January 4, 2014

Notes From The Schoolroom...December 2013

December in the schoolroom came and went quickly, as December tends to do. : ) We had a productive month, with holiday food and fun sprinkled throughout.

Madison is still enjoying Consumer Math and is learning about checking accounts and statements. I am an ace at that math skill. I actually love to do my checkbook statement every month. Its the little things, folks. : )

Peyton is working on poetry in Language Arts and is doing quite well. She really enjoys History and is learning about early America.

Rhett is actually working on beginning Geometry concepts in his Math course as well. It is actually not that bad, because Peyton is able to lend a hand. He is also enjoying Spanish more that I thought he would. He is really quite good at it!

My little Flynn was excited to learn her very last Letter Friend. We completed letter recognition, and now will work on sounds and formation. She also enjoyed working on some fun Christmas Crafts.

Things I'm loving...
  1. Spending cold, snowy days inside with my littles
  2. Experiencing learning things all over again through my children
  3. Simplifying
  4. Sipping tea in my glider with Flynn on my lap as my older children work
And not so much...
  1. Feelings of self doubt creeping in
  2. Keeping a little furry pup from eating Flynn's crayons because he wants more attention

Here are a few pictures of December in our little schoolroom!

Santas and snowflakes surrounded our preschool corner...

and sweet little four year old handprints made a...

precious Christmas tree.

We also made a Santa from the shapes we have learned...

and a special birthday card for Baby Jesus. : )

We read special Christmas books...

and worked on fun Christmas worksheets!

We took silly selfies in the glider while the big kids worked...

We had extra special Christmastime snacks on pretty Christmas dishes...

like S'mores...

peanut butter and jelly crackers with fruit...

snowman topped cupcakes...

apples and bananas with peanut butter...

and goldfish crackers with special tea cookies...

Because Christmas is the best time of the year!

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  1. I want to be a part of your school, it looks so cheerful and fun! Looking forward to seeing what 2014 brings, I'm getting so many great ideas from you!

  2. It is a blessing to me, to see how you guide and teach your children. Wishing more families did that. Loved the pictures. Dont doubt yourself...you are doing the job exactly like God intended.

  3. I thought I was the only one who had such thoughts (self doubt). In agreeance with Linda Eller..your a good mom..not to many of those left. We have to make self sacrifices in order to give our children the best, so you get that self doubt out of your mind..your doing great! And it shows. Love you dear friend..Blessings p.s. Love your new background here. Very lovely.

  4. Billie Jo - you are so creative and such a great home school mom. I love seeing what you are learning. Ditto to what both Lindas said - we all have self doubt. You are obviously a good mom and your children are learning and growing and doing well. You are teaching them the most important things like love for faith, family and the Lord! I look back on when my kids were younger (they are 32, 29, 23 and 17) and wonder if home schooling them would have made a difference. My two oldest are both college grads and great Christian moms, and the 17-year-old is a senior, doing well and also believes in God and lives a good Christian life. The 23-year-old is also a college grad, but he got caught up in all the worldly bad things that public school offers and promotes and he rebelled big time and is now he is far from the family - in belief, distance and every other way possible. I wonder if home schooling would have made a difference for him, or if he would have just rebelled against that too. My husband is a good Christian man, but I don't believe he would have gone for home schooling, and I really didn't think I had the skills and ability to teach every kid every subject. My point, in this long comment, is that we all have self-doubt, but we do the best we can and leave the rest to God. He can truly make up for what we lack! Blessings to you in the new year!

  5. I can't believe that you're already on December for Notes from the Schoolroom! So happy for you. I'll add to my list of prayers to pray for your self doubt because I KNOW you followed your heart and the Holy Spirits leading on homeschooling. I can feel through your writing that it is perfect for your family. Don't let that doubt creep in. Keep gliding in your chair with Flynn on your lap. And oh those snacks make me want to come over. (and inspire me to be more creative with my afterschool snacks around here!) I loved Flynn's handprint Christmas tree and all of her preschool crafts. Looks like December in the school room was a wonderful one! Happy January! xo tara

  6. I love your notes from the schoolroom posts! You are doing a wonderful job and this was a decision you prayed and thought over for some time. Just think of all the time you are able to spend with your kids. They are being taught by their loving mom in the comforts of their own home.
    This post has inspired me to work harder at having more fun and creative snacks waiting for my kids when they come home from school.

  7. Billie Jo, Oh how I miss those homeschooling moments! Love the pictures and the snacks too! :-)

  8. What a December! As always, you look like you are doing well. As for the doubt creeping in, I will admit that second-guessing, doubt and thoughts of jumping ship still creep in somewhat regularly even after homeschooling 6 years. Keep on praying, trust yourself and accept the good days with the not so good ones. You're doing great!

    Happy New Year!

  9. You are doing a great job. The kids seem really happy and are adjusting so well with school. The devil is making you feel doubt. Tell him to leave!!
    Love all the crafts you made with Flynn. So fun. Keep up the great work!

  10. It all looks so pretty, Billie Jo.
    Sadly, the plan for today is to take town the Christmas tree and decorations. I don't want to, but my Husband does. I guess I will feel better when the job is done. I love Christmas and all its trimmings.


  11. You have the best snacks! I need to work on some fun snacks for the girls. December at school sure looked fun, really makes me miss the season. Can't wait to see the plans for the new year :)

  12. Awe, this post made me so happy. I only wish I was a student in your beautiful home (and for the awesome snacks, of course).
    It seems like you do such a great job in balancing everything and staying on track, while focusing on what's important!
    Thanks for sharing!


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