August 7, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Today I'm thinking about...

...How quickly time goes by. I am remembering spending summers at the lake when I was young. We spent entire summers at our lake house when I was young, and I remember how happy and safe and comfortable I felt being there with my family. My grandma also had a cottage there, and my mother, sisters and I would spend evenings around her kitchen table playing cards. Now... I am the mother, and my mother is the grandmother. Life goes on, and we grow and change, and I am realizing that I am but one link in the chain of mothers and children that will go on and on. And that makes me happy.

...The fact that school will be starting soon. And I am glad! There is something about a brand new year that gets me so excited to begin teaching and learning with my kids. I just love the feeling of a fresh start...the sharp, new crayons and bright red apples and shorter, cooler days...All these things make me happy to be a mom. And a teacher. : )

...The weekend ahead and how few plans we have. I hope to spend it with my family, relishing the beauty of summer as it begins to fade into fall. My favorite. : )

Here are some pictures of the past week around our house...

Steve brought home some peaches...

which we promptly turned into this. : )

My little lady was excited to go to Steve's family reunion...

and wanted to wear her finest dress.

It poured the whole way there, but held off for the afternoon and the view from my seat was gorgeous!

Then, God gave us a rainbow on the way home. : )

We have been cooking with zucchini. And pasta. And garlic, fresh herbs, and cheeses, of course.

I got my nails done at the spa. And I took this picture because they will not look this good for a long, long time. : )

Leaving you with a shot of my girl. We have been spending mornings on the porch lately. And she loves it.

Oh, and in case you missed celebration of this little old blog's 2nd Birthday, I am giving this amazing candle away. If you want to have a chance to add this to your cozy evenings, just leave a comment here.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!


  1. Happy Weekend...I love pictures in something that is your ring. I was looking and looking and hoping I could see your face..but I saw your PHONE!

  2. peaches. Our neighbor bought over a bag of peaches for us, he got them at the Farmers Market. Always love reading and seeing your pictures. Blessings

  3. Oooh, peaches! Can you believe that I have not had one peach yet! Just the other day I told my husband we needed to buy some peaches and now after seeing yours I think getting peaches will be a top priority :)

    Happy weekend, my friend! Love ya!

  4. My daughter brought back from peaches from south Georgia on their home from Florida. Jim sat on his walker at the stove and made some peach jam...and it smelled wonderful. Love your pictures as always.

  5. Peach anything sounds delicious! My oldest starts school next Wednesday and even though I'm sad about no more sleeping in for me I'm a bit excited to fill my home up with pumpkins soon ;) Enjoy your last few weekends of Summer!!

  6. Is it weird that I drool when I see that cake candle? Oh, it is. Ok, never mind. I'm not weird, really, I'm not. :)
    I am trying to enjoy these days that pass too quickly as well. It just feels like there's always something around the next corner to make my plate a bit fuller than I'd like. Right now, schoolbooks are in boxes and awaiting my lesson planning time. While I really kind of like doing it (I know, nerd), every August the time just doesn't seem to be there to get it done. These are the days though that I'll fondly think of in January when I am waist deep in white snow. Blah.
    I better get back to cherishing these days!!

  7. I remember the smell of a new box of crayons. Even now brings back good feelings of me as a child and my children's early days of learning. I had a yummy peach today. Can not believe it was my first one this season. Enjoy this time with your children. Your babies photo melts my heart.

  8. You always have the best desserts at your house! How is it that you don't weigh 1000 pounds??

  9. Hi friend, I love your nails... and your rings... and the color you picked.... and your rings (oh, I already said that... but oh so shiny and pretty)

    Do you know that sometimes I have the same thoughts too? The ones where I think my mom's the grandma now? And I'm the mom? I get lost in thoughts like those too!

    Love your little one on the porch.... sweet as can be in her braids!

    The dinner you have started there with those ingredients look oh so good! I want some!

    Love your view at the reunion and your baby looks sweet in her dress and bow! Abigail got a trim today (:() but really just a "dusting" off the bottom mainly because Anna was getting little trim and she didn't want to be left out! (boring tid bit for you)

    I got my nails done the other day because they were soooooo awful and peeling and awful and I almost didn't want to because they'll start chipping today! Love your ring... yes, I had to say that again!

    Happy nothing going on weekend friend, tara

  10. Love catching up on your thoughts and life. It always makes me smile inside!

  11. And silly blogger cut off my comment, but I also wanted to say how much I admire your approach to life. You are so content and relaxed, and it does something wonderful to my soul just reading your words about the simple joys of life :)

  12. Such a fun post to read!. It was as though I was on your beautiful post just talking to you.
    We start back to school this week and I am not looking forward to it. As the kids have gotten older I tend to want summer to last forever. As you know I love fall...I sure wish there was a way to fit fall into our summer vacation. :)

  13. I too have been thinking about how time flies and how life can change forever, good/bad, in an instant! Love the peach photos that make me drool :) Your outdoor pics are breathtaking...I can't imagine how breaktaking the real life views are! Love your sweet little lady photos! She's adorable! And you are smart to take pics of your pretty pink nails to remember them before that get nicked, which happens all too fast for me. Your porch looks peaceful and inviting! Maybe I'll win the candle to eat, I mean burn the delicious candle! :)

  14. A lovely week you've had and that girl of yours, what a precious little face. These are the days that pass so quickly. Soak them up.

  15. Yes. summer is passing quickly! So glad you are making good memories for your kids. Sounds like you have some great summer memories from your own childhood. God bless you as you begin a new school year. Will this be the last school year for your oldest? Does she do online classes, or do you come up with all the curriculum? Have a great week.

  16. Happy 2nd blog anniversary to you! And I LOVE your beautiful nails. And your beautiful baby Flynn! :)

  17. lots of wonderful things filling your thoughts today (um thursday)! i have those smae grandma/mom/mom thoughts too...crazy this circle of life we are all riding huh?:)
    your view was gorgeous.
    the peachy dessert looked yummy.\
    and flynn is growing up!! love both outfits but where oh where did you find that adorable smocked waist dress?!?!:)
    have a happy day billie jo

    backing away from the instagram scene a bit...i can only handle one form of social if you don't see me there much that's why!:)

  18. You remembering your summers reminds me of Fulton Sheen, I am watching a series he made for TV when he was alive and he talked about how we are all on our Father in Heaven....All of us.

    Pretty nails, pretty porch girl (wish my 4 year old would wear braids)
    and yummy veggies!

  19. my childhood was the same. My gma had a cottage and we spent the whole summer there and just played cards and games.| i don't even remember a tv. Then my mom bought that cottage and she converted it to a house and now my children go there to see her for their summers and its a long chain...

    That view from that seat is sooooo pretty. Love it.


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