May 22, 2014

Weekend Plans...Memorial Day 2014

Memorial Day Weekend is here! Remember back when we were all buried in snow and ice and cold? This is what we were dreaming of. : ) Bring it on! Friday evening is actually free here. I'm sure Rhett will be at the theatre and Madison will be at work, so the rest of us will have a quiet evening here at home. : )

Saturday I am planning on gathering up all the pastel spring d├ęcor, dusting it off, and packing it away until next year. Then, we will  get out the red, white, and blue to decorate or country home for summer. We have Mass in the late afternoon. After that, I think Steve will throw some burgers on the grill and we can spend the evening outside.

Sunday we have a graduation party to attend for Steve's niece. I am having a very hard time believing she is graduating, because she is very close in age to Madison, and I have sooo many memories of the two of them growing up. After the party, I am planning on a quick stop at the store to pick up some items for Monday's dinner, then it will be home sweet home. : )

Memorial Day is a day we always spend together as a family. We always get up early and go downtown to watch the parade. This year, Madison is actually walking in the parade as part of Dairy Queen's Relay for Life team. Soo proud of her. : ) After the parade, we will come home and spend a quiet day together. Dinner will be some delicious beef and chicken kabobs on the grill with baked potatoes and a vegetable. I'm sure Peyton will whip up a festive dessert too.

And that my friends, is what we are planning for this special weekend. I hope yours is happy and festive and fun, whatever your plans may be. As always, thanks for visiting! : )

Remember this little lady?

She became a mommy this week! And thanks to my hubby for the picture. Because birds still creep me out. Even precious baby ones.

This pretty lady was happy to visit Grandma last weekend while we were at Mass.

We had Cupcake Day! This was Lemon Berry. And it was good.

Who am I kidding? They were ALL good.

Get outside this weekend, my friends...

and enjoy...

Spring is here!


  1. Spring is here in beautiful now that it is green and sunny! 70 is feeling a little too warm! have a great weekend!

  2. Spring is here in NY as well. We had a bout of severe weather yesterday and last night..70 is def warm. I love your photos. Thanks for, love, love Flynn!! Blessings

  3. Enjoyed your pictures this morning, especially those of precious Flynn. The cupcakes are yummmy, like you said, all of them! Hope your enjoy that nice, quiet, family weekend.

  4. Yay, Spring is here :) We are funny creatures. . .we long for snow and coy nights inside and pretty soon we are longing for warm weather and summer flowers :)

    Your weekend sounds wonderful! We had planned on going camping this weekend, but alas, the forecast it calling for rain which means it will probably snow in the high country. I guess we could pitch a tent in our home and sit by the fire. . .

    The pictures of Flynn are gorgeous! She has such a sweet smile.

    Take care, dear friend. Hugs to you!

  5. At first I thought you must be simply could not already be Memorial Day weekend - BUT IT IS!

    Your parade sounds like an exciting and happy tradition, especially because you have a family member to wave to. :)

    I have to smile about how you feel about birds; I feel the same way about butterflies. They are okay from a distance.

    Yes, this year is flying by. I was thinking yesterday that in just a months time, we will be saying that it is only six months until Christmas. Oh my!

    Happy Memorial Day weekend!

  6. Looks like it's going to be another beautiful weekend with your sweet family. Have a wonderful Memorial Day. <3

  7. Sounds like you have a delightful week end planned, enjoy it!
    What a sweet daughter :-) and those baby birds, oh my...

  8. I love Spring and Summer!! Hope you enjoy the weekend. And those cupcakes looked very yummy.

  9. Please take pictures of your summer country home... you will, won't you? xo happy weekend!

  10. love memorial day weekend :)

  11. That baby girl just melts my heart! Have a great long weekend. Nothing here. Mr. H is off work and he'll probably go golfing.

  12. Ok. So I have to say, baby birds creep me out! Lol!

    Enjoy this weekend with your family. I cannot believe how fast time is passing us by. I dusted and put away Easter decorations before I went to FL because it weren't from winter to summer temps for us rather quickly.

    Hugs to you all!

  13. well hi there!!:)
    been missing you and this world!!
    trying to get it together over DO you do it!?!?:)
    your weekend sounds beautiful and yes a stark contrast to all that ice and snow...!!!
    have a happy day billie jo


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