July 17, 2014

Weekend Plans

We have a few things planned this July weekend. Friday night, Steve and I are going our to dinner with some friends of ours. It's funny...for some reason, we never think of doing that. I mentioned to Madison that I hadn't talked to my friend Bonnie in awhile, and Madison asked why I didn't call her and ask them to meet us for dinner. It took my seventeen year old daughter to remind me that I ummm, yes...we could go out to dinner sometimes. So we are. And it will be fun. And another perk of having kids far apart in age...free ( and dependable) babysitters. : )

Saturday, Steve is taking the older kids to a baseball game. They are leaving mid-afternoon and wont be home until late. That means Flynn and I have the entire afternoon and evening to ourselves. I'm thinking I will take her to Mass and then out to dinner. : )

Sunday Steve and the older kids will have to attend early Mass, as Madison works the early shift. The rest of us have a quiet day here at home. Steve has some outside things to work on, and then he is making a meatloaf for dinner. I hope to have some garden lettuce and red potatoes to serve along with it. And maybe a trip to Dairy Queen to round out our weekend.

So that is what we are up to this mid-summer weekend. I hope yours is happy and sunny and pleasant, whatever your plans may be. Thanks for visiting!

Summer has been beautiful this year...

allowing for many moments like this. Little ladies in sundresses, sandals, and sunhats. Riding on old Tonka bikes. : )

Lots of yummy food around here lately too...like these crockpot French Dip sandwiches...

and creamed lettuce over fried potatoes. I posted the recipe here last summer.

Fruit salad is always a favorite...

as is our favorite snack bread...chocolate chip pumpkin bread. Just gearing up for fall, folks. ; )

Someone always waits very patiently for the last bite of my ice cream cone...and he always gets it. Because...really...could you say no to that face?

And lastly...my little sweetie had fun showing Grandma all about Club Penguin. On the iPad, no less.
I love the love between these two. : )

Happy Weekend!


  1. Pretty summer images with sundresses, French dip and fruit salad! Yum. Grandma time is the best. Happy weekend to you!

  2. Enjoy your weekend, especially your alone time with Flynn! Hope the gang has a good time at the ballpark.

  3. Hi Billie Jo!
    I'm so glad you visited my blog and left your comment on my anniversary post and I'm glad I clicked over to your great blog here! WOW! I really like that field picture with the beautiful sky! It looks like it could be a painting the colors are so vibrant and scenery gorgeous! Your little lady is adorable and you have a precious family! All your food pics are mouth watering! Such sweet photos of your dog and family! God bless you and enjoy the rest of your summer!

  4. Sounds like a nice weekend for everyone. The pictures are beautiful and your little one just gets cuter all the time. I know how special it is for grandmother and granddaughter together, as I feel the same with mine. Have a great day.

  5. I would love that recipe for the crock pot French Dip sandwiches! Have a great weekend.

  6. all that yummy food!!! Your weekend sounds nice, lots of quiet time for you and some fun one on one time with Ms. Flynn. Enjoy!

  7. I couldn't say no to that face. Adorable.
    Have a great weekend, my friend. Enjoy that dinner date :)

  8. Looks like another great weekend, Billie Jo. Love that first picture - a beautiful summer, indeed!

  9. Oh Billie Jo, it seems like there is always yummy food at your home :) You inspire me to keep tasty goodies around here.

    Sounds like a fabulous weekend for everyone - enjoy, sweet friend!

  10. What lovely photos! Hmm..about 17 yr olds, wink. We were gone for sometime yesterday and upon returning, our son met us at the door, "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? THE WORLD IS FALLING APART (airliner shot down) AND I CAN'T REACH YOU!" --hmm..nice to know we are still wanted, wink. Blessings..they do seem to forget we have lives outside of the home, don't they? Smiles


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