternoon! And your decorations look beautiful! ♥♥♥

  9. Hubby did a great job on the decorating. Such cute kiddos!

  10. Beautiful pictures my friend! It looks like you had a wonderful day! Steve did a great job decorating your porch.

  11. Beautiful and wonderfully captured autumn bliss. Keep on enjoying every last day of it! I know I am.

  12. I like what Sarah said, "Autumn bliss".

    I thought of you last night while I'm the grocery store...when I spotted all of the spice this, pumpkin that treats :)

    Beautiful pictures...so vibrant!

  13. Your porch looks amazing!! (I love porches!)
    Loved the ORANGE in so many pictures!!
    You are in your Autumn Bliss, as Sarah said and I love that you are sharing it with us!


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