August 30, 2014

A Peek Inside...Our Schoolroom 2014

One of my very favorite things ever is preparing for a new school year. It has always been something I look forward to with great anticipation...first as a student myself, then as an elementary school teacher, followed by a mother of school students, and now as a homeschool mom and teacher. : ) A few days ago, my little helper Flynn and I gave the schoolroom a good scrubbing and then decorated it for a brand new year. Here is a peek at our little schoolroom this year. : )

Looking in from the foyer...
Each of the kids picked his or her own desk and chair last year.  My Flynn and I work at her little table, and when she is done, you can find me in that comfy glider in the corner over there. : )

The Preschool corner is to the right. Have I told you lately how much I adore Preschool? : )

New this year...a shelf with wicker baskets to hold supplies.
And to keep the puppy from stealing them. : )

A brand new calendar hangs on the wall nearby.

Our little table is all ready with brand new crayons. Don't new crayons just make you happy?

All looks like this. : )

I purchased all the furniture from Pottery Barn Kids. It is so well made, and worth the price.
The books I had from years of mothering, and any extra I purchase from Amazon.
I found the wall calendar on Zulily, and get all my seasonal décor from Carson Dellosa, either online or from Amazon.

And that is a peek inside our little world, my friends.
I hope you all have a happy, blessed, and healthy school year. : )


  1. What a privilege it must be to teach your children. I tell you what, after subbing in the public school systems, I give you a high-five. It was awful. There's no way a child can learn in that environment. It is so different that it was 10, 14 years ago when mine were in school. Kuddos to you!

  2. A beautiful and inviting place to learn! The wall display is well done! Thanks for the peek into your schoolroom!

  3. What a fun space to spend your days teaching your babies! I love all the fun seasonal decor and how you switch it up. The room is so colorful and bright the way a classroom should be!

  4. So I'd love to hear more how your online school works! I've heard of it before, but never knew anyone who used it until you started. Are their teachers live feed? Or do they link up to a pre-recorded session?

    For my Ester's math, I spent the money and bought the teacher on CD to help her explain it when I can't get to her "in time". (Usually teaching someone else a different subject when she needs me for math.) I love the teacher on CD...kind of wish all their subjects were on CD or a computer online class.

    Do you get to map out their school year or do they have to follow the online course schedule?

    Sorry for all the questions!!!

  5. I loveeeeeeee it! As you know, we homeschooled all they way through. I appauld you for doing so..thanks for the pink chair! Blessings

  6. Happy new school year to your young ones. A great environment thanks to Mother/Teacher.

  7. Billy Jo, your class room is adorable! I would love to sit in your class room under your teaching.
    I remember those days of homeschooling with my two girls, such a joy.
    Have a blessed school year.
    Blessing! Debbie

  8. It all looks wonderful!

    Oh I wish we could keep things low like that for Lucia and Joseph to reach and handle for themselves, but with little siblings it just isn't possible.

  9. I can almost smell the new crayons from here :) A very comfy and inviting schoolroom. I can imagine each of your children at their desks and you in your chair. Blissful.
    Blessings on your school year!

  10. Such a great room! I love that there's even a comfy spot for you!

  11. Can I come teach preschool with you? I'm available every day!

  12. Awe! It looks awesome! So exciting! And we just bought Addie Jo new crayons - which make me happy (just like fall time does for you and me)!!!

  13. What a fun and happy place to learn. Have a great school year!

  14. Hi Billie Jo! I just love your school room! So fun and full of learning and memories! So decluttered too and organized! :) Have a great school year!


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