April 10, 2014

Weekend Plans

The weekend is here again. And we are happy. Friday evening we are going to head over to the church for a Fish Fry. Lent is almost over, and that means the end of the Friday Night Fish Fry. Until next year. : ) After that, Rhett is planning on heading down to the theatre while the rest of us head home. For jammies and movies. Because that is what makes us happy. : )

Saturday I am going to go down to my mother's and help her sort through some things, clean out her closet, and put her spring bedding on her bed. I want to help her organize all of my dad's funeral memories together so she can pull them out and look through them when ever she wants. Madison works the afternoon and evening shift, so she will need to attend Sunday morning Mass. That means Steve will take Peyton and Rhett to Saturday afternoon Mass. Afterward, I am thinking Steve can fire up our grill and cook some burgers outside for the first time this season.

Sunday morning, I will attend early Mass with Madison before she heads to work. Then we have practice for a very special Mass in my hometown. The Holy Thursday Mass is being offered for my father, and our family is going to take part. Steve and I are going to dress the altar, my sisters are carrying flowers, and my mom and Rhett are carrying candles. I am so thankful this beautiful Mass being offered in my father's memory. It is such an honor for him. : ) After practice, I am thinking of picking up a pizza at the place in town where I used to go when I was in high school. I can still remember going in there with my bestie Jennifer on Friday nights. : )

Well, that is what we are up to this April weekend. I hope yours is happy and warm and sunny, whatever your plans may be. Thanks for visiting!

I took my flannel sheets off this week. A sure sign that spring has finally arrived.

Another sign of spring...I packed away my sweetie's winter jammies. This always makes me sad...there is just something about a little one fresh from a warm bath snuggled in cozy jammies that makes me happy. : )

But she is sure happy with her new Cinderella gown for spring!

This is what I found when I returned home on Monday from my overnight...This was waiting for me in the rocker where I rock my Flynn and read our stories. : )

Some fun Easter goodies around here...these brownies with Easter sprinkles...

and some yummy S'mores Bark too.

But just so you don't think we are total junkies...this is what Flynn is eating this very moment...

and this is what we had with our waffles last weekend. It's all about balance, my friends. ; )

Have a wonderful weekend! : )


  1. It's so springy in your neck of the woods, especially with that peeps candle! I mean, WHAT?! I'm sure it's an amazing smell!
    Have a good weekend.

  2. I will pray for you as you organize your momentos, It's not always easy. What a beautiful way to celebrate his life.

  3. Have a blessed weekend my friend.

  4. How does that candle smell ?(I wonder???)--thank you for sharing..sure brightened my day. The windows are open here as is the front door. Prayfully it will remain nice. Blessings

  5. Sounds like a blessed weekend. Enjoy :)

  6. A mass for your father. Wonderful. I would be crying because those sort of things just make me get all-weepy.

    sweet sweet teddy bear! and so thoughtful

    I like...all in balance...lifestyle. Happy Weekend bloggy friend!

  7. Have a happy weekend friend. I just know that the Mass practice will go smoothly. What a very special idea. I love that! xoxxotara (ps... I feel the same way about packing up those winter cozy jammies.)

  8. You always have the greatest candles!! Does it smell like marshmallos?

    We are not ready to take off the flannels yet and we are still wearing winter jammies!! Maybe in May...

    PA must be a little milder than MN, huh?

    What a special thing to put together memories for your mom.....hard though, I'll be thinking and praying for you. That Mass for your dad will give you all the grace to get through the upcoming holiday without him. Graces for him (if needed) and grace for all of you.

    We were planning on hitting our last fish fry tonite too, but my 11 year old is having 4 friends over and I'm making ravioli lasagna...oh, well, we'll have to hit the fish fry next year (maybe in another state)

    Love the teddy bear surprise!

    Happy weekend--God bless you!

  9. Oh sweet friend I will be thinking of you as you spend time going through some of your dads stuff with your mom...what a blessing you are to her.
    A fish cry sound just up my ally. I wish they offered them in my neck of the woods.
    I am heading to the grocery store later today and all the ingredients needed to make s'mores bark are on my list.

  10. Ok that should say fish fry!!.:)

  11. Wishing you a great weekend and a fruitful Holy Week!

  12. All of the little things that transition us from Winter to Spring are so exciting. I loved reading about the ones in your home. I love your quilt- so pretty! And those Springy decorated brownies look so delicious. I can just imagine how wonderful your house smells with that Peeps candle also. This makes me want to go out and find that candle :)
    And how special to have a mass dedicated to your Father's memory! What a blessing.

    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!


  13. Hello, my friend! I hope you have had a lovely week - I feel like I haven't visited you in a while :) I always have a hard time packing up my son's clothing as well....silly mother's :)

    Your weekend sounds wonderful and I pray you enjoy it. Love and hugs to you!


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