January 12, 2014

Our Winter Home

Once Christmas is packed away, I give our house a quick dusting and begin to arrange it for the long winter ahead. As much as I love the holidays...and I do...I am always ready for a more barren space to settle into for the long winter ahead. We spend so much time indoors during these cold winter months, I just prefer less clutter and distraction around. Here is a quick peek at our cozy winter home...

The winter mantle...

Snowmen replace candy canes on the little Hearth room tree...

The kitchen table is fresh and clean...

with the snowflake lantern shining brightly...

The sideboard reminds us to be cheerful all winter long...

And while it looks like this out our back window...

our peppermint smelling candle burns brightly inside our cozy winter home.

Have a cozy winter, my friends!


  1. Oh wow..love your home..I know I say that all the time. You and I would really get along..we have very similar tastes..have a Blessed Sunday!

  2. Visiting with you via Simply Linda. You have a lovely home and I adore your style of decorating. A few posts back, I featured Homestead House in Clarkesville GA - you would love everything they have for sale in that place!
    Your candle is so pretty - makes your home very cozy and inviting. Have a good day. Mildred

  3. Your home is so cozy and dressed so pretty for the long Winter ahead! I love all the candles burning and you should probable be getting commision from Yankee candle for making me want to go out and smell all the ones you are burning! I think I'm gonna have to make a stop today and pick one up from the store ;)

  4. Your home looks charming.

    Candles always make thing feel warm and cozy. When we did not have a fireplace, we used to burn candles and oil lamps every evening. We still do on days we are not able to use the wood stove.

    :) Hope

  5. What a beautiful family. Wow! I'm so glad you found me and I will be following you. Your sweet country decor is so cozy! Love it. Glad to connect with you.


  6. I love this. What a wonderful home you have! Your fireplace is my favorite! Stay warm and continue to enjoy the winter. Thank you for sharing your home with us!

  7. Wonderful, sweet touches. How fun to peek inside your home. Have a wonderful week, Billie Jo.

  8. Your home is so homey, it makes me think of a bed and breakfast!

    OH, those long cold months....I'm hoping are only 2 and then a meltdown in March and a REAL springy April and May. I'm dreaming, we live in MN....add at least a month or two to that...

  9. Oh, and thanks so much for inviting us into your home!

  10. Thank you for sharing your winter home, Billie Jo...it looks lovely, warm and so so cozy. I love making my home cozy, too. It brings me joy! You definitely have a gift for it.

  11. Cozy and just perfect for long winter days and nights! Love it all Billie Jo! Never, never stop sharing your home.. I'm always inspired!

  12. Ok, I want to live at your house!
    Isn't it so tiring getting Christmas put away? It's definitely something I dread but LOVE once it's up - just in time for Addie's bday ;).
    Hope you're having a great week! The snow looks beautiful out there too!

  13. I just love your warm and cozy home. How I wish we were neighbors :)


Thanks so much for saying hello!

Billie Jo