May 26, 2014

A Day In The Life...2014

One day last year, I took pictures of an ordinary day in my life. I find that these beautiful, ordinary days seem to fade from my memory and take root in my heart. One day last week, I picked up the camera and did it again. This is a recent day in our pictures. : )

Flynn and I are the early risers. We had our coffee and milk...

and then played Club Penguin on the iPad. : )

Once everyone was up and ready, we had breakfast. Flynn and I shared this. Meaning, she ate all the chocolate and I got the flakes.

School time. Flynn rings this little bell to start the day. And yes, she really does.

Working hard...

and one of my very favorite pictures. Ever.

Once Flynn was finished for the day, she played with her McDonalds set...

while watching this McDonalds video. Sooo glad I kept all these "vintage" toys and movies from the older kids. : )

Meanwhile, I spent time with this...

and these...

and this. And sixth grade math is hard. Ugh.

We had a light lunch...

and then my in-house bakers made a delicious chocolate cake. Why? Well, because the Dancing With the Stars finale and The Bachelorette premiere were on that night...Why else? : )

And yes...we do this in this house.

While that was happening...this was too.

Well done, girls. Well done. : )

After was outside!!!!

Where someone is getting brave on that little bike. : )

And where someone else really needs to stop acting like a teenager, and more like the 44 year old that she actually is. ; )

Flynn's was better. Cinderella's coach. What else?

Once we came in and washed up, the girls and I had dinner. Steve had a business dinner and Rhett went along with him, so the girls and I enjoyed some leftovers and an episode of The Munsters.

Then it was bath time for a little lady, followed by a yummy piece of cake before bed.
Meanwhile, my personal assistant Peyton cleaned up the family room. Because like her mother, she can't settle in and watch television in a messy room.

Once my youngest was fast asleep, I found my spot on the sectional and joined my older girls for a night of television...

where we watched this young lady on The Bachelorette search for her future husband on a reality  TV show. And you know what? I sincerely hope she finds him, and has as many wonderful days with him and her family as I have been blessed to have with mine. : )


  1. I love this....the beauties of a regular day. Such blessings. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. What a great day (and post)!! I love everyone's day in the life posts. It reminds me to settle in to my days and be aware of the simple wonders and beauty of the day.
    That cake looks YUMMY!! Even at 7 am, I could eat a piece :)
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful family and day with us.

  3. I so enjoyed your regular day pictures. You win the prize for organization, no doubt about it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love it! I am guilty of taking every day life for granted, and this is a great reminder of how special each day is and can be! I bet Flynn loves ringing that little bell every day also!
    The girls did a great job on the cake; they bake like pros!

  5. Life is sweet!


  6. we had those mcdonalds videos too until recently when our vcr starting eating everything...and then eventually went kaput. Now I have videos and no vcr.

    I am jealous of your laundry room.

    looks like a lovely day.

  7. I love a peek into your days... okay.. so when's the shower? is that like before Flynn wakes up or sometime during the day? I love when I get it in before I have to wake up the girls but sometimes it's after drop off. Ya know what I love? I love the simple light lunch! And playtime outside! Oh, and the heart on the driveway... swoon!

  8. Love "day in the life" posts! How sweet is that little Flynn, she is just too adorable.

  9. I love this post Billie Jo! Thank you for this peek into your everyday life. It's all so lovely and you are doing amazing things! Home is where the ♥ is!

  10. I love hearing the stories about your children. They are soooo cute! You are definitely building your home surrounded with all the things that matter most. I love the way they work together.The photos in the kitchen are so precious. Yes, we love to lick the spoon too:)

  11. Oh I love this idea! What a wonderful normal day! I think it's the little 'normal' moments added together that make the memories joyful and the childhoods sweet and the eternal so attainable. And you seem to do the best job of making that happen--your family is so blessed to have you :)
    P.S. I'm a closet bachelor/ette watcher as well...

  12. Believe me whern I tell you, the math doesn't get any easier. Love, love the pictures..thanks for sharing. Blessings


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