October 4, 2014

Fall Fun Day 2014

Every October, we take the short drive to our nearby state park and spend a few hours together enjoying the beautiful autumn weather. We have a picnic, take a long walk, and watch the kids play on the playground. We try to time it with the changing of the leaves, but that proves to be tricky! This year, I noticed the leaves appear to be changing earlier...and the weather outlook was chilly and wet. That meant an impromptu trip on a Wednesday afternoon. We packed up the van, picked up my mother, and headed out. It was a beautiful afternoon, and here are a few pictures to prove it. : )

The leaves did not disappoint. : )

Luckily, I had some extra autumn plates in my holiday box. : )

My girl could not wait to get to that playground!

And neither could my guy!

Ok...so I had to add the picture of Peyton's awesome brownies!

My kiddos. My life.

Grandma showed my baby the art of skipping rocks...

and Rhett joined in as well. : )

It was a beautiful afternoon with the ones I love. This was also one of those "Firsts". It was the first time we went without my father. Everything I saw reminded me of the times he was there with us...and then I looked around and realized that wherever I am, he is there. He is always there. In my heart.

Have a wonderful fall with the ones you love, my friends.
Make memories. : )


  1. I have such a heavy heart for you and the loss of your father..keeping you in prayer..what a lovely day you had, though. I am afraid, the leaves have already peaked here in NY. I noticed yesterday while waiting for the bus shuttle home, leaves are dropping and the colors have dulled, much to my dismay. Today is chilly and raining. Have a beautiful Saturday. Blessings

  2. So sorry that you are missing your dad. But it looks like you had a lovely day and the leaves are beautiful. Ours haven't turned here yet.

    And I can only imagine all of the goodies tucked away in your holiday boxes! :)

  3. Oh Billie Jo... that is oh so hard. But oh what a wonderful day you all had and carrying your dad in your heart the whole time! Your leaves are really starting to turn. And looks like you already have a pile on the ground. Oh so pretty! I want to go to that park!

  4. I know your Dad is with you wherever you go..in your mind and heart. What a lovely fall day you spent with your children and Mother, making memories for a lifetime. We turned on our heat today!

  5. Wow, just wow! You must live a lot further north than Southeast Texas. Your colors and leaves are already amazing. Loved all of the photos of your family, so sweet. And how blessed to have good memories of your father, to know that his presence will always be in your heart. I dread the day I have to say goodbye to either of my parents but I'm grateful for the long life they've lived and for all of the memories made together.

  6. Such beautiful pictures! They all scream Fall to me and once again Flynn's outfit is perfect for the occasion :)
    I think I need to make some brownies tonight!

  7. Beautiful what you wrote about your dad. The first thing I thought of when I saw your mama, was, "I wonder how she is doing?" It's good to do the same things. Because he is there in your heart and he'd want you to do those things.

    Beautiful photos and yummy brownies,.....(I can tell right through the screen)

  8. What a glorious day with your beautifu family! Your precious words about your dad touched my heart, Billie Jo. Blessings to you, sweet friend!

  9. Isn't it a beautiful thing that traditions can be so simple? What a glorious fall day for you!

  10. (((Hugs))) to you on missing your father. You have a heart of gold and I know he was responsible for putting a lot of the gold there.

    Love the pictures of your kiddos...best part...their smiles. They are happy kids!

  11. SUch a beautiful family, your father's legacy! The leaves look so pretty. We're still waiting here.

  12. Wow your pictures are amazing....I just love looking at the beauty fall brings. And that picture of Peyton she is beautiful!!
    I know your dad was looking down on all of you with a smile on his face.
    Hugs to you my friend....

  13. These are the days fall is made of and made to take advantage of. They are short and fleeting, so it's a treat when we drop everything else and enjoy them.
    What beauty to see and share with your mom, but I can understand how it catches a spot in your heart that misses your dad. Those firsts must be difficult and those moments that catch you off-guard when you realize they are the firsts.
    Thinking of you and sending a quick prayer and a big hug your way.


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